2013 President’s Select Jersey Sale

Friday March 15, 2013 - 6:00pm @ Doug Jarrell Sales Arena, Belleville, ON

The President’s Select Sale photos & prices are online now.  The rights to flush Schultz Mygent Chilli-P topped the sale

President's Select Sale

The President’s Select Sale is being held in conjunction with Jersey Canadas Annual Meeting in Belleville, ON.

Many deep pedigreed animals will be offered from some of the best famillies in Canada and the United States. Family member from each of Canada’s first two “Canadian Cow of the Year” contest winners; Huronia Centurion Veronica 20J and Bri-Lin Ren’s Sofie, will sell.

See sale highlights below sale info and contacts

Sale Day Prices & Photos

Top Sellers over $4000

B. $15,200 Rights to flush Schultz Mygent Chilli-P EX-90,  backed by 4 VG or EX dams.
Consignor: Hometown Jerseys, ON
Buyer: Bryan Quanbury, ON

Lot 36– $11,500 Lookout Iatola Paris VG-89 (Dec 2009 Paramount x Shamrock Giller Glo EX-94 4E, VG-86, 3E-92, & 4 VG dams)
Consignor: Ferme Andreane Inc, QC
Buyer: RJ Farms, ON

Lot 1– $11,200 (Choice of 3 Dec 2012 response full sisters to Arethusa Response Vivid x 5E 97 Veronica `06 Grand & Supreme WDE
Consignor: Arethusa Farm, CT
Buyer: Rapid Bay Jersey Farm, QC

Lot 12 – $8,000 Star Tequlia Shot (Dec 2012 Tequila x Electra Eternal Star EX-91, 2011 Kingsmill Futurity Grand Champion x Extreme Electra EX-95 3E)
Consignor: C. Fisher, Claire & Reese Burdette and P Stiles, PA
Buyer: Colin Leach, ON

Lot 22 –$7900- Milo Vindication Sea Sea-ET (Dec 2011 full sister to Milo Vindication Season EX-94 from Bri-Lin Ren’s Sofia EX-90 x 4 VG dams)
Consignor: Tom Breakell, CT
Buyer: BJ Hanfield

Lot 33– $7,000 RJF Unique Ontime Maranthon VG-88 (Sept 2010 On Time X Avonlea Mischief Magnolia ET EX-91 2E x 6 VG or EX dams)
Consignor: RJ Farms & Unique Stock Farms, ON & AB
Buyer: Unique Stock Farms, AB

Lot 39-$6,200 Choice of  a May 2012 or June 2012 Dimension with AI interest x Sunset Canyon Impulse L Maid 4 ET VG-87, Dams: 2E-93, 3E-93, VG, VG
Consignor: Eric Silva, OR
Buyer: Rapid Bay Jersey Farm

Lot 20 – $5,600 Kingsdale Request Krums (Jan 2012 Request x Kingsdale Giller Kookie VG-87 then 5 of next 7 dams VG or EX)

Lot 8-$5,300 Lookout Grand Baby Sept 2012 (Grand Prix X Lookout Sweet Baby JB VG-89 Reserve Intermediate Champion WDE 2010 x EX-94)

Lot 16 – $5100- Lencrest Premier Chanel (May 2012 Premier with AI interest x VG, 2E-94, EX, 6E-96 12*)

Lot 38– $5000- Lorivale Excitation Carousel VG-86 (Sept 2009 Excitation x Lorivale Sultan Clarica VG-87 x 6 VG or EX dams)

Lot 37 – $4,600- Genesis Comerican Dixie VG-88 (Dec 2009 Comerica x Genesis Blaze Delft (EX-90 3E 2* x VG x 11 EX dams)

Lot 2 – $4500 Choice of Indiana or Impression x RJF Rockstar EX-93- HM All-American `12 x 7 VG or EX dams

Lot 4 – $4,000 Mordale Habit Kimire Dec 2012 –Habit with 7 VG or Ex dams

Lot 10 – $4000- Rapid Bay Roosevelt (Dec 2012 Roosevelt X 2E-92 Connection x 7 VG or EX dams)

More prices by Lot #
Lot 3 – $1400- Drentex Red Path Justine (Dec 2012 Redpath x Rapid Bay RBR Justine ET VG plus 6 VG or EX from Duncan Belle family)
Lot 5 -$2,700 RJF Unique Gammon Majesty Dec 2012 (Gammon x 7 VG or EX dams)
Lot 7- $2100- Rjf Gator Prodigy (Gator-ET Sept 2012 x EX-91 Shyster x VG Remake)
Lot 9- $2550- RJFUnique Jamaica Magnificent (Sept 2012 Jamaica x Avonlea Mischief Magnolia ET 2E-91 x 6 VG or EX dams)
Lot 11 -$3,200 Marlau Tequila Bang Bang Dec 20122 (Tequila x Lormiere Big Show Baby VG-87 2yr with 6 of next 8 Dams VG or EX
Lot 13 – $2,800 Bona Dimension Risanna GPA LPI +1824 (Jun 2012 Demension with AI interest x VG Legacy)
Lot 14 – $2,700 Bridon Tequila Janal (June 2012 Tequila x 3E-92 Payneside KK Krisco, 2X Oxford parish Grand Champion)
Lot 15 -$3,000 RJF Unique Habit Magnet (Dec 2012 Habit x Avonlea Mischief Magnolia ET EX-91 2E x 6 VG or EX dams)
Lot 17 –$3800- RJF Tequila Glorious (Apr 2012 Tequila x VG-88 Excitation x Alexvale Made Me Giggle ET 2* 2008 Grand Champion WDE & RWF)
Lot 18- $1600- Select Minister Lauriana (Mar 2012 Minister x 4E-91 Salona Hills Joane Laura)
Lot 19 -$2,600 Garhaven Getaway Daytona (Mar 2012 Getaway Nominated All-Canadian 4-H Calf 2012)
Lot 21 – $3200-Rexlea Iatola Echo (Dec 2011 Iatola x Rexlea Laser Elite EX-91 2E x 7E-92 2*, x 4E-90 2*)
Lot 23-$3400- Huronia Action Vivianne 21Y (Dec 2011 Action x Huronia Cent Valentine-ET EX-93 3E full sister to 3E-97 Veronica)
Lot 28 –$3800- RJF Bella’s Mercedes (Dec 2010 Minister x RJF Centurian Bella EX-93 2E 4* x 6 VG or Ex dams)
Lot 32 – $1900- Bri-Lin Governor Senna (Sept 2010 Governor x VG-87 x VG-86 10*)
Lot 40 – $2,500 RJF Iatola Tazzer (Dec 2010 Iatola X RJF Big Tease EX-90 4E x 6 of 7 VG or EX dams)
Lot 41 -$2,300 Bridon GP Nevada GP-83 (Mar 2011 Grand Prix x Bridon Saber Naomi VG-87 next 3 dams EX)
Lot 42 –$2,100 Bridon Vincent Episode VG-86 (Apr 2009 Vincent with 6 of 7 VG or EX dams)

Pre Sale photos

Please see below for sale contacts!

Sale Schedule
Thursday March 14: 7-9 Pm- Cattle Viewing And Wine & Cheese Reception

Friday March 15: 5 Pm- Complimentary Bar And BBQ → 6 Pm Sharp- Sale

LOCATION: Doug Jarrell Sales Arena, 1146 Casey Rd, Belleville, ON

Sale Managed and Hosted by:
Robert & April, Jackie & Donnie Jarrell
1770 Blessington Rd, Corbyville ON K0K 1V0
Tel: (613) 969-1479 Fax: (613) 969-1873
Email: [email protected]

Bobby, Jennifer & Charlotte Jarrell

Tel: (613) 968-8830
Email: [email protected]

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more information and also follow us on Facebook.com/RJFarms.Canada

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ROBERT JARRELL………………613-921-2853
BOBBY JARRELL…………………613-848-7115


This BIG TIME Junior Yearling sells as lot 20
*All-Ontario Junior Calf & Nominated All-Canadian 2012
This calf has the potential to be one of the best heifers to sell in Canada this year!!!
Consigned by: Kingsdale Jersey Farm


Senior 3 and sells as lot 36
*Fresh & Ready for the BIG TIME
*Just reclassified 89!
Pictured is Full Sister to Paris: Lookout Iatola Gloria VG-88
Consigned By: Ferme Andreane Inc

Rights to Flush-Schultz Mygent Chilli-P EX 90

*This Polled Cow has great AI Interest from several units
*Guaranteed 3 Pregnancies
Pictured is: Schultz Mygent Chilli-P EX 90
Chilli-P is the dam of Schultz Legal Critic-P at Alta Genetics.  Critic-P is the highest GJPI POLLED sire available in the world. And the 1st one of any breed to
rank in the top 10 with the horned bulls!
Consigned By: Hometown Jerseys


Junior Yearling and sells as Lot 18
*Another Top 10 Calf RAWF, 2012
*Fancy Junior Yearling for the Shows!!
Pictured is Lauriana
Consigned By: Marcel Choiniere


Born in Dec. 2013
*Rare opportunity to buy a FULL sister of the 2012 RAWF & WDE CHAMPION!
*A Veronica daughter, say no more!
Pictured is: Arethusa Response Vivid ET EX 93
Consigned By: Arethusa Farm


Senior Calf and Sells as Lot 12
*Outstanding North American Show Family
*Offers the next generation with the Breeds #1 Type Sire
Dam: Electra’s Eternal Star ET EX 91
Consigned By: Cybil Fisher, Claire and Reese Burdette
& Patricia Stiles