MA State Jersey Show 2020

August 5, 2020 @ Greenfield, MA

Joe Nash, NY

It was a ribbon day for 4-year-old Four-Hills Velocity Gloriana (Velocity), exhibited by Sarah Hill, VT when judge Joe Nash made her his Grand & Senior Champion of both the Open & Junior Shows! Cowsmo was on-hand covering the show with results and photos thanks to our generous sponsors!

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Grand Champion

Grand & Senior Champion – Open & Junior Show
Four-Hills Velcity Gloriana (Velocity), 1st 4-year-old, Sarah Hill, VT

Reserve Grand & Reserve Senior Champion – Open & Junior Show

Genesis Excitement Darby (Excitement), 1st aged cow, Ella Olsen, NY

HM Grand & Senior Champion – Open Show
Four-Hills Response Bahama (Response), 1st 5-year-old, Sarah Hill, VT


Junior Champion

Junior Champion – Open & Junior Show
Four-Hills M Fancy Victory (Victorious), 1st fall calf, Sarah Hill, VT

Reserve Junior Champion – Open & Junior Show
Four-Hills Casino Blissfull (Casino), 1st winter calf, Sarah Hill, VT

HM Junior Champion – Open Show
Aerlei J Folly (Joel), 2nd fall calf, Caylei Arnold, CT

Spring Calf (19)

1. Shadow Vale Konstellation 126-ET (Applejack), Glen McNeil, Todd Hayton, Allen Vangorder, NH
2. Four-Hills Joel Bambie (Joel), Sarah Hill
3. Four-Hills Joel Panther-ET (Joel), Sarah Hill
4. Mill Valley Venetian JJQuin (Venetian), Mill Valley Jerseys-Taryn Jacque
5. Whitdale Gentry Senora (Gentry), Ella Olsen

Winter Calf (11)

1. Four-Hills Casino Blissfull (Casino), Sarah Hill
2. Whitdale Engineer Gladyola (Engineer), Grace Depew
3. Edan Enchanted Evening, Corrina Aldrich
4. Hi-Poits LLF Gentry Likely Story (Gentry), Katelyn Poitras
5. SC Game Changer Viola-ET (Game Changer), Trevor Clapp

Fall Calf (12)

1.Four-Hills M Fancy Victory (Victorious), Sarah Hill
2. Aerlei J Folly (Joel), Caylei Arnold, CT
3. Headwater Sultan Alaska (Sultan), Glen McNeil, Mark Viens, Allen Vangorder, NY
4. Mill Valley KR Jem du Jour (Kid Rock), Mill Valley Jerseys, MA
5. Edan Dnmk Twilight Tango (Denmark-P), Corrina Aldrich, NY

Summer Yearling (8)

1.Hi-Poits Gentry Mudslide (Gentry), Katelyn Poitras
2. Emmas Applejack Virginia (Applejack), Maggie LaPrise
3. Four-Hills Andreas Golden (Andreas), Sarah Hill
4. Cowbell Andreas Ruby Tuesday (Andreas), Caylei Arnold
5. Shaker Hollow Casino Adeline (Casino), Zachery Johnson

Spring Yearling (10)

1.Rivendale VIP Party Princess (Vip), Sara Hill
2. Miss Gentry Jessie (Gentry), Abigail Carriere
3. Fine-Kine Andreas Velour (Andreas), Ben Bemis
4. Fletch Nacho Charlie (Nacho), Nicole Fletcher
5. Runnymede Showdown Fancy (Showdown), Gregory Norris

Winter Yearling (9)

1.Miss Gentry Joy (Gentry), Delaney Tirrell
2. Abbewood Ruby Rose, Amber McComas
3.  Cooper Farm Platinum Joepied (Platinum), Cooper Farm
4. Miss Gentry Jolene (Gentry), John & Ashley Collins, Morey Miller, Joanna Lidback
5. Chestnut Hill Greyson Limitless (Greyson), Caitlin Small

Fall Yearling (6)

1.Whiteale Colton Gem-ET (Colton), Lilly Olsen
2. Genesis Velocity Virtue (Velocity), New Generation Farm
3. Rock Maple Valentino Ulricka (Valentino), Trevor Clapp
4. Meadow Winds Fizz Windsor, Julie Jacque
5. Cooper Farm Platinum Jeffi (Platinum), Eden Cooper

Junior Herd

1.Sarah Hill
2. Katelyn Poitras
3. Powder Hill Farm

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (10)

1.Rivendale Colton Jules (Colton), Abby Reen
2. Emmas Tequila Vendetta (Tequila), Maggie LaPrise
3. Cooper Farm Platinum Lilith (Platinum), Eden Cooper
4. Cooper Farm Platinum Shameless (Platinum), Cooper Farm
5. Cadillac Andreas Lucsious (Andreas), Sarah Hill

Junior 2-Year-Old (7)

1.Whitdale Victorious Savannah (Victorious), Cole Goodhue
2. Precious Joel Shotski (Joel), Jay Fullington
3. Silver Lining Casino Temptation (Casino), Davis Shaw
4. Field of Dreams Jammer Chloe (Jammer), Mikaela Schneider
5. Whitdale Verb Goldilocks (Verb), Grace Depew

Senior 2-Year-Old (5)

1.Emmas Blackstone Bumblebee (Blackstone), Maggie LaPrise
2. Johnsonacres Colton Behold (Colton), Regan Johnson
3. Oakdale David Little Presley, Morgan Riley
4. Pleasant Knob Barnabas Jessie-ET (Barnabas), William Camacho
5.  Fine-Kine Colton Vienna (Colton), Ben Bemis

Junior 3-Year-Old (7)

1. Cadillac Joel Gunnie (Joel), Peter Hawkes, Jay Fullington, Shane Huille
2. LFF Colton Jazzalina (Colton), Taylor Lawrence
3. Four-Hills Colton Pregame (Colton), Sarah Hill
4. Peila-SVF Tequila Nancy (Tequila), Samantha Peila
5. Howacres Comerica Miss Lucy (Comerica), Morgan Riley

Senior 3-Year-Old (5)

1.Four-Hills Genominator Cinnamon (Genominator), Sarah Hill
2. JX Shaker Hollow Topeka Alotta, Bridey Nolan
3. Cooper Farm Treasure Miss Jenny, Evan Cooper
4. Miss King Jean, Morgan Riley

4-Year-Old (5)

1.Four-Hills Velcity Gloriana (Velocity), Sarah Hill
2. Liddleridge Victory, Maggie LaPrise
3. Silver Lining Message Luna, Abigail Shaw
4. Billings Grove Beltina-ET, Regan Johnson

5-Year-Old (5)

1.Four-Hills Response Bahama (Response), Sarah Hill
2. Cadillac Hired Gunman (Hired Gun), Peter Hawkes & Jay Fullerton
3. Cooper Farm Verbatim Hot Chocolate (Verbatim), Eden Cooper
4. Fletch Reviresco Ruby {5}, Nicole Fletcher

Aged Cow (5)

1. Genesis Excitement Darby (Excitement), Ella Olsen
2. Ratliff Impression Paisley (Impression), Cooper Farm
3. Hemenway Hill Deacon Gonzo (Deacon), Regan Johnson
4. Pleasant Nook Action Marlee (Action), Cooper Farm
5. Silver Lining Tequila Hyper (Tequila), Abigail Shaw

Dry Cow under 5

1.Meadow Winds B Victory, Toni Jacque

Dry Cow 5 and over

1. Tol-Je-So Tyson Jazzy. Tyler Lawrence


1.Maggie LaPrise
2. Sarah Hill
3. Shane Huille
4. Regan Johnson
5. Silver Lining-Shaws

Produce of Dam

1. Maggie LaPrise
2. Grace Depew
3. Corrina Aldrich
4. Daniel Clapp
5. John Collins

Best of 3, Bred & Owned

1. Sarah Hill
2. Cooper Farm
3. Shaker Hollow Farm

Best of 5

1. Sarah Hill
2. Cooper Farm
3. Regan Johnson
4. Abigail Shaw