National Holstein Show 2019 – Heifers

November 7 & 8, 2019 @ Toronto, ON

Carl Phoenix, ON
Total head: 407

National Holstein Show 2019
Idee Windbrook Lynzi, Grand Champion National Holstein Show 2019

Grand Champion honors of the National Holstein Show 2019 at the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair goes to Idee Windbrook Lynzi, the winning 5-Year-Old owned by Frank & Diane Borba, JM Valley Holstein, Richard & Shannon Allyn, and Stephane Gendreau, QC. The show was held November 7 & 8  in Toronto, Ontario with Judge Carl Phoenix, ON, and Associate Joel Phoenix.


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Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Idee Windbrook Lynzi (Windbrook), 1st 5-Year-Old, Frank & Diane Borba, JM Valley Holstein, Richard & Shannon Allyn, and Stephane Gendreau, QC

Reserve Grand Champion
Oakfield GC Darby-ET (Gold Chip), 2nd 5-Year-Old, Frank & Carol Borba, Frank & Diane Borba, Jason Mell, T & L Cattle Ltd, and Trent Valley Holsteins, ON

HM Grand Champion
Jacobs Doorman Victoire (Doorman), 1st senior 3-year-old, Milksource LLC, Ranson Rail, L Fisher, Legendholm, WI

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Jacobs Doorman Victoire (Doorman), 1st senior 3-year-old, Milksource, LLC, Ranson Rail, L Fisher, Legendholm, WI

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Ms Beautys Black Velvet-ET (Goldwyn), 2nd senior 3-year-old, Michael & Julie Duckett, WI

HM Intermediate Champion
Floydholme Mc Emoji-ET (McCutchen), 1st junior 3-year-old, La Femme Fatale Syndicate, Shawn & Seth Nehls, Milksource, and Crescentmead, WI

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Miss OCD Doorm Georgette-ET (Doorman), 1st intermediate yearling, Kevin Doebereiner, Lindsay Bowen, and William Schilling, OH

Reserve Junior Champion
Knonaudale Ohyah (Jacoby), 1st junior yearling, Jean-Philippe Proulx, JM Valley Holstein, and Stephane Gendreau, QC

HM Junior Champion
Windcroft Drman Irreplaceable (Doorman), 1st summer yearling, Westcoast Holsteins, BC

Champion Bred & Owned

Champion Bred & Owned
Wendon Goldwyn Alberta (Goldwyn), 3rd Mature Cow, Wendon Holsteins, AB

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned
Kingsway Sanchez Armadillo (Sanchez), 3rd Longtime Production, Kingsway Farms, ON

HM Champion Bred & Owned
Oakfield WB Tiffany (Winbrook), 4th 4-year-old,  Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder
Ferme Jacob, QC

Premier Exhibitor
Blondin Sires / Ferme Blondin, QC

Premier Sire
Val-Bisson Doorman

Summer Calf (29)

1. (B&O) Howard-View Unix Lynn (Unix), Howard-View Holsteins, ON
2. Camflat Diamondback Amaze (Diamondback), Beckholm Holstein, ON
3. Malic Ponde Deborah (Jordy-Red), Ferme Malic, Ponderosa Holsteins, QC
4. Malic Ponde Debora (Jordy-Red), Ferme Malic, Ponderosa Holsteins, QC
5. Camflat Chief Chiquita (Chief), Benbie Holsteins Ltd, SK
6. JM Valley Crushtime Jazzy (Crushtime), JM Valley Holstein, QC
7. Cherry Crest Biggio (Unix), Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
8. Smithden Trevor Pumpkin (Trevor), Smithden Holsteins Inc, ON
9. Kentville Crushabul Lavern (Crushabull), Kentville Holsteins, ON
10. Karolstein Balsamic Sidekick (Sidekick), Ferme Kaven Grandmont Inc, Ferme Yvon Sicard, Pierre Boulet, QC

Junior Calf (40)

1. Winright Solomon Espresso (Solomon), Blondin Sires / Ferme Blondin, QC
2. Claircrest Sidekick Bellini (Sidekick), Scott Werry, Trent Valley Holsteins, Werrhurst Holsteins & Jason Mell, ON
3. (B&O) JM Valley Doorman Gally (Doorman), JM Valley Holstein, QC
4. Ms McWilliam Demp Lady Luck (Dempsey), Triple-T Holsteins, Michael Heath, and Sam McWilliams, OH
5. Godin Nat Lautrust (Lautrust), Ferme Godin Enr & Jerome Larochelle, QC
6. Limbra Atmosphere Alexia (Atmosphere), Huybregts Farms Ltd, Konaudale Farms Inc, and Montdale Holsteins, ON
7. Mount Elm Atmosphere Puddle (Atmosphere), Neil & Bryan Anderson, ON
8. Blondin Denver Caress (Denver), Blondin Sires / Ferme Blondin, QC
9. Joel Buckley Denver (Denver), Michel Beaulieu, QC
10. Harvestacre Runway Model (Goldwyn), Andrew & Joel McOuat, Ferme Blondin, Jean-Philippe Proulx, and JM Valley Holstein, QC

Intermediate Calf (49)

1. SF-Shadylane Adran-ET (Monterey), Christopher Savage & Tom DeGroot, MD
2. OCD Doorman Magic-ET (Doorman), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
3. HS-Hotstuff An Spicy-Red-ET (Avalanche), Reyncrest Farm, NY
4. Cashells Defiant Louis V (Defiant), Brian Enright & Jaquemet Holsteins, ON
5. Knonaudale Door Aggie (Doorman), Diamond Hill Farms and Elmer Weeks, PEI
6. (B&O) Crovalley Acrobat Allstar (Acrobat), Crovalley Holsteins, ON
7. Cedarholme Coronado Violet (Coronado), Cedarholme Holsteins, ON
8. Miss OCD Undeny Georgie-ET (Undenied), Babydoll Genetics and Oakfield Corners Dairy, FL
9. Duckett Sidekick Ollie-ET (Sidekick), Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON
10. Vandoskes Denver Cami (Denver), Brian Enright, Quality Holsteins, Beckridge Holsteins & Agriber, ON

Senior Calf (53)

1. Ms Caught A Glimpse (Avalanche), Clarkvalley, ON
2. Reyncrest Drm Lovebug-ET (Doorman), Select Farm & Export Service, Gerardo & Jose Gonzalez, ON
3. Combhaven Doorman Elise (Doorman), Beckridge Holsteins, ON
4. Ri-Jul Drman Magnificent-ET (Doorman), Liberty Genetics, Montdale Holsteins, and Michael & Monique Bols, ON
5. (B&O) Canhope Beemer Breckett (Beemer), Ron & Tyler Canning, ON
6. Ms Solomon Skittles-ET (Solomon), Sillsway Farms, ON
7. Budjon-Vail Ava Ellusive-ET (Avalanche), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
8. Ms Borderview Crush Sue-ET (Crush), Ferme Cerpolait S.E.N.C., QC
9. Blondin Sidekick Charabia (Sidekick), Agriber Societa Agricola, Beckridge Holsteins, and Quality Holsteins, ON
10. Winterbay Sidekick Deacon (Sidekick), Brian Enright and Jaquemet Holsteins, ON

Summer Yearling (40)

1. Windcroft Drman Irreplaceable (Doorman), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
2. Hammertime Doorman Nova-ET (Doorman), Elmer Weeks, Frank & Carol Borba, and Frank & Diane Borba, PEI
3. Belfast Denver Finger (Denver), Andre Dion, QC
4. (B&O) Blondin King Doc Chewy (King Doc), Blondin Sires / Ferme Blondin, QC
5. Ms Triple-T On The Prowl-ET (Avalanche), Ferme Glauser & Fils, QC
6. Scenic-Edge Jordan-Red (Jordy-Red), Ty, Jacey & Hadley Ross, AZ
7. Kingsway Jacoby A Teaguon (Jacoby), Kingsway Farms, ON
8. Reyncrest Gold Digga-ET (Doorman), Reyncrest Farms, NY
9. Brabantdale Sidekick Amazon (Sidekick), Elmer Weeks and Rocky Allen, PEI
10. Arolene Gold Chip Lorna (Gold Chip), Millen Farms, ON

Junior Yearling (32)

1. Knonaudale Ohyah (Jacoby), Jean-Philippe Proulx, JM Valley Holstein, and Stephane Gendreau, QC
2. Reyncrest Avalanche Lusha-ET (Avalanche), Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON
3. Mapel Wood Doorman Dancer (Doorman), Howard-Haven Holsteins / Howard-View Holsteins, ON
4. Sun-Made Larions Crayon (Crush), Brandon Almeida, Brian Enright, Frank & Diane Borba, and Liberty Genetics, CA
5. Weeberlac Jacoby Pandora (Jacoby), Chestico Holsteins, NS
6. Comestar Lamagoldy Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Howard-Haven Holsteins / Howard-View Holsteins, ON
7. Kamps-RX Apples Atbest-ET (Doorman), Aleah Farms Ltd, Gerardo & Jose Gonzalez, and Select Farm & Export Services, ON
8. Riverdown Atwood Jiggajoyride (Atwood), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
9. (B&O) Sco-Lo-Coons Alison 2306 (Sid), Kevin Doebereiner, Lindsay Bowen, and John Cannon, OH
10. Hanalee Cinder Hope (Cinderdoor), Hank & Nancy-Lee Hazeleger, ON

Intermediate Yearling (20)

1. Miss OCD Doorm Georgette-ET (Doorman), Kevin Doebereiner, Lindsay Bowen, and William Schilling, OH
2. Oconcrest Dempsey Senorita (Dempsey), Beckholm Holsteins, ON
3. All-Glo Byway Montral-ET (Byway), Clarkvalley Holsteins and London Dairy Farms, ON
4. Savage-Leigh Selser-Red-ET (Diamondback), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
5. Sun-Made Crave Drn Diane-ET (Doorman), Jaquemet Holsteins, JR McDonald, and Riverdown Holsteins, ON
6. (B&O) Savagedale Drmn Willie (Doorman), Echo Glen Farm, Robert Wilmont, and Savagedale Farm, ON
7. Milksource Zest (Avalanche), Reyncrest Farms, NY
8. Miss OCD Callen Georgia-ET (Callen), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
9. Cherry Crest Frosted Flakes (Doorman), ON
10. Oakfield Gold Ducky-ET (Goldwyn), Aleah Farms Ltd and Kingsway Farms, ON

Junior Breeder’s Herd (11)

1. Ferme Blondin, QC
2. Reyncrest Farm, NY
3. Winright Holsteins, ON
4. Kingsway Farms, ON
5. Crovalley Holsteins, ON
6. Ferme Couturier, QC
7. Ferme J-P Peticlerc, QC
8. Smithden Holsteins Inc., ON
9. Riverdown Holsteins, ON
10. Knonaudal Farms Inc., ON

Junior Breeder & Exhibitor

Junior Breeder
1. Reyncrest Farm, NY
2. Knonaudale, ON

Junior Exhibitor
1. Westcoast Holsteins, BC
2. Blondin Sires / Ferme Blondin, QC