Mid-East Fall Red & White Show 2022

November 5, 2022 @ Louisville, KY

Tim Abbott, VT

Zoetis 300x300The Mid-East Fall Red & White Show 2022 has ended with Judge Tim Abbott, VT, selecting Durkacres Appl Cider-Red (Unstopabull), as Grand Champion for Luncrest Frams, NY. The show was held November 5, 2022 in Louisville, KY. Cowsmo captured the action with photos and results thanks to our Platinum Sponsor Zoetis! 

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Durkacres Appl Cider-Red (Unstopabull), 1st 4-Year-Old, Luncrest Frams, NY

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
Glaustar Calif All Out-Red ET (California), 1st 5-Year-Old, Jay Ackley, Don Simpson, and Mason Livingston, VT

HM Senior Champion
Linehan Prin Fahrenheit-Red (Prince), 1st Aged Cow, Matt Linehan, WI

HM Grand Champion
Kara-Kesh-RK Ustbl Sage-Red (Unstopabull), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Ryan Griffin, MN

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Kara-Kesh-RK Ustbl Sage-Red (Unstopabull), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Ryan Griffin, MN

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Crystal-Star AZ 2255-Red (Unstopabull), 1st Milking Yearling, Jamie Black & Nancy & Dean Savage, NY

HM Intermediate Champion
Liddlehome Luver-Red-ET (Unstopabull), 2nd Senior 3-Year-Old, Rocky-Top Holsteins, TN

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Mead-Manor Warr Ads-Red (Warrior), 1st Summer Yearling, Sarah Fitzgerald, IL

Reserve Junior Champion
Betley Lightsout-Red-ET (Unstopabull), 1st Winter Calf, Claire Betley, WI

HM Junior Champion
Betley Lionlike-Red-ET (Analyst), 1st Winter Yearling, Claire Betley, WI

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Kara-Kesh Holsteins, MN

Summer Calf (10)

1. Ms King-Street Warrior Riot-Red (Warrior), Cassie Gebert, IN
2. McWilliams Rude Lucid-Red (Attitude), Sam McWilliams, PA
3. Troyer Alt Tambourine-Red (Altitude), Marcus Toyer, IN
4.Red-Violet War4 Lena (Warrior), Timothy Ziemba, WI
5. Schluter Moovin Avy-Red-ET (Moovin), Olivia Schluter, IL

Spring Calf (13)

1. Maple-Slope Late Bougie-Red (Latenite), Austin Yoder, GA
2. Quietcove Firecracker-Red (Altitude), Quietcove Holsteins, OH
3. Redcarpet Ivygarden (Warrior), Timothy Ziemba, WI
4. Jo-Ry Remy Hot Mess-Red (Remy), John Calkins, PA
5. Scarlet-Summer Blue (Altitude), Emma McSwain, NC

Winter Calf (20)

1.Betley Lighsout-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Claire Betley, WI
2.Betley Lightning-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Claire Betley, WI
3.Horizon-Vue War Scottie-Red (Warrior), Tyler Chupp, OK
4.Quality- Quest Shameless-Red (Journey), Hannah Simpson, OH
5. Rocky-Run War Alamo-Red-ET (Warrior), Juli Grove, OH

Fall Heifer (16)

1. Siemers A Hot 36152-Red-ET (Altitude), Katelyn Klipp, KS
2. La-Ca-De-Le U Devine-Red (Unstopabull), Karissa Livingston, VT
3. Star-KY-Blue Applepk-Red-ET (Warrior), Lisa Gibson, KY
4. Million-Heir Hotshot-Red-ET (Moovin), Michael Heath, MD
5. Schluter Lilly Rose-Red-ET (Altitude), Olivia Schluter, IL

Summer Yearling (6)

1. Mead-Manor Warr Ads-Red (Warrior), Sarah Fitzgerald, IL
2.Ms Warrior Blosso-Red-ET (Warrior), Jason Pareo, NM
3.Miss Synergy RL Suzette-Red (Redlight), Addison & Hailey Fischer, WI
4. King Street War Rebel-Red (Warrior), Cassie Gebert, IN
5. Fleury Myric DB Vero (Diamondback), Tim Gunkelman, OH

Spring Yearling (6)

1. Star-Summit Art Mallory-Red (Aristocrat), Ian Black, MI
2. Merrillea Un Cabernet-Red (Unstopabull), Jim Schluter, IL
3. Ms Kingstreet Rocknroll-Red (Warrior), Cassie Gebert, IN
4.Miss Aristocrat Kandi-Red (Aristocrat), Aries Derby, IA
5. Zehrview Army Jewel-Red (Army), Wyatt & Rosalee Zehr, IL

Winter Yearling (6)

1. Betley Lionlike-Red-ET (Analyst), Claire Betley, WI
2. Opsal Anlyst Adrenaline-Red (Analyst), Addison & Jacob Raber, IL
3. Locust-Ayr Monopoly Inez-Red (Monopoly), Marisa Little, MD
4. Zehrview Army Hi-Strike-Red (Army), Rosalee Zehr, KY
5. Rocky-Run Jor Alpine-Red (Jordy), Rocky Run Farm, KY



Milking Fall Yearling(3)

1. Crystal-Star AZ 2255-Red (Unstopabull), Jamie Black & Nancy & Dean Savage, NY
2. Ms Revive Rexha-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Sam McWilliams, PA
3. Kara-Kesh-RK Garnet-Red (Dice), Ryan Griffin, MN

Summer 2-Year-Old (2)

1. Nivloc-RUL Jordy Aspen (Jordy), Allison Francis,  OH
2. Rocky-Run Springs Topaz-Red (Unstopabull), KY

Junior 2-Year-Old (5)

1. DL-Van Jordy Alice-Red (Jordy), Kaleb Strine, IL

Senior 2-Year-Old (8)

1. Ms Andringas Light-ET (Awesome), Rocky-Top Holsteins, TN
2. Schluter Twilight-Red ET (Altitude), Shana Lueking, IL
3.Culler Spendid Gift-Red (Splendid), Kristin Achley, OH
4.Argorn Maureen-Red (Addison), David Day, MO
5. Arethusa Jordy Zayne-RED (Jordy), Nikole Steffenhagen, WI

Junior 3-Year-Old (2)

1. Kara-Kesh-RK Unstpl Luv-Red (Unstopabull), Ryan Griffin, MN
2. Skip Rager Jemini-Red-ET (Rager), Josh Skipton, MD

Senior 3-Year-Old (4)

1. Kara-Kesh-RK Ustbl Sage-Red (Unstopabull), Ryan Griffin, MN
2. Liddlehome Luver-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Rocky-Top Holsteins, TN
3. Luck-E Russ- PP Astro- Red (Russ), Allison Francis, OH
4. Obers Acres Rb Crystal-Red (Redburst), TX

4-Year-Old (5)

1. Durkacres Appl Cider-Red (Unstopabull), Luncrest Frams, NY
2. Luck-E Jordy Kricket-Red-ET (Jordy), Daniel Olson, WI
3.Roxy Dane AV Raelynn-Red (Avalan), Heidi Endres, WI
4. Golden-Oaks Trinity- Red (Jordy), Kaleb Strine, IL
5. Probert A Bella-Ella-P-Red (Addiction), Victoria Nodolf, WI

5-Year-Old (5)

1. Glaustar Calif All Out Red ET (California), Jay Ackley, Don Simpson, and Mason Livingston, OH
2. W-Brook DB Milly Red (Diamondback), Jeremy Adams, OH
3. Rocky-Top D-Back Brandi (Diamondback), Rocky-Top Holsteins, TN
4. Apple-Pts Applejacks- Red(Redburst), Grace Stroud, PA
5. Buckmeadow Armni Mollie-Red(Armani), Morgan Berryman, KY

Aged Cow (3)

1.Linehan Prin Fahrenheit-Red (Prince), Matt Linehan, WI
2.Lme Armani Rascal-Red (Armani), Brock Liddle, NY
3. Ratliff App4 Whitney-Red (Armani), Kaleb Strine, IL