Kentucky State Fair Holstein Show 2016

August 21, 2016 @ Louisville, KY

Eric Topp, OH

Results are available for the Kentucky State Fair Holstein Show 2016.  Judge Eric Topp of Botkins, OH chose Buckmeadow Miss Maggie as Grand Champion!

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
 Buckmeadow Miss Maggie (Goldwyn) Tyler Buckley Lawrenceburg, KY
Reserve Grand Champion
KHurst Gld Chp Pameline-ET (Gold Chip), Kuehnert Dairy Fort Wayne, IN
Honorable Mention
MapleSlope Goldwn Angie-ET (Goldwyn), Sunrose Holsteins Millersburg, IN

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Buckmeadow Miss Maggie (Goldwyn),  Tyler Buckley Lawrenceburg, KY
Reserve Senior Champion
KHurst Gld Chp Pameline-ET (Goldchip), Kuehnert Dairy Fort Wayne, IN

100,000 LB Cow

Burks Branch Gwyn Fara (Goldwyn), Lookwell Farm Elkhart, IN

Aged Cow

MapleSlope Goldwn Angie-ET (Goldwyn),  Sunrose Holsteins Millersburg, IN

5 Year Old Cow

1.Buckmeadow Miss Maggie (Goldwyn),  Tyler Buckley Lawrenceburg, KT
2.Stookeyholm Watch Marian (Watch), Stookeyholm Holsteins Milford, IN
3.KY-Blue Sanchez Demi-ET (Sanchez), Kadyn Gibson Eminence, KY

4 Year Old Cow

1.KHurst Gld Chp Pameline-ET (Goldchip), Kuehnert Dairy Fort Wayne, IN
2.VTPond View GC Ace-ET (Ace), Rocky Top Holsteins Lafollette, TN
3.Masal Sanchez Gail (Sanchez), Sunrose Holsteins Millersburg, IN

Senior 3 Year Old

1.Harvue Windhammer FoxyE (Windhammer), Janney Holsteins Leitchfield, KY
2.CameronRidge Gold Chip L (Goldchip), Sunrose Holsteins Millersburg, IN
3.Sunrose Juliana (Wildman), Sunrose Holsteins Millersburg, IN

Junior 3 Year Old

1.Cam-Bing Atwood Elicate (Atwood), Cameron-Ridge Brodhead, KY
2.Nor-Lene Brokaw Lady (Brokaw), Mudd Family Unit Berne, IN
3.Karebears Dempsey Lacey (Dempsey), Luke Jones Loretto, KY

Senior 2 Year Old

1.KY Blue Faith, Jordan Elmore, Elizabethtown, KY
2.Sunrose Liberty (Goldchip), Sunrose Holsteins Millersburg, IN
3.Ms RRFRBD WB Livedo, Rocky Run Farms Grensburg, KY

Junior 2 Year Old

1.BeaverFlats Mcctchen Angel (Mcctchen), Rocky Top Holsteins Lafollette, TN
2.Holbrich Sid Amethyst (Sid),  Sunrose Holsteins Millersburg, IN
3.KHurst Sid Pricy (Sid), Kuehnert Dairy Fort Wayne, IN

Fall Yearling

1.Valeoskene Lauthorit (Authority), T Myer & M Oechsle, Van Wert, OH
2.KA_ Geo God Chipper Rae (Goldchip), Street Spoonamore, Stanford, KY
3.PopATop GW Atwood 1188 (Atwood), Major Dairy, Lebanon, TN

Winter Yearling

1.RockyRun Brax Catalina, Rocky Run Farms, Greensburg, KY
2.Milksource Defint Tay, Mallory Russell, Knob Lick, KY
3.Engleking Braxton Paisley (Braxton), Engleking Holsteins, Greenfield, IN

Spring Yearling

1.Bonaccueil Annick Doorman (Doorman), Heath Penick, Orland, IN
2.Stookeyholm Lacan Audrina (Lavenguard), Stookeyholm Holsteins, Milford, IN
3.Sageser Sanchez Anna (Sanchez), Morgan Sageser, Shelbyville, KY

Summer Yearling

1.Engleking KC GW Patty-ET, Engleking Holsteins, Greenfield, IN
2.Magees-Pride AL Snow, Brittany Bennett, Cynthiana, KY
3.Silkwood Charles Jazz,  JSB Acres, Hardyville, KY

Fall Heifer Calf

1.Tri-Koebel A Wildcard, Stookeyholm Holsteins, Milford, IN
2.Lookwell Solomon Bae Bae, Lookwell Farm, Elkhart, IN
3.PopATop Sid 1295ET, Major Dairy, Lebanon, TN

Winter Heifer Calf

1.Ms Door Erica (Doorman), Lookwell Farm, Elkhart, IN
2.Woodland Paisley, Lille Wood, Shelbyville, KY
3.KHurst Solomon Prism (Solomon),  Kuehnert Dairy, Fort Wayne, IN

Spring Heifer Calf

1.KHurst Solomon Pursuede (Solomon) Kuehnert Dairy, Fort Wayne, IN
2.Magees-Pride Marcus Tive, Brooke Bennett, Cynthiana, KY
3.KA-Buck Dman Champagne (Doorman), Street Spoonamore, Stanford, KY