NAILE Southeastern National Brown Swiss 2017

Nov. 7th, 2017 @ Louisville, KY

Richard Hill, NY

Complete Image Galleries have been added for the NAILE Southeastern National Brown Swiss 2017 show, where Random Luck L Talula was been named Senior & Grand Champion in Louisville, KY, by Judge Richard Hill, NY. Cowsmo coverage sponsored by Elite Dairy.


Complete Image Galleries are now available for the NAILE Southeastern National Brown Swiss 2017 Show, for you to view, share & purchase photos.

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The Southeastern National Brown Swiss Show 2017 takes place Nov. 7, in Louisville, KY, with Richard Hill, NY, serving as judge.

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Cowsmo will be on-hand covering the show thanks to:

Elite Dairy…Sponsor of Brown Swiss Show

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Siegerts Power Merry (Power Surge), 1st Winter Calf, Kelvin Webster & Hayleigh Geurink, MI

Reserve Junior Champion
RAD-ical Goliath Good Luck (Goliath), 1st Winter Yearling, Cindy Warner, Terri Packard & Jenny Trapp, MD

HM Junior Champion
Cutting Edge C Kitty-ET, 2nd Winter Yearling, Nicholas Love, PA

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Jaden Total Chaos (Total), 1st Jr 3YR Old, Hayden Hauschildt, WI

Reserve Intermediate Champion
VB HP Pepper Wham-ET, 1st Jr 2YR Old, Ayars & Manion, OH

HM Intermediate Champion
Niermans Valor Violet (Valor), 1st Sr 3YR Old, Carter Settles, IN

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Random Luck L Talula (Legacy), 1st Component Merit Cow, Matthew Thompson, WI

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Random Luck B Tea Rose,1st Aged Cow, Allison Thompson, WI

HM Grand Champion
Jaden Total Chaos (Total), 1st Jr 3YR Old, Hayden Hauschildt, WI

HM Senior Champion
Jonlee Secret Langwathby (Secret), 2nd Component Merit Cow, Dalton, Dillon & Breanne Freeman, IN

Spring Calves (17)

1. CIE Haley Carter Shiloh (Carter), Haley Wilson, MD
2. MD-West-View Sicily-ET, Kelvin Webster, MI
3. Dairdale B Durham Snazzy (Durham), Colt & Luke Buckley & Archie Sparrow, KY
4. La Foster Chili Pepper Skyler (Chili Pepper), Olivia Foster, NC
5. Round Hill Supre Welcome (Supreme), Cynthia Warner, MD
6. Triple C Jongleur Jade (Jongleur), Caitie Collier, KY

Winter Calves (15)

1. Siegerts Power Merry (Power Surge), Kelvin Webster & Hayleigh Geurink, MI
2. Wind Mill Carter Snow Angel (Carter), Ernie Kueffner, M&L Hellenbrand & Terri Packard, MD
3. Brittocs Carter Toffee (Carter), Derek & Brittany Heizer, NC
4. Wind Mill Tussel Jasmine 1724 (Tussel), Open Road Farm, OH
5. Udder Confustion P Magnolia, Udder Confusion Farm, IL
6. Rough Road Thunder Molly (Thunder), McKenzie Pedigo, KY

Fall Calves

1. Johann Jongleur Amaze (Jongleur), Topp View, OH
2. VoGrin Cali Fabulous Wilma, Tammy Voegeli & Louis Oliviera, WI
3. VoGtrin Fabulous Pong-TW, Louis & Karen Oliviera, WI
4. Sun-Made R Tinkerbell-ET, Kelvin Webster & Hayleigh Geurink, MI
5. North Lanes CP Princess-ET, Chelsea Skidmore, OH
6. Lone Acres C Jazz, Emily Kipp, WI

Summer Yearlings

1. Dublin Hills Sari-ET, Olivia Love, PA
2. Cali 100 PV Flash Foxy, Louie Oliviera & Suton Paulson, WI
3. Posey-Creek Barkin Byrnnda, Kaleb, Cole & Carter Kruse, IA
4. Express SMD Fireball, Stan-Mar-Dale Express, OH
5. Kulp-Gen T Beautiful-ET, Elizabeth Howman, OH
6. North Lanes Bos Parfait, Chelsea Skidmore, OH

Spring Yearlings (7)

1. Glen Islay Biver Fairytale (Biver), Glamour-View, Iager & Walton, MD
2. LJF Seamans Coll Party (Seaman), Jacob Johns, TN
3. Rocky Road Braiden Laci (Braiden), Ashley Osborne, IL
4. Rippling August Kyra (August), Molly Moffett, OH
5. Dutch Luck SM Dynams Dutchess, Jozef Heijkoop, FL
6. Empire Victor Baily-ET (Victor), Birk,  Bryce & Paige Reed, IN

Winter Yearlings (9)

1. RAD-ical Goliath Good Luck (Goliath), Cindy Warner, Terri Packard & Jenny Trapp, MD
2. Cutting Edge C Kitty-ET, Nicholas Love, PA
3. Giesy Manor Bosephus Misty (Bosephus), Carli Brinkley
4. Reid Family Lilly GPS Lil D (GPS), Skyler Reid, OH
5. Random Luck Watch Me Whip-ET, Lee & Joscelyn Strange, KY
6. Open-Road CPepper Who-izit, Open Road Farm, OH

Fall Yearlings (12)

1. Glenmar-Dale Seaman Poppy (Seaman), Becky Brown, WI
2. Udderly Seaman167 (Seaman), Louie Oliveira & Suton Paulson, WI
3. Kruses Tallant Wildcat (Tallant), Buckley & Saltman, KY
4. Power Line Emergency Nellie (Emergency), Udder Confusion Farm, IL
5. Hidden Hill Trent Camryn (Trent), Ally Jones, KY
6. North Lanes Bradon Puma, Chelsea Skidmore, OH

Milking Yearlings (1)

1. Hidden Paradise B Whirlwind, Lynne Tormoehlen, KY

Junior 2 Year Olds (10)

1. (BU) VB HP Pepper Wham-ET, Josh Jones, KY
2. Just-In Braiden Paradise (Braiden), Justin & Ashley Kaufman, PA
3. ToppView Woods Push It, Keaton & Kinley Topp, OH
4. ToppView Phoenix JLo (Phoenix), Topp View, OH
5. Niermans Braiden Lace (Braiden), Ryland & Brayton Nierman, IN
6. Horseshoe Hill Birthday-ET, Meridith Franks, GA

Senior 2 Year Olds

1. Kruse Medallion Sandy, Fairdale Farm, KY
2. R Hart Atom 1, Stan-Mar-Dale/Express & Top Acres, OH
3. Topp View Wonder Rock Me, Udder Confusion Farm, IL
4. Kulp Gen Braiden Rally (Braiden), Sylvia Headings, OH
5. North Lanes Braid Persia-ET (Braiden), Chelsea Skidmore, OH
6. Niermans Java Pascale (Java), Shelby Nierman, IN

Junior 3 Year Olds (10)

1. (BU) Jaden Total Chaos (Total), Hayden Hauschildt, WI
2. Pop-A-Top Braiden Wiggles (Braiden), Major Dairy, TN
3. Double W Cass Michelle, Udder Confusion Dairy, IL
4. North Lanes Snow Globe, Chelsea Skidmore, OH
5. Jo-Dee Secret Slurpee (Secret), Todd & Heather Hyman, NY
6. Medlang Davenport Impala, Eric Lang, IA

Senior 3 Year Olds (6)

1. Niermans Valor Violet (Valor), Carter Settles, IN
2. Cutting Edge HP Gwen, Lauri Beggs, NY
3. Jo-Dee Victor Radiant-ET (Victor), Travis Richardson, TN
4. CIE Double W Chacal Josefine, Udder Confusion Dairy, IL
5. Brothers Three TV Witty-ETV, Topp View, OH
6. Rollin Huels Powers Delphine, Taylor Huels, IL

4 Year Olds

1. Sun-Made Bosephus Tropical (Bosephus), Magen Busker, IL
2. Fairdale Wasp Tillie, Fairdale Farm, LLC, KY
3. Reich-Dale Bonanza Whitley (Bonanza), Skyler Reichard, PA
4. R Hart Angilo 931, Topp View, OH
5. Tel-Hill Pepper Scooter, Edwards Telford, NY
6. Niermans Bravo Lexus (Bravo), Shelby Nierman, IN

5 Year Olds(3)

1. CIE Double W Grand Liscilla, Udder Confusion Dairy, IL
2. Groves Sun Supreme Terra-ET (Supreme), Olivia & Nicholas Love, PA
3. Shiloh Lane Alloy Scarlet (Alloy), Mark Hornbostel, IL

Aged Cows (3)

1. (BU) Random Luck B Tea Rose, Allison Thompson, WI
2. North Lanes AG Paisley-ET, Chelsey Skidmore, OH
3. Alpine Hills Str Mecurry-ET, Caleb Lipps, KY

Component Merit Cows (4)

1. (BU) Random Luck L Talula (Legacy), Matthew Thompson, WI
2. Jonlee Secret Langwathby (Secret), Dalton, Dillon & Breanne Freeman, IN
3. Alfa Creek Parker Victory (Parker), Keaton & Kinley Topp, OH
4. Manor Meadows Condr Schnapps (Condor), Manor Meadows Farm, PA

Premier Exhibitor
Udder Confusion Dairy, IL

Premier Breeder
North Lane Farms, OH