International Red & White Heifer Show 2021

September 30, 2021 @ Madison, WI

Pierre Boulet, QC Associate: Richard Landry, QC

An exciting moment for Kenlee Philips and family when their winning winter calf, Dorloy-K Guiness-Red-ET was chosen as judge Pierre Boulet’s Junior Champion of the International Red & White Heifer Show 2021!

Thank you to our premier sponsor Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health for sponsoring our coverage of the show!

Results from the International Red & White Cow Show 2021 can be found HERE! 

Junior Champion

Junior Champion 
Dorloy-K Guiness-Red-ET (Warrior), 1st Winter Calf, Kenlee Philips, Lingleville, TX

Reserve Junior Champion 
Sco-Lo Dice Hotstuff-Red-ET (Dice), 1st Fall Calf, Fly-Higer Holsteins & Andy Reynolds, Corfu, NY

HM Junior Champion 
Betley Upstp Lionize-Red-ET (Unstopabull), 2nd Winter Calf, Westcoast Holstein, Chilliwack, BC

Junior Show Junior Champion

Junior Champion Junior Show
Dorloy-K Guiness-Red-ET (Warrior), 1st Winter Calf, Kenlee Philips, Lingleville, TX

Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show
Betley Upstp Lionize-Red-ET (Unstopabull), 2nd Winter Calf, Claire & Jacob Betley, Pulaski, WI

HM Junior Champion Junior Show
Oakfield Jo Lumineer-Red-ET (Jordy), 1st Spring Yearling, Tim & Grace Gunkelman, Burbank, OH

Premier Awards

Premier Junior Breeder
Apple Partners, Lanark, IL

Premier Junior Exhibitor
Hilrose Holsteins, Hilbert, WI

Premier Junior Sire
Mr Blondin Warrior-Red-ET

Spring Calf (46)

1. (B&O) Dresser Unstop Raveena-Red (Unstopabull), Adam Dresser, Lyndonville, NY
2. Siemers Tequila 163-Red (Unstopabull), Siemers Holstein Farm, Newton, WI
3. (1st Jr) Hilrose Redlight Amy-Red-ET (Redlight), Bentley, Blake, Brodie & Kylie Brantmeier, Hilbert, WI
4. (2nd Jr) Crescentmead Rhubarb-Red (Analyst), Grady and Lane Wendorf, Ixonia, WI
5. Ms Stunning Wr Audacity-Red (Warrior), Cole Strickland, Clear Spring, MD
6. Ms Mauk-E Way Remington-Red (Moovin), N,B & J Mauk and A,C & R Booth, Plymouth, WI
7. Kamps-Rx Altd Arbormist-Red (Altitude), Justine Kelsey, Canastota, NY
8. Miss Akita-Red (Warrior), Dylan & Cameron Ryan, Fond Du Lac, WI
9. Ms Hittsong-BL Abby-Red (Unstopabull), Blackjack Holsteins, MB-Luckylady Farm and T & L Cattle, Ltd, Wykoff, MN
10. Sddotte Mrs Marshmallow-Red (Analyst), Graisson & Abbi Gahring, Homestead, IA

Winter Calf (43)

1. (1st Jr) Dorloy-K Guiness-Red-ET (Warrior), Kenlee Philips, Lingleville, TX
2. (2nd Jr, B&O) Betley Upstp Lionize-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Claire & Jacob Betley, Pulaski, WI
3. Pheasant-Echos An Diana-Red (Analyst), Trinity Miller, Westminster, MD
4. Kamps-Rx Apb Aleah-Red-ET (Avalanche), Lauren E & Brayden Breunig, Sauk City, WI
5. Tande Warrior Kara-Red (Warrior), Benjamin Donnay and Blaize Dankers, Glencoe, MN
6. Kozy-Kountry Upspice-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Chloe & Claire Lamb, Oakfield, NY
7. Lonely-Mile RL Frosting-Red (Redlight), Jade Pinter, Curtiss, WI
8. Milk & Honey Analyst Mica-Red (Analyst), Jeffrey L Mckissick and Katie E Shultz, Chambersburg, PA
9. Ms Revive War Reba-ET (Warrior), Michael Maier, Stitzer, WI
10. Garay-MD-WVG Becca-Red (Awesome), Lookout and Gerald & Kenneth Halbach, Canton De Hatley, QC

Fall Calf (40)

1. Sco-Lo Dice Hotstuff-Red-ET (Dice), Fly-Higer Holsteins & Andy Reynolds, Corfu, NY
2. (B&O) (1st Jr) Crescentmead Justice-Red (Aristocrat), Grady & Lane Wendorf, Ixonia, WI
3. (2nd Jr) Lyn-Vale Warrior Rose-Red (Warrior), Kylie Nickles, Watertown, WI
4. Graber Warrior Chili-Red-ET (Warrior), Borderview Genetics LLC, T&S Abbott & C&J Hill
5. Morrill Warrior 4271-Red (Warrior), Blackjack Holstein & MB Luckylady Farm, Wykoff, MN
6. Hilrose Altitude Ariel-Red (Altitude), Joseph Brantmeier, Hilbert, WI
7. Golden-Oaks Cherry-Red-ET (Altitude), Cole & Carter Kruse, Dyersville, IA
8. Fortale Mirand Loana-Red (Mirand), Ferme Fortale Holstein & Ferme Rayflor, St-Christopher D’arthabaska, QC
9. Oakfield Warrior Shine-Red (Warrior), Makayla & Kaleb Osinga, Hico, TX
10. Ovaltop Warrior Ripley-Red (Warrior), Alexis Mae Wolfe, Richfield Springs, NY

Summer Yearlings (24)

1. (B&O) Oakfield Warr Levity-Red-ET (Warrior), Glamourview & Oakfield Corners, Oakfield, NY
2. Dream On HotoffthePress-Red (Hypnotic), C&J Hill, R Landis, P&D Kitchen, Thurmont, MD
3. (1st Jr) Kress-Hill Smoke-Red-ET (Altitude), Jacey & Hadley Ross, Delavan, WI
4. (2nd Jr) Bella-View Love and War-Red (Warrior), J,L&M Harbaugh, & A&A Loehr, Marion, WI
5. Wrightvale Jackson Love-Red (Jackson), Blackjack Holsteins & MB Luckylady Farm, Wykoff, MN
6. Scenic-Edge Junebug-Red (Warrior), Grady & Lane Wendorf, Ixonia, WI
7. Curr-Vale Warrior Avery-Red (Warrior), Esmae Velsen & Makayla Osinga, Hico, TX
8. Merriwin Jordy Ethel-Red (Jordy) Aaron Spiniolas, Harvard, IL
9. Micheret Juicy Applecrisp-Red (Apple Crisp), Beckridge, Quality & Agriber Societa, Vaughan, ON
10. Heritage Lick My Lips-Red-ET (Avalanche), Ballweg Hickory HIlls, Dane, WI

Spring Yearlings (23)

1. (1st Jr) Oakfield Jo Lumineer-Red-ET (Jordy), Tim & Grace Gunkelman, Burbank, OH
2. Apple-Pts Cranapple-Red-ET (Warrior), Megan Opperman Schaefer & Apple Partners LLC, Rudolph, WI
3. Golden Oaks Ivania-Red-ET (Jordy), Hammertime Holsteins & Scott Culbertson, Poynette, WI
4. Hillrose Altitude Aero-Red-ET (Altitude), Bentley, Blake, Brodie & Kylie Brantmeier, Hilbert, WI
5. Sagerbrae RS Cha Cho-Red (Unstopabull), Doeberiener, Bowen & Schilling, West Salem, OH
6. (2nd Jr) Ms-Aol Recharge-Red-ET (Unstopabull), Hadley Olt & Hallie Griffiths, Greensburg, KY
7. Crest-Leigh Alicia P-Red-ET (Awesome), Jessica Wales & Keesje Poldervaart, Lansdowne, ON
8. Air-Osa-E-M Lovely 27747-Red (Jordy), Joseph Airose & Hank Van Exel, Tipton, CA
9. Hillrose Altitude Audi-Red-ET (Altitude), Bentley, Blake, Brodie & Kylie Brantmeier, Hilbert, WI
10. Dorloy-K Arist Glitz-Red-ET (Aristocrat), Taylor Klopfenstein, St Marys, OH

Winter Yearlings (22)

1. (B&O) Thorman Altitude Sadie-Red (Altitude) Jordan Thorman, Macomb, IL
2. MD-Hillbrook Indablude-Red-ET (Warrior), Hill, Topp, Umbel & Borba, Thurmont, MD
3. Cashells Jrdy Corona-ET-Red (Jordy), B&E Cowen, A Payne & J Lloyd, Middleburgh, NY
4.(1st Jr) Apple-Pts Aubria-Red-ET (Warrior), C, B&T Corriea & B Martinho, Tulare, CA
5.(2nd Jr) Arizona War Bandanna-Red-ET (Warrior), Jacey & Hadley Ross, Delavan, WI
6. Ms Raps Ruby-Red-ET (Jordy), Eoghan McGarr, King Ferry, NY
7. Apple-Pts Alamedia-Red-ET (Jordy), Norman Nabholz & MB Lucklady Farm, West Union, IA
8. Duckett TH Boomer-Rang-Red (Altitude), Aaliyah Borchert, Auburndale, WI
9. Cow-Palace Warrior Aria-Red (Warrior), San-Ron Holsteins, Sheboygan, WI
10. Ziems-Drsn War Anna-Red-ET (Warrior), Kylie & Kiara Konyn, Delavan, WI

Fall Yearlings (7)

1. Apple-Pts Aprisco-Red-ET (Warrior), Robert Gallivan and Daryld Gahm, Dyersville, IA
2. (1st Jr)  Bva Altitude Apple Seed-Red (Altitude), B Courtney, A Gahring, N Gerard and G Gahring, Homestead, IA
3. (2nd Jr) Silver-Mist Malena-Red-ET (Jordy), Lilly Elsass, Wapakoneta, OH
4. Leawood Aristo Rebecca-Red (Aristocrat), Cathay & Christopher Gunst, Pine River, WI
5. Golden-Oaks Arrelli-Red-ET (Avalanche), Golden Oaks Farms, Wauconda, IL
6. Apple-Pts Addie-Red ET (Warrior), Jamie S Judd and Michael W Deaver, Clear Spring, MD
7. Mil-Eil Cheers To Cherry-Red (Jordy), Colton D & Cobie J Kleiboeker, Wentworth, MO

Junior Best Three Females (5)

1. Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, NY
2. Apple Partners LLC, Lanark, IL
3. Chris & Jennifer Hill, Thurmont, MD
4. Fairholm, Wapsi-Ana and Triple-S, Anamosa, IA
5. Kendall & Owen Kress, Newton, WI