Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show 2018

July 28-29, 2018 @ Columbus, OH

Tim Abbott, VT
188 Head

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The Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show 2018 takes place July 28 – 29 in Columbus, OH, with Tim Abbott, VT, judging. Cowsmo will be on-hand covering the show thanks to Golden Link Microbial Supplements, Inc.

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Oakfield Blake Luxuriant (Blake), 1st Summer Yearling, Doeberiener, Bowen & Schilling, OH

Reserve Junior Champion
Ryan-Vu Goldwyn Ravish-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Spring Yearling, Doeberiener, Bowen, Schilling & Ryan-Vu, OH

HM Junior Champion
T-Triple-T-Ent Primetime-ET (Doorman), 1st Fall Yearling, Triple-T/Entourage/Cummings, OH

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Ms Beautys Black Velvet-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Senior 2yr Old, Triple-T Holsteins, OH
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Lindale Doorman Felina (Doorman), 2nd Senior 2yr Old, Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
HM Intermediate Champion
T-Triple-T Poker Chip-ET (Gold Chip), 1st Futurity, Triple-T Holsteins, OH

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Ack-Lee Dempsey Passion (Dempsey), 1st 4yr Old, Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Bucks Pride Goldchip Winie (Gold Chip), 1st 5yr Old, Topp-View & Bucks Pride, OH
HM Senior Champion
Juniper Haven Atwood Doll (Atwood), 2nd 4yr Old, Doeberiener, Bowen & Heath, OH

Spring Heifer Calf (24)

1. Budjon-Abbott Avl Anitta-ET (Avalanche), Triple-T & Michael Heath, OH
2. Prestige-Gen Addictin Moni (Addiction), Kanani Price, IN
3. Rocklan Crush Crystal (Crush), Acklee Holsteins, OH
4. Lindlaur Diamondback Andi (Diamondback), Lindsay Lamoreaux, OH
5. Balmoral Atwood Flamenco (Atwood), Keith Richardson, OH

Winter Heifer Calf (22)

1. Comestar Lautastar Goldwyn (Goldwyn), Doeberiener, Bowen & Schilling, OH
2. Franken Haven Goldwyn Fantasy (Goldwyn), Doeberiener, Bowen & Dyment, OH
3. Quietcove First Class (Doorman), Quietcove, OH
4. Maiz-N-Blu Db Lilly-ET (Diamondback), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
5. Bucks-Pride Slater Maria (Slater), Bucks Pride, OH

Fall Heifer Calf (27)

1. T-Triple-T-Ent Primetime-ET (Doorman), Triple-T/Entourage/Cummings, OH
2. Miley Avalanche Genessee (Avalanche), Miley Holstein Farms, OH
3. Etgen-Way Beemer Salantra (Beemer), Gregg Cornish, OH
4. Sco-Lo Solomon Bae-ET (Solomon), Doeberiener, Bowen & Cannon, OH
5. Ms Borderview Bway Sophia-ET (Byway), Olivia Finke, OH

Summer Yearling Heifer (15)

1. Oakfield Blake Luxuriant (Blake), Doeberiener, Bowen & Schilling, OH
2. Beardsley Doorman Gessa (Doorman), Neil Deam, OH
3. Toppglen Defiant Win It-ET (Defiant), Toppglen Farms, OH
4. Express-SMD Velocity (Taggart), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express, OH
5. McGuires Doorman Maddy (Doorman), Topp-View, OH

Spring Yearling Heifer (8)

1. Ryan-Vu Goldwyn Ravish-ET (Goldwyn), Doeberiener, Bowen, Shilling & Ryan-Vu, OH
2. Rupp-Vue Doorman Flicker (Doorman), Rupp-Vue Farm, OH
3. Rupp-Vue Doorman Freckles (Doorman), Rupp-Vue Farm, OH
4. Lindlaur Mccutch Starburst (McCutchen), Lauren Lamoreaux, OH
5. Stan-Mar-Dale Avery (Union), Starn-Mar-Dale/Riley Doria, OH

Winter Yearling Heifer (11)

1. Savage-Leigh Gotta Look-ET (Sid), Tim Gunkelman, OH
2. Toppglen Atwood Winner-ET (Atwood), Toppglen Farms, OH
3. Quietcove Foxys Winning (McCutchen), Quietcove & Kurt Wolf, OH
4. Winright Goldchip Eliza (Gold Chip), Charlie Gleisner, OH
5. MD-Dun-Loafin Dbk Excite (Diamondback), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH

Fall Yearling Heifer (5)

1. Quietcove Doorman Flicker (Doorman), Quietcove & Edge Genetics, OH
2. Kingsway Gold Chip Logic (Gold Chip), Alyson Phillips, TX
3. Hodgons Clark Pearl (Clark), Topp-View, OH
4. Plainfield Arpnas Ashley-ET (Doorman), Hannah Dye, OH
5. Silver-Mist Paint Splatter (Awesome), Madison Pitstick, OH

Junior Best Three Females (3)

1. Quietcove, OH
2. Toppglen Farms, OH
3. Cole Pond, OH

Dry Cow (3)

1. Express SMD Pagewire JC (Pagewire), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express, OH
2. Ms Morsan Picol Tsunami-Red-ET (Picolo), Cole Heger, OH
3. Ms Gin N Tonic (Acme), Hannah Dumbeck, OH

Yearling in Milk (4)

1. Midas-Touch Av Cling-ET (Avalanche), Triple T, Heath & Brown, OH
2. Bulldog McCutch Jad (McCutchen), Evan Kiko, OH
3. T-Triple-T Windbrook Lave (Windbrook), Savannah Thomas, OH
4. Quietcove Foxys Knee Hi-ET (Archrival), Quietcove, OH

Junior 2yr Old (13)

1. Quietcove Foxys Lollipop (Archrival), Quietcove & Trbovich, OH
2. Kiko Atwood Diane 1306 (Atwood), R&P Kiko Farms, OH
3. McGuires Tonka Macey (Tonka), Kyle McGuire, OH
4. Long-Haven Beemer Chrome (Beemer), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
5. Bucks-Pride Archrival Amy (Archrival), Bucks Pride, OH

Senior 2yr Old (7)

1. Ms Beautys Black Velvet-ET (Goldwyn), Triple-T Holsteins, OH
2. Lindale Doorman Felina (Doorman), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
3. Ms Doorman Gill-ET (Doorman), Cole Pond, OH
4. Toppglen Defiant Wowwee (Defiant), Toppglen Farms, OH
5. Jenneil Guthrie Georgia (Guthrie), Neil Deam, OH

Junior 3yr Old (7)

1. Silver Mist Sanchez Cate (Sanchez), Topp-View/Phillip Topp, OH
2. Express SMD Nay Nay P-Red (Addiction), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express, OH
3. Ack-Lee Chelios Edona (Chelios), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
4. Kiko Goldchip Maddi 1189 (Gold Chip), R&P Kiko Farms, OH
5. Quietcove McCutch Disney (McCutchen), Quietcove, OH

Senior 3yr Old (7)

1. T-Triple-T Perfect Storm-ET (Reginald), Triple-T & Entourage, OH
2. Kiko Aftershock Jackie 112 (Aftershock), R&P Kiko Farms, OH
3. Brookview Sid Loverslane-ET (Sid), Brookview Farms, OH
4. Express SMD GL Coraline (Gold Lace), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express, OH
5. Hardingdale Gold Kesha-ET (Goldwyn), Jared Harding, OH

4yr Old (14)

1. Ack-Lee Dempsey Passion (Dempsey), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
2. Juniper Haven Atwood Doll (Atwood), Doeberiener, Bowen & Heath, OH
3. TtripleT Petunia-ET (Goldwyn), Triple-T & Tim Cummings, OH
4. T-Triple-T Play It Again-ET (Fever), Triple-T Holsteins, OH
5. Chakelburg Evasion Kaught (Evasion), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH

5yr Old (5)

1. Bucks Pride Goldchip Winie (Gold Chip), Topp-View & Bucks Pride, OH
2. Delcreek  L1 Slice Of Heaven (Goldwyn), Triple T, Heath & Black, OH
3. Harvue Windhammer Frankie-ET (Windhammer), Plainfield Farms, OH
4. Rosedale Worth Repeating-ET (Goldwyn), Cora Gunkelman, OH
5. Be-Ware Gold Chp Money 1 (Gold Chip), Collin Berg, OH

Aged Cow (3)

1. T-Triple-T Platinum-ET (Goldwyn), Triple T, Eaton & Murphy, OH
2. Craggan Goldwyn Zing (Goldwyn), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
3. Quietcove Windbrook Fern (Windbrook), Quietcove, OH

150,000 Lb Cow (1)

1. M-Riverview Destry Kalin (Destry), Wabash-Way Holsteins, OH

Dam & Daughter (1)

1. Michael McHahan, OH

Produce of Dam (5)

1. Triple-T, OH
2. Triple-T, OH
3. Triple-T, OH
4. Quietcove, OH
5. Michael McHahan, OH

Best Three Females (5)

1. Triple-T, OH
2. Triple-T, OH
3. Triple-T, OH
4. Quietcove, OH
5. R&P Kiko Farms, OH


Dairy Herd (2)

1. Triple-T Holsteins, OH
2. Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder
Triple-T Holsteins, OH

Premier Exhibitor
Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH