International Red & White Heifer Show 2022

October 5, 2022 @ Madison, WI

Pat Lundy, NY Associate: Gary Jones, Ireland

A tremendous group of heifers entered the ring today for the International Red and White Heifer show.  Judge Pat Lundy, NY and his associate Gary Jones, Ireland, chose North Effect Wa Tatas-Red as Junior Champion, owned by Chris & Jen Hill, Tim & Sharyn Abbott of Thurmont, MD.  Join us tomorrow for the continuation of the cow show, Thursday October 6th at 7:00.

To see full results head to here!

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
North Effect Wa Tatas-Red (Warrior), 1st Summer Yearling, Chris & Jen Hill, Tim & Sharyn Abbott, Thurmont, MD

Reserve Junior Champion
Holzer Warrior Princess (Warrior), 1st Spring Yearling, Westcoast Holstein, Chilliwack, BC

HM Junior Champion
Ms Analyst She Got It-Red (Analyst), 1st Spring Calf, Grai-Rose and Arizona Dairy Company, Delavan, WI

Junior Champion of the Junior Show

Junior Champion of the Junior Show
W-Brook Hottest-Red (Analyst), 1st Fall Calf, K Hawvermale, N & C Spreng, H & T Hinz, Wooster, OH

Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show
Kress-Hill Spicy-Red-ET (Altitude), 3rd Winter Yearling, Jacey and Hadley Ross, Mesa, AZ

HM Junior Champion of the Junior Show
Kress-Hill Sly-Red-ET (Altitude), 2nd Winter Yearling, Owen & Kendyll Kress, Newton, WI

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor of the Heifer Show
Kress Hill Dairy, Newton, WI

Spring Calf (46)

1. Ms Analyst She Got It-Red (Analyst), Grai-Rose and Arizona Dairy Company, Delavan, WI
2. (1st Jr., B.O.) Gaedtke Analyst Emerald-Red (Analyst), Kiley Gaedtke, Mercedes & Jadelynn Kroll, Luxemburg, WI
3. (2nd Jr) Cookiecutter Riddle-Red-ET (Warrior), Chloe & Claire Lamb, Oakfield, NY
4. Criter-Ridge Rampage-Red-ET (Warrior), Maple-Downs Farms and Peter Vail, Middleburgh, NY
5. (3rd Jr) Forest-Ridge Rdlt Mambo-Red-ET (Redlight), Adella and Ainsley Loehr, Eden, WI
6. Stjor Analyst River-Red-ET (Analyst), Blackjack Holsteins and T&L Cattle, Wykoff, MN
7. Miss Warrior Sunrise-Red (Warrior), Adam Borchert, F Grubofski Jr and Andrew Lewis, Auburndale, WI
8. Ms-Aol Rerun-Red-ET  (Rerun), Hailee Liddle & Robert Nagel, Argyle, NY
9. Hilrose Alttde Adore-Red-ET (Altitude), Bentley, Blake, Brodie, & Kylie Brantmeier, Hilbert, WI
10. Ms-Aol Camer-Red (Analyst), Merrillea Holsteins, Fayette, NY

Winter Calf (55)

1. (B.O.) Brook-Corner War Tiara-Red (Warrior), Brook-Corner Holsteins, Lebanon, PA
2. Bucks-Pride Journey Amy-Red (Journey), Brady & Bentley Cole, Bloomville, OH
3. Holbric Mvn Chrissy-Red-ET (Moovin), Kendall Thomas, Lewisburg, OH
4. (1st Jr) Kress-Hill Crush-Red (Warrior), Owen & Kendyll Kress, Newton, WI
5. Ms-Aol Reflex-Red-ET (Analyst), Glamourview, Walkersville, MD
6. (2nd Jr) Flannery-Vu Amazing-Red-ET (Warrior), Natalie A, Paige L, & Neil Haase, Parker, SD
7. Kress-Hill Sleet Red (Warrior), Tyler Gilbertson, Janesville, WI
8. Liberty-Gen Jordy Lapdance (Jordy), Brian Joseph Enright and Dandyland Farm, Winchester, OH
9. Hawkeye-JK Anlyst Power-Red (Analyst), Jonathan & Brooke Krogman, Ashton, IA
10. Ms Milksource Jewel-Red-ET (Analyst), Milk Source and L Fischer, Kaukauna, WI

Fall Calf (46)

1. (1st Jr, B&O), W-Brook Hottest-Red (Analyst), K Hawvermale, N & C Spreng, H & T Hinz, Wooster, OH
2. Kress-Hill Sparkle-Red-ET (Analyst), Westcoast Holsteins, Wykoff, MN
3. Blondin Stars Allie-Red-ET (Stars), Royal-Cut Genetics, Chowchilla, CA
4. Lyn-Vale Rumchata-Red-ET (Warrior), Reyncrest Farm and Fly-Higher Hoslteins, Corfu, NY
5. Kamps-Rx Apb Andrias-Red-ET (Latenite), Trey, Nash, & Price Knoll, Greenwich, OH
6. (2nd Jr), Overside Far Alt Rose-Red (Altitude), Makayla Osinga, Hico, TX
7. Schluter Applespice-Red-ET (Warrior), R, S, J Allyn, Hovden Gibbs, Canaan, CT
8. Golden Oaks Wr Cora-Red-ET (Warrior), Chris & Jen Hill and Ackley Holsteins, Thurmont, MD
9. Redcarpet War 4 Mars-Red-ET (Warrior), J, L & M Harbaugh, A & A Loehr, Marion, WI
10. Bell-VF Unstop Sweetie-Red (Unstopabull), Landon Neely, Utica, PA

Summer Yearling (29)

1. North Effect Wa Tatas Red (Warrior), Chris & Jen Hill, Tim & Sharyn Abbott, Thurmont, MD
2. (1st Jr)(B&O) Kress-Hill Sly-Red-ET (Altitude), Owen & Kendyll Kress, Newton, WI
3. Miss Analandia-GW Sueli-Red (Moovin) Analandia Gado Holandes, Garrett Schmidt and Devon Chrystal, Melrose, WI
4. Jolibois Fan Altitude-Red-ET (Altitude), Kenlee Philips, Lingleville, TX
5. Chris-Adie Jordy Almond-Red (Jordy), Roger Turner, Delavan, WI
6. (2nd Jr) Mead-Manor Warr Ads-Red-ET (Warrior), Sarah Fitzgerald, Belvidere, IL
7. Pheasant Echos Digz-Red-ET (Analyst), Trinity Miller, Westminster, MD
8. Kamps-RX Aplb Archer-Red-ET (Dice), Reggie & Krysty Kamps and Joe Casper, Darlington, WI
9. Fleury Myric Db Verona-Red (Diamondback), Tim & Grace Gunkelman, Burbank, OH
10. Kress-Hill America-Red (Warrior), Owen & Kendyll Kress, Newton, WI

Spring Yearling (28)

1. Holzer Warrior Princess (Warrior), Westcoast Holsteins, Chilliwack, BC
2. (B&O) Brookhollow Beth Dutton-Red (Jordy), Conroy, Clarkvalle, Schilling, Doebreiner, Bowen, and Yoder, West Salem, OH
3. Riverdown Unstopabull Ascamper (Unstopabull), Riverdown Holsteins, Metcalfe, ON
4. Vandoskes War Applejack-Red (Warrior), Vierra Dairy, Joseph Gonclaves, & Eddie Darocha, Hilmar, CA
5. Hilrose-Redlight Aria-Red-ET (Redlight), Joseph Brantmeier, Hilbert, WI
6. (1st Jr) Kress-Hill Sci-Fi-Red-ET (Altitude) Owen & Kendyll Kress, Newton, WI
7. Scenic Edge Jadene-Red-ET (Warrior), Grady & Lane Wendorf, Ixonia, WI
8. Lyn-Vale Warrior Peppa-Red (Warrior), William A Schultz III, Waldo, WI
9. (2nd Jr) Ms Kingsransm Denali-Red (Warrior), Nathaniel King, Schuylerville, NY
10. Milksource Tatalize-Red-ET (Altitude), Taylor Haeft and Brady Beals, Delavan, WI

Winter Yearling (21)

1. Betley Unstp Lionize Red-ET (Unstopabull), Westcoast Holsteins, Chilliwack, BC
2. Waybru Analyst’s Allure-Red (Analyst), Clarkvalley and Peter Leach, Woodville, ON
3. (1st Jr) Kress-Hill Spicy-Red-ET (Altitude), Jacey and Hadley Ross, Mesa, AZ
4. Dorloy-K Guiness-Red-ET (Warrior), Jim Butler, Chebanse, IL
5. (2nd Jr), Kamps-Rx Apb Aleah-Red-ET (Avalanche), Lauren E & Brayden Breunig, Sauk City, WI
6. (B&O) Ms Reagan-Red (Moovin), Heatherstone Enterprises, Inc, Baraboo, WI
7. Kamps-Rx Applb Aztec-Red-ET (Luxor), Natalie A, Paige L, & Neil R Haase, Parker, SD
8. Betley Lionlike-Red-ET (Analyst), Claire Betley, Pulaski, WI
9. Dorloy-K Artst Glaxy-Red-ET (Aristocrat), Danielle Haley Miller, Baltimore, OH
10. Briccows Jordy Almighty (Jordy), J, L, & M Harbaugh and A & A Loehr, Marion, WI

Fall Yearling (9)

1. (1st Jr) Oakfield Warrior Shine-Red (Warrior), Kylie Osinga, Hico, TX
2. (2nd Jr, B&O), Betley Unstpbull Leonine-Red (Unstopabull), Claire Betley, Pulaski, WI
3. Ovaltop Warrior Ripley-Red (Warrior), Alexis Mae Wolfe, Richfield Springs, NY
4. Sonnenbrook Ashanti-Red-ET (Altitude), Ryan Sonnenburg, Belleville, WI
5. Graber Warrior Chili-Red-ET (Warrior), Reyncrest Farm and Fly-Higher Holsteins, Corfu, NY
6. Miss Unstopbl Imhott-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Jazmyn and Chase Heeg, Colby, WI
7. T-Spruce Moovin 1517-Red-ET (Moovin), Ashley & Andy Gruenes, Richmond, IN
8. Lyn-Vale Addison Jazlynn-Red-ET (EWL), Gabriel, Keyanna, Rylen & Titus Meeting, Oostburg, WI
9. Briar-Berry Unstop Jada-Red (Unstopabull), Lauren Andrews, West Greenwich, RI

Junior Best Three Females

1. Claire & Jacob Betley, Pulaski, WI
2. Owen & Kendyll Kress, Newton, WI
3. Reggie & Krysty Kamps, Darlington, WI
4. Jeff Brantmeier, Hilbert, WI
5. Riverdown Holsteins, Metcalfe, ON
6. Andrew Stuewe, Hamburg, MN