National Guernsey Heifer Show 2014

@ Louisville, KY

Lead: Brian Behnke, WI Associate: Jason Danhoff, IA

Coulee Crest AP Lexie-ET exhibited by Jade Jensen is the Junior Champion of the National Guernsey Heifer Show. See show results


Junior Champion
Coulee Crest AP Lexie-ET(American Pie), Jade Jensen, WI, 1st  Spring Yearling

Reserve Junior Champion
Valley Gem B Lucy Lou,
Valley Gem Farms, WI, 1st Summer Yearling

Spring Heifer Calf

1.Milborne Hillpoint Jac Fizz-ET, Morey Miller, Peter Vail, CT
2.Warwick Manor Caden Akira-ET(Caden), Warwick Manor Farm, PA
3.Rutter Bros Alymos Cupcake-ET(Alymos) Kelly Johnson, PA

Winter Heifer Calf

1.H Broke Showtime Tequila(Tequila), Dana and Madison Sickles, IA
2.Warwick Manor Alymo Pie(Alymo), Karli Stoltzfus, PA
3.Willow Brook Magicman Jamboree(Magicman), Willow Brook Farm, PA

Fall Hifer Calf

1.Rolling Prairie Fame Makenzie(Fame), Hillpoint Partners, CT
2.K Valley Bernard Ruby (Bernard), Robin Kime, IA
3.Sniders Rebel Ayhem (Rebel), Snider Homestead Farm, PA

Summer Yearling

1.Valley Gem B Lucy Lou, Valley Gem Farms, WI
2.Guernsey Prairie Prada Diamond(Prada), Scott and Lindsay Weisensel, WI
3.Valley Gem Buckys Dare (Buckys), Kim and Brandon Grewe, WI

Spring Yearlings

1.Coulee Crest AP Lexie-ET(American Pie), Jade Jensen, WI
2.Guernsey Prairie Grumpy Shadyda(Grumpy), Beth Clark, New Paris, PA
3.Mar Ral Jackpot Party (Jackpot), Ralph Turley and Martha Verl Weaver, OH

Winter Yearlings

1.Blue Moons L Darby, Bill and Linda Blue, OH
2.Misty Meadows Rebel Satchel(Rebel), Beth Clark, PA
3.Round Pond BM Leanne)Best Man), Alex Oliver, KY

Fall Yearlings

1.Warwick Manor Chris SJ )Chris), Kaila Stolfzfus, PA
2.Monument View JT Rumor(JT), Monument View and Trey Duval, NY
3.Willow Brook Atlanic Taneal(Atlantic), Willow Brook Farm, PA