Leading Edge Genetics – Elite Holstein & Jersey Sale 2013


Sale catalog online now from Australian Elite Holstein & Jersey Sale managed by Leading Edge Genetics

Sale Information & Catalog

Sale Catalog online here

Sale Contact

Leading Edge Genetics
Tel: 0438 031 361 – Fax: 03 5623 5155
[email protected]
P.O Box 1083 Warragul 3820 VIC
Mal Sayers 0428 443 549

Sale Agents

Dairy Livestock Sales (DLS)
Tullamarine BC
PO Box 462, Tullamarine VIC 3043
Tel: (03) 9338 9259 – (03) 9338 9453
[email protected]

Brian Leslie 0418 365 934
Luke Russell 0408 313 815
Andrew Mackie 0419 595 932
Phil Malcolm 0408 559 408

Sale Consignment Details

Some notable facts on the consignments:
• There is eight direct imported Holstein females including daughters of Man-O-Man, Windbrook, Snowman, Sid, Alexander, and Beacon
• High genomic females (up to +2887 GLPI) who are ready to produce that extra source of income
• Some of Australia’s best domestic Holsteins are also on offer including outstanding milking daughters of Roumare and AltaOtto from the well known Lucky and Perfection cow families.
• True breeder pedigrees are featured strongly with outstanding daughters of Palermo, Bluesky, Lauthority, Cardinal, AltaIota and Medallion to name a few.
• Your opportunity to purchase embryos from some of Australia’s oldest Snowman daughters. Plus the chance to buy embryos by the type leader in Aftershock from the Canadian EX93 Goldwyn daughter of Fairvale Jed Bonnie EX90.
• Our Jerseys on offer are unbelievable. They are by the best bulls in the breed in Blackstone, Resurrection, Van Ahlem and Region. These are a cross-section of fancy yearlings, maximum scored 2yo heifers, sister to a former winner of the Leading Edge Genetics On-Farm Competition plus a Region daughter of the top priced lot at the 2012 Wallacedale Sale.

Some of the star lots include:

Lot 1 – a/c Barnawatha :  A January 2012  MOM at + 2865 GLPI from Braedale Toystory Dorie VG 85 – 2Yr, No.6 GLPI heifer in Australia. Contract interest from 3 companies

Lot 2 – a/c Jarramah : March 2012 Snowman at + 2668 GLPI from Comestar Bolton Lululemon VG 86 – 2yr, contract interest from GAC and ABS – super fancy heifer

Lot 3 –a/c Lockstock : springing March 2011 MOM at +2547 from Glengarry Goldwyn Poppy VG – contract interest in the heifer and her Millard pregnancy

Lot 4 – a/c Coonara : March 2012 Alexander from Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze – super framed heifer

Lot 5 – a/c Coolea : February 2012 Windbrook from Calbrett Goldwyn Liza VG 88 from Lila Z – maternal sister photo Sanchez Lush

Lot 6 – a/c Guye Holdings: Your choice of 5 embryos from Guye Holdings Snowman Lululemon (+2761 GLPI and + 2134 GTPI) or Guye Holdings Snowman Leona (+2520 GLPI and +2197) – Snowman Leona has super health traits

Lot 16 – a/c Ormefields Beacon Gyspy 3 : February 2012 End-Road Beacon from Braedale Toystory Dorie

Lot 19 and 20 – a/c R Zanders: 2 August 2011 Sanchez daughters from 84 Goldwyn/89 Dundee Paradise/ Miss Paradises Presence – most dominant show cow family at IDW for the last 10 years.

Lot 26 – a/c Greaveston Genetics : 4 Liquid Gold  embryos from Mapel- Wood Man Oman Bambi VG 85 + GLPI of +3003 – Liquid Gold semen may not come to Australia until 2014! Embryos are in the country.

Lot 27 – a/c Greaveston Genetics: 6 Aftershock embryos from 93 Fraeland Goldwyn Bonnie Ex93/Fairvale Jed Bonnie – won at IDW for 7 years in succession!