Jacobs Shottle Elana top the Beauce Open Sale at 8,000$

Dec. 13th @ Ferme Luc Huppé, 650, Haut St-Jacques à Saint-Elzéar de Bce

The Open Beauce sale was done on Dec. 13th from Encan Select Gene, in Qc.

The top Seller, Jacobs Shottle Elana EX was consignated by Ferme Jacobs and is now owned by Ferme Bauvreuil, from St-Hénédine, Qc. She is backed by a Stormatic EX-93 5E 2* and 6 next générations VG-EX with 41*.  The sale manager found some very nice show cows and cows with deep pedigree. The 2nd Hight seller was also from Ferme Jacobs and was the Jr Champion of the Québec International Show in 2012, as Jacobs Jordan Babe, now VG 2 Yr old was sold for 7,600$ to Pinehaven Holstein, ON. The sale average of 3355$ was done with 57 lots. Good luck to all the pround buyers!