Kash-In on Valentines Day Sale 2018

February 14, 2018 @ Ranch Teresita Dairy, Tulare, Ca


The Kash-In on Valentines Day Sale 2018 was held February 14th, 2018 in Tulare, CA. Over 1 million in gross on 111 live lots and a sale average of $$9,360.00. Topping the sale at $169,000 was River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET (VG-89 2Y), 2017 All American Milking Yearling consigned by sale River Valley Farms and Kash-In Jerseys. She was purchased by Dave Hogan, OR.

Sale Report

A full house on Valentine’s Day with red roses, red wine and Norm Nabholz jokes were flowing! It was a tremendous sale of elite show and genomic Jersey and Holsteins that kept a crowd on hand for the five hour sale. Over 1 million in gross on 111 live lots and a sale average of $$9,360.00. The Jersey lots saw an average of $12,207.00.

·       Lot 1, River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET is a name you should remember, if you don’t know it already! $169,000 senior two for this year topped the sale, consigned by Kash-In Jerseys and River Valley, the Unanimous ABA All-American Milking Yearling was purchased by Dave Hogan of Tillamook, Oregon.

·       Lot 121, JX Kash-In GotMaid 71794 {6}-ET was a bull consigned by Rancho Teresita and was the second high seller at $100,000. The syndicate will be marketed through ST Genetics.

·       Lot 101 JX Aardema Barbs Destiny {4} went for $57,000 and was consigned by Twin Ridge Genetics.

·       Lot 106 consigned by Ahlem Farms went for $42,500. A genomic giant, Ahlem Disco Buttons 51392-ET is the only female on the top 500 HR list with +25 JUI, +1 DPR, and below 2.80 SCS.

·       Lots 4, 5 and 6 sold as a choice of two out of three lots. Choices included number one Disco gJPI heifer in the breed, number one GotMaid gJPI heifer in the breed and number one Craze gJPI heifer in the breed. Four and Five sold for $31,000 and $36,000 respectively. The group of elite genomic breed leaders was consigned by Rancho Teresita.

·       Lot 108 JX Kash-In Disco 52536 {6}-P-ET is the highest JPI polled heifer in the breed and sold for $35,000.

·       Lot 3, Butlerview Door Beyonce-ET is going to be the senior two to beat this spring. Consigned by Price and Cunningham, she brought $20,000.

·       Lot 97 consigned by Wickstrom Jerseys, JX Dupat Disco 17809 {6}-ET went for $15,750.

·       Lot 52, Co-Vista Doorman 2417 sold for $15, 250 and looks like a hammer going into spring shows. Consigned by Allyn, Borba, Schirm and Hovden.

·       Lot 2, Beslea Vivitar Goblin sold for $14,250 from Joshua Arp. She is the 2017 Junior Champion of the All American Jersey Show.

·       Lot 60, Sco-Lo Coons Doorm 2256-ET, sold for $13,000. She was the 10th Winter Calf at WDE in 2017 and is ready to hit the colored shavings again as a Winter Yearling. Consigned by Sarah Butler and Dirk Thompson.

·       Lot 105 was a 2771 gTPI Achiever heifer from Terra-Linda and brought $11,800.

·       Lot 81, Ahlem Chekelo Blush 47526 brought $11,000.

·       Lot 8 was a choice for $11,000 of sisters to Lyon Ajack Bay – Nom. ABA All-American Senior Two.

·       Lot 109 JX Kash-In Shootout 52218 {6}-P-ET for $10,750.

·       Lot 100 JX Pine-Tree Priapus Aleve 1617 {4}-ET for $10,750

·       Lot 98 JX Kash-In Got Maid 53360 {6}-ET at $10,750

·       Lot 110 JX Cal-Mart Avon Geva 9223 {3}-ET at $10,700

·       Lot 119 Jo-Dee Royal Glenn Rosette-ET at $10,300

·       Lot 20 Triple-T-MPH Psychedelic at $10,100

·       Lot 80 Ridgedale Reign-Red at $9,000

·       Lot 73 Rich Valley Gentry Mitzi 315 went for $8,500

·       Lot 67 Poly-Kow Solomon Actress at $8,500

·       Lot 90, Minister Gail-ET sold for $8,300 from Heath and Page. She was the 2015 Junior Champion of the All American Jersey Show.

·       Lot 48, Designer-Genes DB Shar-RED was a stylish Diamondback Spring Yearling consigned by Paulo and went for $6,800.

Sale Catalog

The Kash-In on Valentines Day Sale will be taking place on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 in Tulare, Ca. Selling will be 121 fantastic lots. Online bidding will be available on Cowbuyer. The Catalog is available HERE or by clicking the image below. The PDF is available to download.

To view their Facebook page click here

Sale Updates

Taco Tuesday was complete margarita social hour and one of the earliest and best sale line ups of Jerseys and Holsteins you will find this year! Something for everyone with the catalog stacked with elite show from both breeds and high powered genomic.

Lot 1 – Unanimous ABA All-American Milking Yearling 2017 and 1st Milking Yearling at World Dairy Expo and the All-American Jersey Show. River-Valley Excitation Flawless-ET VG-89 due in September to Venus.
Lot 2 – ABA All-American Winter Calf 2017 and Junior Champion of the All-American Jersey Show. Beslea Vivitar Goblin backed by four CAN-EX dams!
Lot 3 – Senior 2 for this year, fresh 12/20/17. Butlerview Door Beyonce-ET looks like she will do it all! Doorman x EX-94 Locust-Ridge Plain Beanie
Lot 45 – update to catalog – choice of 2 big league Solomon spring yearlings. Maternal sisters to the Reserve All-American Senior Yearling 2017 and either ready to take you to the highest level. Eight generations VG or EX back to Nunesdale Original Jeanie.
Lot 49 – This family doesn’t miss! Spring yearling Claquato Motion Fire N Ice out of Royalty Ridge HG Felicity-ET EX-90 x Family Hill SD Favorite EX-95.
Lot 52 – HM Junior Champion Northeast Fall National 2017 is back as a hammer of a spring yearling to tear up the colored shavings. Co-Vista Doorman 2417 is a Doorman x Co-Vista GS Admire-ET going back to Morningview Converse Judy WX-93.
Lot 56 – Kash-In Dragons Fury is a winter yearling for 2017 from the same family as Family Hill Governor Favor.
Lot 60 – Winter yearling for 2017 Sco-Lo Coons Doorm 2256-ET is a maternal sister to Sco-Lo-Coons Sid Aria-ET, Junior Champion of 3 spring shows! Goes back to Braedale Gypsy Grand CAN VG-88.
Lot 81 – Ahlem Chekelo Blush 47526 VG-85 is a two year old due in July to Credential with GJUI 28.6, CM$ over $500, GPTAT +2.2 with solid health traits of 2.86 SCS and 8.3 PL.
Lot 83 – Kash-In Santana 46893-P-ET two year old due in July to Checkmate. Backed by four excellent dams.

Sale Photos

Sale Order

Sale Highlights

Click HERE to see the sale’s Facebook page with videos of many of the consignments!

Sale Information

Kash-In on Valentines Day Sale 
February 14th, 2018 @ 4:30pm
Tulare, CA

Online bidding available on Cowbuyer.


Sale Staff

Chris Hill – Auctioneer- 202-255-7907
Norman Nabholz – Pedigrees- 563-590-3204
Brad Barham -423-368-3556
Michael Heath – 443-375-8048
Chris Lundgren -920-517-8947
George Morasci -209-652-7151
Jamie Black -518-353-2602
Dan Upchurch -530-228-2259
Chad Ryan – 920-960-1449
Ken Melvold – 559-906-1714
Ronnie Mosser – 614-264-0142
Jordan Siemers – 920-946-8525
Hank Van Exel – 209-810-0880
Stephen Mast – 209-613-8872
Paul Trapp – 715-896-7062
Robert Teixeira – 209-495-0367
Ryan Matheron – 209-652-3511
Frank Robinson – 209-403-9516
Jack Lomeo – 315-778-7783
Nate Goldenberg – 254-717-7910
Aaron Eaton – 315-857-8303
Dean Dohle – 417-838-8036
Nathan Thomas – 937-537-0805
Louie Cozzitorto – 209-535-1319
Adam Van Exel -209-366-3610

Fitting Crew
Evan Creek – Coordinator – 301-514-4213
Jason Thomas – 315-408-1128
Dirk Thompson – 417-299-1347
Matt Oechsle – 419-605-2810
Corey Popp – 320-223-3257
Susan Horswill – 920-843-8346
Sean Lynch – 262-749-0608
Steven Nelson – 417-554-3919
Lucas Moser – 517-242-6458