Maryland State Holstein Futurity 2017

September 3rd, 2017 @ Timonium, MD

Roger Turner, WI
12 Head

Maryland State Holstein Futurity 2017Complete Image Galleries are now available for the Maryland State Holstien Futurity 2017 where Pheasant Echo’s Dieon-Red-ET was named the winner by Judge Roger Turner, WI. Cowsmo coverage was sponsored by: Heath’s Holsteins, Pheasant Echoes Farm, Kueffner Holstein & Jerseys, Peace & Plenty Farm, My Lady’s Manor, Tri-Dee and Oakland View.

Complete Image Galleries are now available for the Maryland State Holstein Futurity 2017, for you to view, share & purchase photos.

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Show Sponsors

The Maryland State Fair Holstein Show 2017 takes place today & tomorrow in Timonium, MD, with Roger Turner, WI, serving as judge. Cowsmo will be providing coverage of the show thanks to:
Heath Holsteins
Pheasant Echoes Farm
Kueffner Holstein & Jerseys Facebook Page
Kueffner Cows Website
Peace & Plenty Farm
My Lady’s Manor
Tri-Dee Farms
Oakland View Farms & Saybrook Jerseys

1. Pheasant Echo’s Dieon-Red-ET (Absolute), Pheasant Echo’s Farm, MD
2. Peace & Plenty GWN Blexann-ET (Goldwyn), Peace & Plenty Farms LLC, MD
3. Savage-Leigh Celestes Final (Armani), Connor & Chase Savage, MD
4. Ernest-Anthony Theresa-ET (Goldwyn), Nick Raggi, MD
5. MD-Maple-Dell Atwood Sara-ET (Atwood), Maple Dell Farms, MD
6. Peace & Plenty Heztry Cookie (Heztry), Peace & Plenty Farms LLC, MD
7. Tulip-Pond Rockster Bridget (Rockster), Carissa Doody, MD
8. Ladys-Manor-L-B Gingerly (La Bron), My Ladys Manor, MD
9. Ladys-Manor Greg Dove-ET (Gregarious), My Ladys Manor, MD
10. Windsor Manor ZS Heidi-ET (Golden Dreams), Windsor Manor, MD
11. Burlin Guthrie K 921 (Guthrie), Burlin Farm, MD
12. Markland Shan Delight-ET (Man O Shan), My Ladys Manor, MD