Maryland State Fair Milking Shorthorn Show 2020

September 7, 2020 @ Timonium, MD

The Maryland State Fair Milking Shorthorn Show has concluded with Elite HP Showtime winning the show for Glamourview! Sorting through the classes was judge Pat Lundy. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Glamourview!

Show Sponsor

Thank you to our show sponsor Glamourview!

Junior and Grand Champion

Junior & Grand Champion
Elite HP Showtime (Showtime), 1st Summer Yearling, Glamourview, MD

Reserve Junior & Grand Champion
SS Patriot Paisley (Patriot), 2nd Summer Yearling, S&S Dairy, MD

HM Junior & Grand Champion
SS Gianni Cha-Cha EXP (Gianni), 1st Spring Calf, S&S Dairy, MD

Spring Calf (1)

1. SS Gianni Cha-Cha EXP (Gianni), S&S Dairy, MD

Summer Yearling (2)

1. Elite HP Showtime (Showtime), Glamourview, MD
2. SS Patriot Paisley (Patriot), S&S Dairy, MD