Music City Celebration Sale II

December 10, 2018 @ Nashville, TN

Music City Celebration Sale IIThe Music City Celebration Sale II is now in the books. This destination sale held at Alan Jacksons Good Time Bar aimed at catering to all facets of the purebred dairy industry exceeded all expectations. The sale brought together the best of type, genomics and cow families in multiple breeds under one roof and as evidenced by the enthusiasm in the over 150 people in attendance it was appreciated. Sixty-Six full lots averaged $9,300

Thirty-eight Holstein Lots averaged $7,600 with Lot 7 topping the group at $25,200. She was a Unix daughter of the WDE Intermediate Champion, Erbacres Snapple Shakira ET. This September 2018 calf was purchased by Will-Call Holsteins and Sahara Holsteins of the United Kingdom.

Fifteen Jersey lots averaged $14,500. The high seller at $75,000 was Lot 22, the #1 Polled Pure Jersey of the breed. Select Sires, Ohio was the successful bidder of this consignment from Kash-In Jerseys of Tulare, California.

The Brown Swiss breed was represented as a daughter of the Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo, Cutting Edge T Delilah EX94 was offered.  The March 2018 daughter sired by Cutting Edge Seaman commanded a final bid of $15,900 and makes her new home in Litchfield, CT for Arethusa Farm.

Palmyra Berkley P Ruth ET EX94, the Grand Champion Ayrshire at WDE also took the Nashville stage. Palmyra Farm of Hagerstown, MD offered a first choice female from a future flush of Ruth. Pete Linke of South Dakota was the last bidder at $11,200.

Tim & Chris at the Music City Celebration II sale

In the line-up of Red and White Cattle, KHW Regiment Apple Red EX96 shone bright. Her only daughter by Unstoppable to date was on the shopping list of many. Rocky Run Farm of Kentucky outlasted all the rest at $17,000 to take this June calf home.  A total of 11 Red and Whites averaged $7,100.

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the consignors/ buyers and sale staff for their efforts in making this a successful sale.

The sale was managed by MD-Hillbrook Sales and Service and BorderView Genetics. Sexing Technologies sponsored pre and post sale refreshments.



Updated Genomics HERE
Sale Updates – 
Click here to download PDF

Sale Order:   Lot66,   Lots 1-22,  Lot 53,  Lots 23-65

  • Lot 3: Ruth is now the #1 Elite Genetics cow of the breed at +566 CPI +813 M +12%F +65F +.00%P +25P +2.4T. Her sisters are the #2 and #4 Elite Genetics Cows and her daughter is #6
  • Lot 4: Feliz made 23 ovocytes last week. Should be transfers this week
  • Lot 5: Selling first choice MAS x Anika for 12/19 females. Guaranteed 2
  • Lot 6: Housed at Milksource
  • Lot 8: Calves are at Borderview
  • Lot 12: Tang now EX93, EX94MS and will be scored again Wed. Looks fantastic! 2 Dec Avalanche calves are on the ground and healthy, one red, one black. Tang already has 2 daughters over 4 points on type.
  • Lot 13: OUT
  • Lot 20-31: See new 12/18 Genomic profiles on back of this sheet
  • Lot 25: Housed at Sunshine Genetics
  • Lot 28: Dam at 1-08 167d 9,570m 4.6 439f 3.3 321P RIP  305 ME 26,970M #1 Polled Pure Jersey in the World!
  • Lot 30: Dam at 3-09 289d 18,450m 5.5 1,016 4.0 746 RIP. #15 Pure Jersey of the Breed!
  • Lot 35: Five transfers made 12/1/18
  • Lot 37: Made 36 ovocytes. Should be transfers this week
  • Lot 38: Maternal sister to choice: Arethusa Fizz Callie, 1st Summer yrl and Res JC Intl Jersey Show WDE 2018
  • Lot 42: +2320 GTPI  +3.45T  +2.33 UDC  +1.39 FLC   11/18 (USA)
  • Lot 44: Correct Reg #: 3200927449
  • Lot 45: No Limits-ET is +2314 GTPI and +3.20T 11/18. Limitless is +2432 GTPI and +3.23T 11/18. A third full sister is born 10/21/18 and can be included in the choice if buyer so desires. Change the dams score in catalog to EX94.
  • Lot 49: 12/18 GTPI:  +2101  +3.69T  3.24 UDC  +2.79FLC
  • Lot 52: Awesome-Red is now +4.15 UDC. He is #1 by a mile!
  • Lot 53: See photo below! Flush history – 96 OOCYTES in 6 OPU’S = 16 OOCYTES/OPU; 60 VIABLE EMBRYOS/6 OPU’S = 10 EMBRYOS/OPUDam of Lot 53 – Modesty Imogene is due 3/19 and looks great
    Imogene has 5 sons heading to Semex they are 1020, 1001, 981, 977 & 889 NM$
    Housed at Knills Trucking Depot, Paris Ontario. Contact them for transport
  • Lot 55: One female born 12/1/18. Standard 35% down balance due at pick-up. 100% buyer satisfaction
  • Lot 57: Dam is now EX92 Max 2nd calf. Six Transfers on 12/1/18
  • Lot 59: All three are tested, one is RC and two TR
  • Lot 61: Change sire to Farnear Altitude Red ET. Transfers will be made prior to Christmas
  • Lot 64: Made 29 Freezable eggs last IVF 11/18. Ready to go again
  • Lot 66: Buyer pays all shipping
    **Any Additional Updates will be announced from the box sale day**

Sale Staff:

Chris Hill 202-255-7907
Kevin Jorgensen 920-210-3992
Tim Abbott 802-238-1142
Chad Ryan 920-960-1449
Chris Lundgren 920-517-8947
David J. Lentz 717-329-9202
Bob Landis 717-413-1232
Paul Trapp 715-896-7062
Nick Raggi 443-762-8338
Lynn Lee 615-390-6312
Hank Van Exel 209-810-0880
George Morasci 209-625-7151
Aaron Eaton 315-857-8303
Phil Topp 937-538-7423
Matt Hawbaker 717-360-7848
Ronald Heffner 240-529-3430
Jamie Black 518-353-2602

All potential buyers via Cowbuyer MUST be registered 30 minutes prior to the sale. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

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Sale Information

To view their Facebook page for updates on some of their exciting consignments click here

Schedule of events

  • Breakfast on your own in Nashville. Puckett’s is a favorite of many and our hotel has a great breakfast
  • 11:30 Doors open at Alan Jacksons Goodtime Bar to welcome sale guests
  • 12:00 Music City Celebration 2. During the sale there will be a cash bar on both floors and Hors d’oeuvres will be offered sponsored by ST Genetics. We expect several Nashville performers to show up at the sale for you to meet as well.
  • 2:30-6:00 Sale ends and music begins. We plan to have a private concert for our sale guests sponsored by MD Hillbrook, Borderview Genetics and ST Genetics. Recording artists Sarah Montgomery and Tawnya Reynolds will put on a concert for us and we expect several other guest appearances during the show
  • 6:00 Enjoy a night of food and music on your own or with friends in downtown Nashville or stay at AJ’s for Karaoke

Hotel accomodation

Hyatt Place Nashville Downtown
Online HERE