Lookout Main Event Tag Sale 2

May 25th-26th, 2018 @ Canton de Hatley, QC

78 Lots

The Lookout Main Event Tag Sale 2 took place from May 25-27, 2018 at Lookout Holsteins in Canton de Hatley, QC. 30 Holsteins were sold averaging $8855 and 17 Jerseys were sold averaging $9226! Congratulations to the crew at Lookout on a great Sale!

Price List

Lot # Name Price
1Bricon Windhammer Katie 30000
2CHOICE of 4 guaranteed Females from Garay Awesome Beauty X Avalanche to be born in March 2019 5000
3Garay red Diamond 15000
4CHOICE due in december from Luck-E Advent Kandie-Red X Avalanche 12500
4aEmbryos IVF Exportable female avalanche embryos Kandie1500
5Sweetview Avalanche Mitsou 25000
5aLookout Sweetview army mily5000
6Gen-Com Godlwyn Hadley 15000
7Chanmar Integral Marcy 7500
8Lellevan Avalanche Fuji 30000
9Lookout Lotus Lady Like 8000
10Lookout absolute La rouge 4000
11garay doorman breanne 7500
12Garay Byway Delphyne 5000
13Defoe Welcome Clark Verna 7000
14beckholm goldwyn lizaout
15lookout doorman rochelle 12500
16Micheret Brash Amazone out
17Gleann GW Relentless 6000
18Garay solomon Despacito 6500
19Hez Goldchip Hillary 12000
20Santschi Windbrook Valencia 8000
21Lookout Atwood Vara 3000
22Eastwest Fever Nadia12000
23Desperle Adele Goldwyn 15000
24Desperle Roma Doorman 3000
25andreane avalanche alana10000
26Rockland Jordy Panini-Red 6000
27Murrayholm Windbrook Lely 5000
28Redcarpet-I crush Divinity 4500
29Garay Atwood Laititia Rae 6500
29aGaray embryo lot 500/embryo
29bGaray embryo lot 500/embryo
30Ralston Mccutchen Anastasia 6000
31Combhaven Benefit Monica 6500
32Ned-acres Shauna Rouge red 4500
33Glaustar Jacoby Dixie 3200
34MS Eaton Conroy solo Rival 9500
35MS Crackholm Platinum 6000
36Garay Brash Deby out
37camphols Jacoby rockaberry 3500
38camphols Sid Elite (dams reg number= 107445899)3800
39Craggan Dempsey Danielle 3800
40Raeburn Karlo Desire 5000
41Garay Sid Elsa 3800
42Carpsview Goldchip Elsa6000
43Brigeen Bailey M Bella4500
44Fradon Kingboy Jane out
45Pierstein Dback Madilynn5500
46Legend-maker Rambo Altuve 6000
47Lookout O Miracle 2500
48VT-Pond-View GC Liza4500
49Vinbert Doorman Korea 3500
50Durham Lotus Luxurious 3000
51Beerbray Atwood Vanna 3500
52Leighside Jacoby Havana 4000
53Garay Unix Delacy 4800
54Garay Golden Dreams Dall 4200
55Garay Doorman Bellamy 15000
56Rocklan Golden Dreams Tippy 9000
J1Rolling River Press Release 75000
J2Brenbe Vitality Misty 8000
J3SV Colton Hannah8000
J4Riview Ready Set Glo 7500
J5Lookout For Glory 6000
J6Hillacres impression shady 5000
J7Homeridge I Viv 10000
J8Homeridge Scouting Victory 4500
J9Homeridge Andreas Viv 4500
J10Campbell TB Gentry Rosetta15000
J11Roggua Robindale Just one Look6000
J12Lookout Baby Belle4500
J13Lookouyt Premier Bootsout
J14Campbell TB Redpath Vicious4500
J15Campbell TB Verb Ronda5000
J16Lookout Premier Ferrari8000
J17MB Lucky Lady Fire Away4500
J18Lookout Premier Betsy6000
J19Lookout Buzzed on tequila 3000
J20FDL Barcelona Frize (born march 20th 2017)3000
J21Homeridge T Annette 6000
J22Homeridge H guns buttons (due december 1st with excitation heifer)out
J23homeridge C honey 2000
J24Lookout Reviresco Vavoom 1800
J25Lookout HG Silk 2300
J26Winterplace Reward Princess 4000
J27elmstead OT M Pear 5000
J27aDaughter of Pear Born April 9th 2016 Also in sale (Elmsmead perfect brownies) 1200
B1High Beam Biver Glamour 5000
B2Iroquois Acres KM Song 4500

Sale Catalog

The Lookout Main Event Tag Sale 2 takes place may 25-27 at Lookout Holsteins in Canton de Hatley, QC. 48 Holstein, 2 Brown Swiss & 28 Jersey Lots are offered!

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Sale Information

Lookout Main Event Tag Sale 2
May 25th-26th, 2018
Lookout Holsteins & Jerseys
Canton de Hatley, QC

May 25th/27 Mai
8am…Cattle Viewing/Visite des sujets de la vente
Noon…Poutine & refreshments/Party Poutine et rafraichissments
1-2pm…Tag Sale starts/Debut de la Tag Sale
2:30pm…Bid-offs if needed/Fermeture des mises egales si necessaire

May 26/26 Mai
10am – 1pm…Free clipping & showmanship clinic for Juniors with Blair Weeks. Free pizza & refreshments

May 27/27 Mai
5pm…End of Tag Sale

Sale Managers/Gerants de la vente
Callum McKinven…819.437.7552


Sale Contacts

Frederic Dubois 418 956-5602
Jocelyn Côté 819 475-7125
Adam Fraley 570 772-6837
Kenny McRae 226 979-6533
Eddie Sekerak 814 664-0511
Mike Heath 443 375-8048
Blair Weeks 902 432-4312
David Crack 819 352-1670
Jack Lomeo 315 778-7783
Barclay Phoenix 905 431-8340
Marie-Claire Girod  514 946-6931
Olivier Marquis 418 714-4083

Sale Highlights