Iowa State Holstein Open Show 2021

August 4, 2021 @ West Union, IA

Lynn Harbaugh, Marion, WI

The Iowa State Holstein Open Show 2021 has concluded in West Union, IA and judge Lynn Harbaugh picked his winning Lifetime Production Cow, Farnear TBR Aria Adler-ET owned by Farnear Holsteins as his Grand Champion on the day! She was followed into the Reserve Grand slot by another well-known show campaigner, Gamblin Armani Glade, who was 2nd to Adler in the Production class and was exhibited by Cale Baker, Knute Hovden & Paradise Rueth.

Cowsmo will be providing photos and results thanks to our premier sponsor Trans Ova Genetics! 

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Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Farnear TBR Aria Adler-ET (McCutchen), 1st Lifetime Production Cow, Farnear Holsteins

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Gamblin Armani Glade (Armani), 2nd Lifetime Production Cow, Cale Baker, Knute Hovden & Paradise Rueth

Honorable Mention
Liddleholme Thunder (McGucci), 1st Aged Cow, Cale Baker & Regan Pries


Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Le-O-La Solomon Paige (Solomon), 1st Junior 2-Year-Old, Le-O-La Holsteins

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Le-O-La Artist Always (Artist), 1st Milking Yearling, Le-O-La Holsteins

Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion
Danhof J Sheri-Red-ET (Jordy), 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Jason & Sheri Danhof


Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Golden Oaks Cherry-Red-ET (Altitude), 1st Fall Calf, KCCK Genetics

Reserve Junior Champion
Synergy Smashing-Red (Jordy), 1st Fall Yearling, Eric Lang

Honorable Mention Junior Champion
Heart & Soul BF Anna-ET (Backflip), 1st Summer Yearling, Cale Baker & Regan Pries


Spring Calf (21)

  1. MS Revive Relax-ET, Fairholm, Wapsi-Ana, Triple S
  2. Irish-Land ASP Alison, Gibbs, Hovden & McDermott
  3. Ducketts Boom Lama-ET, Hovden, Gibbs, Mitchell & Gruenwald
  4. Sco-Lo Moovin Hason 2422, Sco-Lo
  5. Gahm OZ Royal Atalaya-Red-ET, Daryld Gahm & Robert Gallivan
  6. Ms Kiss Remy Love Me-Red-ET, Fairholm, Triple S
  7. KishHolm BF Forever, KishHolm
  8. Henkeseen Rcrush Bree, Henkeseen Holsteins
  9. Sco-Lo Victor Jasmine, Sco-Lo
  10. Sddotte Mrs Marshmellow, Ice Cream Acres


Winter Calf (20)

  1. Danhof Select Gianna-ET, Jason & Sheri Danhof
  2. RJR Radio 7556, Reuter Dairy, Inc.
  3. Golden Oaks AL Caren-Red-ET, KCCK Genetics
  4. Golden Oaks W Cordie-Red-ET, KCCK Genetics
  5. Courtlane Select Loyalty, Courtlane Holsteins
  6. Hunt-Haven Moovin Jessie-Red, Hunt-Haven
  7. Fossum Tatoo Dallas 2000, Fossum Farms
  8. Hahncrest Analyst National, Fossum Farms
  9. Duckett Unix Lisa-ET, Farnear Holsteins
  10. Red Carpet LK Twisted, KishHolm


Fall Calf (22)

  1. Golden Oaks Cherry Red-ET, KCCK Genetics
  2. Red Carpet Warrior World, Ice Cream Acres
  3. Ms AR-Creek Denver Colorado, BBBB Volker
  4. Farnear Crush 2984-ET, Farnear Holsteins
  5. Ms Revive Rexha-Red-ET, Fairholm, Wapsi-Ana, Triple S
  6. Gahm OZ-Royal Alisa-Red-ET, Daryld Gahm & Robert Gallivan
  7. Stempfle Doorman 3227-ET, Stempfle Holsteins
  8. Farnear Adlr Rap 2977-ET, Farnear Holsteins
  9. Danhof Drifter Zelda, Jason & Sheri Danhof
  10. Hahncrest Redlite Remis, Fossum Farms


Summer Yearling (11)

  1. Heart & Soul BF Anna-ET, Cale Baker & Regan Pries
  2. Dry-Hollow Bigtime Luscious, Dry Hollow Dairy LLC
  3. Ms Arthurcreek AT Celestial, AR-Creek Holsteins
  4. Oakfield Denver Karri-ET, Regancrest Holsteins
  5. Courtlane Hancock Della, Courtlane Holsteins
  6. Lyons-DL Master Vanity, Lyons Holsteins
  7. MS Stop Minkster-Red-ET, Great Heritage Holsteins
  8. Arthurcreek Shottle Coral, AR-Creek Holsteins
  9. Stempfle Unstoppable Sapphi-RC, Stempfle Holsteins
  10. Henkeseen Hancock Starlight, Henkeseen Holsteins


Spring Yearling (9)

  1. Biercrest Denver Danica, Gibbs, Hovden & Biershenk 
  2. Winright Doorman Jude, Alek T. & Brooke S. Krueger
  3. Courtlane Denver Destiny, Courtlane Holsteins
  4. Hawkeye-JK Shes Poison-ET, Hawkeye-JK
  5. Sco-Lo Hyp Sangria 2302, Sco-Lo
  6. Petitclerc Denver Access, Stempfle Holsteins
  7. Henkeseen A Lemon Lime Red, Henkeseen Holsteins
  8. MS Granite-Top JR Amelia-ET, Eric Richards
  9. Le-O-La Jordy Poppy-Red-ET, Lane Domeyer


Winter Yearling (5)

  1. Courtlane Atwood Diamond, Courtlane Holsteins
  2. Hawkeye-JK Doormn Player-ET, Hawkeye-JK
  3. Stempfle Unix Camomile-ET, Stempfle Holsteins
  4. Henkeseen Alt Sapphire, Ice Cream Acres
  5. E & M Acres Reign 2381, E & M Farms


Fall Yearling (11)

  1. Synergy Smashing-Red, Eric Lang
  2. Banowetz Diamond Ring, Banowetz Genetics
  3. Apple-PTS Aprisco-Red-ET, Daryld Gahm & Robert Gallivan
  4. Triple S Jordy Kiss Me-Red, Fairholm, Triple S
  5. Sco-Lo Aval Raquel 2366, Sco-Lo
  6. Kamps-RX Applb Amity-Red-ET, Hawkeye-JK
  7. Stempfle Bisson DM Glory-ET, Stempfle Holsteins
  8. Henkeseen AV Lottie-Red-ET, Henkeseen Holsteins
  9. Stempfle Artist 2854, Stempfle Holsteins
  10. BVA Altitude Apple Seed, Ice Cream Acres


Junior Best Three

  1. Courtlane Holsteins
  2. Fairholm, Wapsi-Ana, Triple S
  3. Stempfle Holsteins



Milking Yearling (4)

  1. (BU) Le-O-La Artist Always, Le-O-La Holsteins
  2. Sco-Lo Devour Foxie, Sco-Lo
  3. Danhof Cascade Hattie, Jason & Sheri Danhof
  4. Lyons-DL Rev Up Go Girl-Red, Lyons Holsteins


Summer Junior 2-Year-Old (7)

  1. (BU) MS Burjrgrgw Sweetbutpsycho, Garrett & Graisson Schmidt & Ronald DeBoer
  2. Apple-PTS Cirio Arya-Red-ET, Regancrest Holsteins
  3. Lyons-DL Revival Razzle-Red, Lyons Holsteins
  4. Farnear Adler Alissa-ET, Farnear Holsteins
  5. KishHolm Tatoo Artist, KishHolm
  6. Courtlane Crush Sherri, Courtlane Holsteins
  7. Rollingriver-KM Elvira-Red, Pedley Holsteins


Junior 2-Year-Old

  1. (BU) Le-O-La Solomon Paige, Le-O-La Holsteins
  2. Courtlane Doc Breeze, Courtlane Holsteins
  3. MS Fairholm Doc Corianda-ET, Fairholm, Triple S
  4. Dry-Hollow Saratoga Chance, Dry Hollow
  5. Nando Doorman of America, Cale Baker & Regan Pries
  6. Carolan King Doc Darla, Emily Carolan
  7. KishHolm Tatooed Lady, KishHolm


Senior 2-Year-Old (9)

  1. Danhof J Sheri-Red-ET, Jason & Sheri Danhof
  2. (BU) Vale-O-Skene Goldwyn Kate, Cale Baker & Regan Pries
  3. Pennwood Sidekick Bixby, Cale Baker & Addison Steinlage
  4. Stone-Front Artist Raspberry, Cale Baker, Knute Hovden & Kaitlyn Besler
  5. Heatherstone Chevel-ET, Courtlane & Kerndt Farms
  6. Courtlane Doc Hot Lava-ET, Courtlane Holsteins
  7. Budjon-Vail Crsh Dorothy, Grant Fremstad
  8. Moondale Crush Elly, Moondale Farms
  9. Lyons-DL Jordy Twinkle-Red, Lyons Holsteins


Hawkeye Futurity (6)

  1. Henkeseen J Spitfire P-Red, Henkeseen Holsteins
  2. Moondale Undenied Tabby, Moondale Farms
  3. Farnear Jordy Mia-ET, Farnear Holsteins
  4. Farnear Babes Cry-ET, Farnear Holsteins
  5. Lyons-DL Racer Krismas, Lyons Holsteins
  6. Scottmore Myles Febreeze, Scottmore


Junior 3-Year-Old (6)

  1. (BU) Le-O-La Doorman Tulip, Le-O-La Holsteins
  2. KCCK Jordy Rachel EWL-Red, KCCK Genetics
  3. Moondale Undenied Tabby, Moondale Farms
  4. Farnear Babes Cry-ET, Farnear Holsteins
  5. KishHolm Diamond Bling, KishHolm
  6. Le-O-La Doorman Lila, Le-O-La Holsteins


Senior 3-Year-Old (9)

  1. (BU) Le-O-La Solo Cup, Le-O-La Holsteins
  2. Le-O-La Doorman Cynthia, Le-O-La Holsteins
  3. Arthurcreek Ive Got A Crush, BBBB Volker
  4. Henkeseen J Spitfire P-Red, Henkeseen Holsteins
  5. Farnear Jordy Mia-ET, Farnear Holsteins
  6. CoonRidge Rebound S743, CoonRidge Holsteins – Marcia Rahe
  7. Lyons-DL Racer Krismas, Lyons Holsteins
  8. Scottmore Myles Febreeze, Scottmore
  9. Palmcrest Wiggins Briella, Arbor-Haven


4-Year-Old (9)

  1. (BU) Hawkeye-JK Mc Artic Rain-ET, Jacob Eggink & Jonathan Krogman
  2. Tree-Hayven Diamndback Dana, Jason & Sheri Danhof
  3. Lanecreeks Diamond Missy, Regancrest Holsteins
  4. Hawkeye-JK Crush Amen-ET, Hawkeye-JK
  5. Moondale GD Pea, Moondale Farms
  6. Moondale W Philana, Moondale Farms
  7. Le-O-La Awesome Danica-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins
  8. Farnear Crush Brynn, Farnear Holsteins
  9. CoonRidge Cotton 1102, CoonRidge Holsteins – Marcia Rahe


5-Year-Old (7)

  1. (BU) Berryridge Bradnick Jaime, Regancrest Holsteins
  2. Le-O-La Racer Tara, Le-O-La Holsteins
  3. Nic-K Purple Passion-ET, Hawkeye-JK
  4. Hardwood Beemer Brizzo, Wapsi-Ana
  5. Farnear Alice America, Farnear Holsteins
  6. KishHolm Golden Chance-TW, KishHolm
  7. Henkeseen Dominic Lollipop, Henkeseen Holsteins


Aged Cow (8)

  1. (BU) Liddleholme Thunder, Cale Baker & Regan Pries
  2. Henkeseen GW ATW Twitter, Henkeseen Holsteins
  3. Regancrest Goldust Blacky #2480, Regancrest Holsteins
  4. Henkeseen Daine MC Diamond, Henkeseen Holsteins
  5. CoonRidge Laddp 1028, CoonRidge Holsteins – Marcia Rahe
  6. KishHolm Damion Celina-ET, KishHolm
  7. Moondale Atwood Lila, Moondale Farms
  8. Webb-Vue Gold Chip 7725, Regancrest Holsteins


Lifetime Production Cow

  1. Farnear TBR Aria Adler-ET, Farnear Holsteins
  2. Gamblin Armani Glade, Cale Baker, Knute Hovden & Paradise Rueth
  3. Moondale Fever Piper, Moondale Farms


Best Three Females

  1. Le-O-La Holsteins
  2. Le-O-La Holsteins
  3. Hawkeye-JK
  4. Moondale Farms


Produce of Dam (2)

  1. Hawkeye-JK
  2. Farnear Holsteins


Dam/Daughter (3)

  1. Farnear Holsteins
  2. Hawkeye-JK
  3. Carolan


Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor Heifer Show
Courtlane Holsteins
Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Le-O-La Holsteins