Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show 2021

July 30-31, 2021 @ Columbus, OH

The Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show 2021 has concluded in Columbus, OH with T-Triple-T Perfect Storm-ET (Reginald), 1st Aged Cow, winning Grand Champion honors for Entourage-LC, Triple-T & Heath, OH. Roger Turner, WI, served as judge. The heifer show was held Friday, July 30 with Kimball-Way Gdwyn Monday-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Spring Yearling, capturing Junior Champion honors for Doeberiener, Bowen & Black, OH. Cowsmo is once again covering the show thanks to the sponsorship from Golden Link Microbial Supplements Inc.!

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
T-Triple-T Perfect Storm-ET (Reginald), 1st Aged Cow, Entourage-LC, Triple-T & Heath, OH

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
Silver Mist Sanchez Cate (Sanchez), 2nd Aged Cow, Aubree, Aiden & Alaina Topp & Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH

HM Senior Champion
Ms Awesome Atomic-Red-ET (Awesome), 1st 4-Year-Old, Doeberiener, Bowen & Schilling, OH

HM Grand Champion
Campbros D-Back Sheryl (Diamondback), 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Ack-Lee Holsteins, T Meyer & M Oechsle, OH

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Campbros D-Back Sheryl (Diamondback), 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Ack-Lee Holsteins, T Meyer & M Oechsle, OH

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Ducketharvue Drmn Gypsyp-ET (Doorman), 2nd Senior 2-Year-Old, Kevin Doeberiener, Lindsey Bowen & William Schilling, OH

HM Intermediate Champion
Ms Triple-T SW WB Payton (Windbrook), 1st Futurity, Bertke, Triple-T & Cummings, OH

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Kimball-Way Gdwyn Monday-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Spring Yearling, Doeberiener, Bowen & Black, OH

Reserve Junior Champion
Liberty-Gen Knockin Boots-ET (Avalanche), 1st Winter Yearling, Quietcove Holsteins & Kurt Wolf, OH

HM Junior Champion
Ms Quietcove Denver Daisy (Denver), 2nd Spring Yearling, Grace Siegrist, OH

Spring Calf (18)

1. Shadeline An Jasmine (Doorman), Charlie Gleisner, OH
2. Bucks-Pride Hancock County (Hancock), Brady Cole, OH
3. Hodglynn Mirand Halo (Mirand), Elizabeth Laney, OH
4. Liddleholme Ave Moment-ET (Avalanche), Plainfield Farms LLC, OH
5. Keystone Warrior Arrow (Warrior), Mitchell Reynolds, OH
6. Ms Jeans Coal Jewel (Coal), Kayla Cring, OH
7. Quietcove She’s A Jewel (Chief), Kennley Siegrist, OH
8. Lah-Dale Journey Hippy (Journey), Audrey Lahmers, OH
9. Wakefield Warrior Hershey (Warrior), Wakefield Holstein Farms, OH
10. Ren-Bow Doc Promise (King Doc), Lincoln Maurice, OH



Winter Calf (20)

1. Quietcove First Things First (Hancock), Trapper Elsass, OH
2. Ms Jumping Jiggy (Sidekick), Jeff Price, OH
3. Glen-Paul Warrior Bacardi (Warrior), Glenn Craemer, OH
4. Kiko Solo Jawdroping (Solomon), Kiko Holsteins, OH
5. J-Kiko Mr D Dback Elli (Diamondback), Kiko Farms LLP, OH
6. Schnapsberg Denver Adore-ET (Denver), Kayla Cring, OH
7. Ms Windbrook Amazing-ET (Windbrook), Aubree, Aiden & Alaina Topp, OH
8. Siemers Tequila Teeka-Red (Analyst), Allison Mangun, OH
9. Breezy-Knoll Redlight Umi (Redlight), Maci McLean, OH
10. Hawverbrook Acme Aspen (Acme), Noah Spreng, OH

Fall Calf (15)

1. T-Triple-T Power Play (Diamondback), Colton & Blake Thomas, OH
2. Toppglen WS Warrior What (Warrior), Glenn Craemer, OH
3. STGen Neon Sunrise (Neon), Jeff Price, OH
4. Shadeline Drm Millie (Doorman), Charlie Gleisner, OH
5. Tri-Ohio Ceo Avelyn (Ceo), Cale Henry, OH
6. Hodglynn Mirand Payna (Mirand), Charlie Gleisner, OH
7. Jacobs Lautrust Lauren (Lautrust), Kenlee Philips, TX
8. LindLaur Warrior Starship (Warrior), Lauren Lamoreaux, OH
9. W-Brook Warrior Lexy-Red (Warrior), Callihan Spreng, OH
10. Bucks-Pride Unstopabull Ada (Unstopabull), Bucks Pride LLC, OH

Summer Yearling (14)

1. Toppglen Goldchip Wakiki (Gold Chip), Colton Thomas & Caroline Egolf, OH
2. McGuires Sidekick Marsha (Sidekick), Kyle McGuire, OH
3. Plainfield Denver Shimmer (Denver), Tim Gunkelman, OH
4. Kingsways Denver Gamma-ET (Denver), Kenlee Philips, TX
5. Toppglen Sidekick Wahala (Sidekick), Glenn Craemer, OH
6. KC-Lund-View Undnd Gucci-ET (Undenied), Kayla Cring, OH
7. Bucks-Pride Goldchip Peach (Gold Chip), Brade Cole, OH
8. Triple-T Polarize (Awesome), Wyatt Gordon, OH
9. Wakefield King Doc Opal (King Doc), Wakefield Farms, OH
10. Express-SMD Dorinda (Subban), Express/Stan-Mar-Dale, OH

Spring Yearling (13)

1. Kimball-Way Gdwyn Monday-ET (Goldwyn), Doeberiener, Bowen & Black, OH
2. Ms Quietcove Denver Daisy (Denver), Grace Siegrist, OH
3. Ms Triple-T-SW Panama (Sidekick), Colton Thomas, OH
4. Quietcove Avalanche Funny (Avalanche), Quietcove Holsteins, OH
5. Ms Nasholm Gold Chip Fer (Gold Chip), Lily Elsass, OH
6. Kimball-Way Avlnch Sunday (Avalanche), Noah Spreng, OH
7. Ren-Bow D Back Licorice (Diamondback), Steve Bowen, OH
8. Wakefield S-Chief Demi (Chief), Wakefield Farms, OH
9. Quietcove Butterscotch-ET (Unix), Cale Henry, OH
10. T-Triple-T Peach Crown-ET (Doorman), Colton Thomas, OH

Winter Yearling (9)

1. Liberty-Gen Knockin Boots-ET (Avalanche), Quietcove Holsteins & Kurt Wolf, OH
2. Brookview Crinkle Cut (Avalanche), Brookview Farms, OH
3. Express-SMD Warrior Harley (Warrior), Express/SMD/Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
4. Rupp Vue 3473 (Awesome), Delbert & Heather Yoder, OH
5. Shadeline An Pocahontas (Unix), Charlie Gleisner, OH
6. Topp-View Doorman Eyecandy (Doorman), Madelyn Topp, OH
7. E-Kiko Diamondback Jolly (Diamondback), Lindsay Lamoreaux, OH
8. Futurama Chief Bronx (Chief), Jeff Knoop, OH
9. Plainfield Jordy Fiery (Jordy), Plainfield Farms LLC, OH

Fall Yearling (5)

1. Stan-Mar-Dale Bflip Arica (Backflip), Riley Dora, OH
2. Quietcove Fruit Punch (Avalanche), Drake Knoll, OH
3. Oak Ridge K Corvette Tidbit (Corvette), Aubree, Aiden & Alaina Topp, OH
4. Tri-Ohio Tatou Avery (Tatoo), Cale Henry, OH
5. Topp-View Doorman Feckle (Doorman), Madelyn Topp, OH



Dry Cow (1)

1. Allyndale Shocking Lilac (Aftershock), D. Scott Webb, OH

Futurity (9)

1. Ms Triple-T SW WB Payton (Windbrook), Bertke, Triple-T & Cummings, OH
2. E-Kiko Beemer Suzane (Beemer), Evan Kiko, OH
3. Plainfield Solomon Gin (Solomon), Plainfield Farms LLC, OH
4. Ms Sidbeauty PF Bourbon-ET (Doorman), Plainfield Farms LLC, OH
5. Milk&Honey Avl Twila-Red (Avalanche), Aubree, Aiden & Alaina Topp, OH
6. (1st Jr) Iron-Gate Tempe 3372-Red (Diamondback), Lindsay Lamoreaux, OH
7. Stein-Way Belle Of The Ball (Archrival), Damon Bertke, OH
8. Express-SMD Bexleigh (Taggar), Express/Stan-Mar-Dale, OH
9. White-Light Dmndbk Kucumber (Diamondback), White Light Holsteins, OH

Milking Yearling (3)

1. Borderview Raptor Party-ET (Raptor), Kayla Cring, OH
2. White-Light Tatoo Lasandra (Tatoo), White Light Holsteins, OH
3. Stan-Mar-Dale Crisp Nancy (Apple Crisp), Express/Stan-Mar-Dale

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (5)

1. Redcarpet DM Dream Girl-ET (Doorman), Express/SMD/Ash-Go, OH
2. Stein-Way Tatoo 1104 (Tatoo), Damon Bertke, OH
3. Toppglen Def Wildrose-Red (Defiant), Glenn Craemer, OH
4. Topp-View Byway Mary Elis (Byway), Madelyn Topp, OH
5. Express-SMD Undenied Voodoo (Undenied), Express/Stan-Mar-Dale, OH

Junior 2-Year-Old (13)

1. T-Triple-T Piece Of Cake (Doorman), Triple-T Holsteins & Renee Pierick, OH
2. Etgen-Way Chief Danica (Chief), Etgen Way, OH
3. Campbros D-Back Liza (Diamondback), Rodney Campbell, OH
4. Brookview Acrobat Lemonade (Acrobat), Brookview Farms, OH
5. Luck-E Artist Artistic (Artist), Lane Francis, OH
6. Blackncherry DB Alina-ET (Diamondback), Koneta Farms, OH
7. Topp-View Dback Perfection (Diamondback), Mackenzie Topp, OH
8. Heart&Soul Solo Glee-ET (Solomon), Plainfield Farms LLC, OH
9. Futurama Lambda Stella (Delta-Lambda), Jeff Knoop, OH
10. BC-Lund-View DB Gidgit (Diamondback), Mia Strong, OH

Senior 2-Year-Old (14)

1. Campbros D-Back Sheryl (Diamondback), Ack-Lee Holsteins, T Meyer & M Oechsle, OH
2. Ducketharvue Drmn Gypsyp-ET (Doorman), Kevin Doeberiener, Lindsey Bowen & William Schilling, OH
3. K-Hurst Jordy Denali-Red (Jordy), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
4. Ms Triple-T Grateful-ET (Goldwyn), Nathan Thomas, OH
5. Buckeyeleaf KB Easy A (Kingboy), Cale Henry, OH
6. Toppglen Defiant Winter (Defiant), Glenn Craemer, OH
7. Stan-Mar-Dale Mia (Tatoo), Riley Doria, OH
8. Springhill-OH U Juliet-TW (Undenied), Kiko Holsteins, OH
9. J-Kiko Delta-Lambda 653 (Delta-Lambda), Kiko Farms LLP, OH
10. Stein-Way Doorman Daytona (Doorman), Damon Bertke, OH

Junior 3-Year-Old (7)

1. Stein-Way Doc Jasper (King Doc), Damon Bertke, OH
2. Jon-Lu Solomon Princess-ET (Solomon), Clayton & Caroline Egolf, OH
3. Lizettes Avalanche Leona-ET (Avalanche), Aubree, Aiden & Alaina Topp, OH
4. Price-View Addiction Gamer (Addiction), Kanani Price & Kristopher Ackley, OH
5. Ms Rockland Crush Crystal (Crush), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
6. Ack-Lee Doorman Lucky Lady (Doorman), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
7. Whiteleather Sully 3517-ET (Solomon), Adam Whiteleather, OH

Senior 3-Year-Old (7)

1. Quietcove Foxys Baffle Me (Diamondback), Quietcove Holsteins, OH
2. Brookview Control Freak-ET (Diamondback), Brookview Farms, OH
3. Etgen-Way Beemer Remini (Beemer), Etgen Way, OH
4. Golden-Oaks Locket 2304-ET (Solomon), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
5. Ms Koneta Saturn Diva (Saturn), Koneta Farms, OH
6. Etgen-Way A Slice Of Beemer (Beemer), Etgen Way, OH
7. Brookview Solo Exclusive (Solomon), Wakefield Farms, OH

4-Year-Old (7)

1. Ms Awesome Atomic-Red-ET (Awesome), Doeberiener, Bowen & Schilling, OH
2. MD-Dun-Loafin Dbk Excite-ET (Diamondback), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
3. Jacobs Sid Bubble-ET (Sid), Plainfield Farms LLC, OH
4. Futurama Awesome Honest (Awesome), Madelyn Topp, OH
5. K-Hurst Diamondback Parade (Diamondback), Kuehnert, Ackley & Conroy, OH
6. Plainfield Solmn Fine (Solomon), Plainfield Farms LLC, OH
7. McGuires Solomon Danae (Solomon), Madelyn Topp, OH

5-Year-Old (6)

1. K-Hurst Armani Dazed-ET (Armani), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
2. Futurama Byway Shanet (Byway), Aubree, Aiden & Alaina Topp, OH
3. Kiko Atwood Diane (Atwood), Kiko Holsteins, OH
4. BHHD Goldchip Minnie-TW (Gold Chip), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
5. Toppglen Defiant Wowwee (Defiant), Marissa & Logan Topp, OH
6. Ms Armani Denyell-ET (Armani), Quietcove Holsteins, OH

Aged Cow (6)

1. T-Triple-T Perfect Storm-ET (Reginald), Entourage-LC, Triple-T & Heath, OH
2. Silver Mist Sanchez Cate (Sanchez), Aubree, Aiden & Alaina Topp & Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
3. Shadow-W Reginald Marian (Reginald), Quietcove & Kurt Wolf, OH
4. Express-SMD Dback Vivica (Diamondback), Express/Stan-Mar-Dale, OH
5. Jo-Ge Precious Gchip Padme (Gold Chip), Brian Klein, OH
6. Etgen-Way Crvtte Subliminal (Corvette), Kayla Cring, OH

Production Cow (1)

1. Etgen-Way Acme Blackrose (Acme), Etgen Way, OH