Iowa State Fair Jersey Show 2022

August 11, 2022 @ Des Moines, IA

Brandon Ferry

The Iowa State Fair Jersey Show 2022 has concluded in Des Moines, Iowa with Schulte Bros Enticing Tequila-ET being named Grand Champion. Congratulations to Schulte Bros.  Choosing the class winners and overall champions of the day was official judge Brandon Ferry, WI. Cowsmo covered the show with photos and results.

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Schulte Bros Enticing Tequila-ET (Tequila), 1st 4-Year-Old,  Schulte Bros

Reserve Grand Champion
Schulte Bros Colt First (Colton), 1st Junior 2-Year-Old, Schulte Bros

Honorable Mention
Schulte Bros Flashy Lady (Tequila), Schulte Bros

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Schulte Bros Enticing Tequila-ET (Tequila), 1st 4-Year-Old,  Schulte Bros

Reserve Senior Champion
Schulte Bros Flashy Lady (Tequila),1st Aged Cow, Schulte Bros

Honorable Mention
Miss Tequila Shenanigans (Tequila), 2nd 4-Year-Old, Jason Steinlage Family

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Schulte Bros Colt First (Colton), 1st Junior 2-Year-Old, Schulte Bros

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Bambi-KCCK Colton Evelyn (Colton), 2nd Junior 2-Year-Old, KCCK Genetics

Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion
Kunde Adonis Gloss (Adonis), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old,  Jason Steinlage and David Koss

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Schulte Bros Colton Frankie (Colton), 1st Spring Yearling, KCCK Genetics

Reserve Junior Champion
Schulte Bros Andreas Fashionista (Andreas), 1st Winter Calf, Schulte Bros

Honorable Mention Junior Champion
Schulte Bros Colton Cherrio (Colton), 1st Fall Calf,  KCCK Genetics

Spring Calf (7)

1. Freedom Lane Kid Rock Gisle-ET (Kid Rock), Farnear Holsteins
2. Shulte Bros Do The Griddy-ET (Andreas), Jason Volker
3. Schulte Bros Andrea’s Gem-ET (Colton), Schulte Bros
4. Hazelbrush Megapower M&M (Megapower), Hazelbrush Farms
5. Koepke Ferdinand Evee (Ferdinand), Luke & Cody Koepke

Winter Calf (4)

1. Schulte Bros Andreas Fashionista (Andreas), Schulte Bros
2. CJL Victory Robbed Again (Victorious), CJL Jerseys
3. Reckless Nimbus Of WF Cashells(Reckless), Arthur Acres
4. Koepke Reckless Jingle (Reckless), Luke & Cody Koepke

Fall Calf

1. Schulte Bros Colton Cherrio (Colton), KCCK Genetics
2. Knapps Engineer Kimber (Engineer), Ice Cream Acres
3. CJL Gentry Skys the Limit (Gentry), CJL Jerseys
4. Andreas Glacier-ET (Andreas), Norman Nabholz
5. Knapps Joel Camaro (Joel), Wendy Kruse

Summer Yearling

1. Miss Magical Espresso Bean (Magician), CJL Jerseys
2. Shots Walk Of Shame-ET (VIP), Meyer Dairy Farms
3. Mrsprech Swag Manhattan (Swagger), Dry Hollow Dairy
4. Holtz-View Douglas Jean (Douglas), Holtz-View Farms
5. Irish Hill Casino Val (Casino), Irish Hill

Spring Yearling (8)

1. Schulte Bros Colton Frankie (Colton), KCCK Genetics
2. Gar-Gen Gentleman Ellie (Gentleman), Lucky Ridge Jerseys
3.Schulte Bros Fancy Colton-ET (Colton), CJL Jerseys
4.Arthuracres Joel Natty (Joel), Arthur Acres
5. Le-O-La Colton Strawberry-ET(Colton), Le-O-La Holsteins

Winter Yearling (4)

1. Schulte Bros Gentry Clarabelle-ET(Gentry), Schulte Bros
2. Aerhuracres Vallie Jamba Juice (Vallie), Arthur Acres
3.Milksource-FV Chrome Max-ET (Chrome), Irish Hill
4. Koepke Dirk Flame(Dirk), Luke & Cody Koepke

Fall Yearling (7)

1. LuckyRidge Fizz Tally (Fizz), LuckyRidge Jerseys
2. Koepke Sultan Faith (Sultan), Luke & Cody Koepke
3. Proud Heritage Ben Bambi-P(Ben), Elizabeth Ries
4.ALKattle Verbatim Kennedy (Response), Nors Holsteins & Melaar Ayrshires
5. Kunde Abel Sap (Abel), Gabriel Jonas

Fall Yearling in Milk (3)

1.Schulte Bros Colton Fergalicious (Colton), KCCK Genetics
2.Schulte Bros Colton Camilla (Colton), Schulte Bros
3. Triple-S Dirk Fresca, Pagel Sunlight

Junior 2-Year-Old (8)

1.Schulte Bros Colt First (Colton), Schulte Bros
2.Bambi-KCCK Colton Evelyn (Colton), KCCK Genetics
3.Felicidad Rockstar Fiona-ET (Rockstar), Schulte Bros
4.Arthuracres Gentry Madelyn (Gentry), Arthur Acres
5. Arthuracres Barnabas Mandy (Barnabas) , Jason Steinlage Family

Senior 2-Year-Old (3)

1.HBR Colton Martina (Colton), Breezy Ridge Dairy
2.Koepke Victorious Joy (Victorious), Luke & Cody Koepke
3.Schlect Getaway Star (Getaway), Jason Steinlage Family

Junior 3-Year-Old (7)

1.Miss GC Secret Service (Game Changer), E.W. Lang & Jason Steinlage
2.Arthuracres VIP Noble V (VIP), Arthur Acres
3.Kunde Adonis Jes (Adonis),Jason Steinlage Family
4.Irish Hill Cotlon Rumchata (Colton), Irish Hill
5.Holtz-View Cit A Nadalie (Citation), Holtz-View Farms

Senior 3-Year-Old (4)

1.Kunde Adonis Gloss (Adonis), Jason Steinlage and David Koss
2.Marshlands Balin Candy (Balin), Marshland & Fremstad
3.Biercrest Colton Tamara (Colton), Irish Hill
4.Lucy Ann VIP Razzle (VIP), Lucy Ann Acres

4-Year-Old (3)

1.Schulte Bros Enticing Tequila-ET (Tequila), Schulte Bros
2.Miss Tequila Shenanigans (Tequila), Jason Steinlage Family
3.Pagel-Sunlight- Lil Sedona VIP (VIP), Pagel Sunlight Inc.

5-Year-Old (2)

1.Schulte Bros Tequila Gia-ET ( Tequila), Schulte Bros
2.JJS Surefire Kit Kat (Surefire), Courtney Schilling

Aged Cow (3)

1.Schulte Bros Flashy Lady (Tequila), Schulte Bros
2.Holtz-View Fancy (Dagnabit), Holtz-View Farms
3.Ski Pal T-Bone Trinity (T-Bone), Arthur Acres