Kentucky State Fair Milking Shorthorn Show 2014

August 16, 2014 @ KY State Fair

Mike Halpin, IL

Innisfail Ro Lady 7088 owned by Lattire’s Twilite Farm named Grand Champion at the 2014 Kentucky State Fair Milking Shorthorn Show. 

Junior Champions

Junior Champion
Molehill Zevs Bellie, Taylor Graves, Perryville, KY

Reserve Junior Champion
Gibbs Lirano Capene Exp ET, Taylor Graves, Perryville, KY

Grand Champions

Senior and Grand Champion
Innisfail Ro Lady 7088-EXP, Lattire’s Twilite Farm, Lawrenceburg, IN

Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion
Michaes Nitro Chili, Jeremy Kinslow, Smith Grove, KY