Maryland State Fair Ayrshire Show 2021

September 3, 2021 @ Timonium, MD

Greg Evans, NY
51 Head

The Maryland State Fair Ayrshire Show 2021 was held on Friday, September 3rd at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD, with Greg Evans, NY, selecting Old-Bankston JC Banner as Grand Champion for Glamourview, MD. Cowsmo was on hand covering the show with photos and results thanks to many generous sponsors!

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Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Old-Bankston JC Banner (Reagan), 1st 4-Year-Old, Glamourview, MD

Reserve Grand Champion
Palmyra Booth BD Rosy (Booth), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Palmyra Farm LLC, MD

HM Grand Champion
Steel Fire Burdette Gracen (Burdette), 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Jeffrey Winkler, MD

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Stylin R Maleficent (Regan), 1st Summer Yearling, Leslie & Linda Bruchey, MD

Reserve Junior Champion
Paragon-Acres Bigstar Katalina (Bigstar), 1st Fall Yearling, Glamourview, MD

HM Junior Champion
Jomill Burdette Kalypso-ET (Burdette), Taylor Heeter, PA

Spring Calf (5)

1. Vales-Pride Prime Ricki (Prime), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD
2. Spring-Vale Red Apple-ET (Kingsire), Jeffrey Hubbard, MD
3. Sunny Acres DD Platinum Prodigy (Platinum), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD
4. Vales-Pride Champion Gambler (Champion), Michelle Gerhart, MD
5. QT Acres Zola (Affirmed), Richard Tharp, MD

Winter Calf (6)

1. Haurocher Bigtime Miss Beauty (Bigtime), Katie Schultz, PA
2. Len-Knoll B Belva, Kandice Lenhart, MD
3. Vales-Pride Lochinvar ElCamino (Lochinvar0), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD
4. Palmyra Blackjack P Raynell-ET (Blackjack), Rhonda Winkler & Lori Mellin, MD
5. Maple Dell Champ Darbie (Berkely), Morgan Murray, MD

Fall Calf (8)

1. Jomill Burdette Kalypso-ET (Burdette), Taylor Heeter, PA
2. Glamourview Micro Ava (Micro), Glamourview, MD
3. Sunny Acres DD Platinum Protege (Platinum), Mark & Jess Valentine and Greg Evans, MD
4. Maple Dell Champ Doris (Champion), David Patrick, MD
5. Spring-Vale Apple Ale-ET (B-King), Jeffrey Hubbard, MD

Summer Yearling (4)

1. Stylin R Maleficient (Reagan), Leslie & Linda Bruchey, MD
2. Sunny-Acres Reagan’s Karmondy (Reagan), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD
3. Jomill Gentleman Karlotta (Gentleman), Taylor Heeter, PA
4. Tri-Line Micro Limit (Micro), Glamourview, MD

Spring Yearling (5)

1. Glamourview Micro Kenzie (Micro), Glamourview, MD
2. Len-Knoll Benedict Amelia (Benedict), Kandice Lenhart, MD
3. Vales-Pride G EZ Covergirl (Gentleman), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD
4. Stylin R Charisma (Reagan), Noah Utterback, MD
5. Shir-Lyn Kingsire Dahlia (Kingsire), Josie Martin, MD

Winter Yearling (4)

1. Old-N-Lazy Willow Girl-ET (Reagan), Jeffrey Winkler, MD
2. Jomill Burdette Kaliedoscope-ET (Burdette), Glamourview, MD
3. Len-Knoll Shining Belle, Kandice Lenhart, MD
4. Rjmar Reagan Alona Amber (Reagan), Jessica N Martin, MD

Fall Yearling (4)

1. Paragon-Acres Bigstar Katalina (Bigstar), Glamourview, MD
2. Royal Crown Gen-N-Juice (Gentleman), Michelle Gerhart, MD
3. Elm Brook Shimmer (Diplomat), Richard Tharp, MD
4. Quietness Reagan Hartwell (Reagan), Richard Tharp, MD

Milking Yearling (1)

1. Jomill Burdette Kaliente-ET (Burdette), Taylor Heeter, PA

Junior 2-Year-Old (3)

1. Vales-Pride EZ Like SundayMorning (Reagan), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD
2. Vales-Pride Michigan Zyri (Michigan), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD
3. Ayrback Buddy Zena (Francis), Richard Tharp, MD

Senior 2-Year-Old (1)

1. Steel Fire Burdette Gracen (Burdette), Jeffrey Winkler, MD

Junior 3-Year-Old (2)

1. Palmyra Booth BD Rosy (Booth), Palmyra Farm LLC, MD
2. Vales-Pride Vicking Exhalt (Vicking), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD

Senior 3-Year-Old (2)

1. Dale Vista Vicking Love-ET (Vicking), Glamourview, MD
2. Old-Bankston-AL Wildfire-ET (Lochinvar), Glamourview, MD

4-Year-Old (3)

1. Old-Bankston JC Banner (Reagan), Glamourview, MD
2. Vales-Pride Gentle Evie (Gentleman), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD
3. Happy (Raney), Quietness Farm, MD

5-Year-Old (1)

1. Vales-Pride Riggins Echo (Riggins), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD

Aged Cow (2)

1. Hawvercrest Etgen Sizzle (Bradock), Glamourview, MD
2. Garnet Lane Avenger Pheonix (Avenger), Mark & Jess Valentine, MD

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Mark & Jess Valentine, MD