International Junior Holstein Show 2018

Oct 2, 2018 @ Madison, WI

Chris Hill, MD; Robert Teixeira, CA, Associate

The Complete Image Galleries from the International Junior Holstein Show 2018 are now available for you to view, share and purchase phots.  Chris Hill, MD, serves as official Judge with Robert Teixeira, CA, as his Associate Judge. Visit the main World Dairy Expo page for more 2018 show information!


Chris Hill lives in Thurmont, Maryland with his wife, Jennifer, where they own and operate MD-Hillbrook Sales and Service, a sales and auctioneering business. Assisting with 35 sales yearly throughout the United States and Canada, Hill has worked with a variety of events from herd dispersals to elite consignment sales. In addition to MD-Hillbrook Sales and Services, Hill and his wife maintain a small inventory of select show cattle and have bred or owned more than 50 All-American Nominees during the past ten years. Hill is the 2002 recipient of the Klussendorf-MacKenzie Award and has previously served as the official judge for the Brown Swiss, Holstein, Jersey and Red & White breed shows at World Dairy Expo. Beyond WDE, Hill has judged cows around the globe, served on the All-American Judges Panel for all seven breeds and officiated the Holstein class of the Hoard’s Dairyman Judging Contest.

Robert Teixeira resides in Keyes, California with his wife, Kate, and children, Jon, Chloe, Alexis and Nichole, where he is a manager and part-owner of Gil-Tex Holsteins. Consisting of 600 milking cows, Gil-Tex has bred or developed more than 150 Excellent females including six 95-point or 96-point cows. Teixeira’s show string has exhibited six Grand Champions at the California State Holstein Show and has bred, developed or cared for 60 All-American Nominees in the Holstein, Red & White, Jersey, Brown Swiss and Guernsey contests over the past 18 years. He was the recipient of the first Merle Howard Award at World Dairy Expo in 2004 and the exhibitor of the 2001 Reserve Supreme Champion of the Junior Show and Grand Champion of the International Junior Holstein Show. Teixeira has judged state and national shows including the Southern Spring National Junior Holstein and Jersey Shows, the Maryland Spring Holstein Show and was the associate judge at the Eastern Fall National Holstein Show.

Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Galleries from the 2018 World Dairy Expo are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

Junior Holstein heifer show here
Junior Holstein cow show here

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Budjon-Abbott Alexandra ET (Doorman), 1st Winter Yearling, Kaelyn, Kenadee &Keegan Weigel, WI
Reserve Junior Champion
Hatee Jacoby Paris (Jacoby), 2nd Winter Yearling, Alyson & Kenlee Philips, TX
HM Junior Champion
Keystone Solomon Allstar (Solomon), 1st Winter Calf, Ella H Hlavaty, PA

Bred & Owned Champion of heifer Show

Bred & Owned Champion of Junior Show
Savage-Leigh Lalas First-ET (Doorman), 2nd Fall Calf, Chase Savage, MD

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Lellavan Avlanache Fuji (Avalanche), 1st Milking Yearling, B Almeida & F, Ca, A , L, J & H Borba, CA
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Butlerview Door Aleah (Doorman), 1st Junior 3yr Old, Christian Cunningham, CA
HM Intermediate Champion
Ms Hodglynn Brkw Bonus (Brokaw), 2nd Junior 3yr Old, Eva Doornink, WI

Best Bred & Owned

Senior Best Bred & Owned
Gamlake destry Sallie (Destry), 1st Aged Cow, Samantha Gambonini, CA

Senior Champion

Senior Champion & B&O Champion
Gamlake Destry Sallie (Destry), 1st Aged Cow, Samantha Gambonini, CA
Reserve Senior Champion
Lovhill Braxton Funky ET (Braxton), 2nd Aged Cow, Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky, MN
HM Senior Champion
Musthaven Goldwyn Jaelyn P (Goldwyn), 1st 4yr Old, M, M, & M Price and C Cunningham, IL

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Gamlake destry Sallie (Destry), 1st Aged Cow, Samantha Gambonini, CA
Reserve Grand Champion
Lovhill Braxton Funky ET (Braxton), 2nd Aged Cow, Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky, MN
HM Grand Champion
Lellavan Avlanache Fuji (Avalanche), 1st Milking Yearling, B Almeida & F, Ca, A , L, J & H Borba, CA

Spring Calf (22)

1. (BO) Jenlar Solomon Mara (Solomon), Brianna Meyer, WI
2. Red-Brae Doorman Theresa-ET (Doorman), Elise & Brady Bleck, WI
3. Show-Mar D-Back Uppercut (Diamondback), Dylan Brantner, PA
4. Siemers Avch Haylina ET (Avalanche), Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, WI
5. T-Triple-T Prime Suspect (Byway), Colton Thomas, OH
6. Lindlaur Diamondback Andie (Diamondback), Lindsay L’Amoreaux, OH
7. Ms Pg Pv All-In (Alltheway), Kanani Price & Kristopher Ackley, IN
8. Sco-Lo Avalanche Roll On-ET
9. Siemers Jcby Molly 29227-Et (Jacob), Jake, Connor, Lauren Siemers, WI
10. ZMB M Kd Lori (King Doc), Mason Ziemba, NY

Winter Calf (30)

1. Keystone Solomon Allstar (Solomon), Ella H Hlavaty, PA
2. Ms PG PV Beem of Light (Beemer), H & H McIsaac & M, M & M Price, IL
3. Pfaffsway Defiant Jen A (Defiant), Kole & Beau Trapp, Olivia Pfaff & Fred Ullom, WI
4. Fairmont Avalnche Amelia-ET (Avalanche), Jaydn & Kennedy Kimball & Noah Reid, ME
5. (BO) RJohn Prestige Champion (Doorman), Dawson Nickels, Madison & Melanie Sarbacker, WI
6. Crave Expander Gabe 11141 (Expander), Roseanne Crave, WI
7. WI Fisherdale Doorman Erin (Doorman), Lindsey, Ashlyn & Cole Sarbacker, WI
8. Ren-Bow Corvette Lollipop (Corvette), Olivia & Lillian Finke & Ruth Baumbauer, OH
9. BHL-HA Faits Fame (Corvette), Kennedy Kimball & Noah Reid, ME
10. Duckett Doorman Gail-ET (Doorman), Walker & Carter Behnken, NE

Fall Calf (31)

1. Knonaudale Sunnylodge Jasmine (Jacoby), Makayla & Kaleb Osinga, TX
2. (BO) Savage-Leigh Lalas First-ET (Doorman), Chase Savage, MD
3. Ryan-Vu Doorman Risin Shine (Doorman), Dylan & Cameron Ryan, WI
4. Ranson Rail Adhere Willow (Adhere), Mallory Rhodes, NY
5. Petitclerc Solomon Tropic (Solomon), N Bilz, K Chambers & K Schaechelmayer, WI
6. Zehrview Aftershock Hi-Whey (Aftershock), Rosalee Zehr, IL
7. Crave Solomon Sophia ET (Solomon), Roseanne Crave, WI
8. R-E-W So Lois (Solomon), Michael R Wolf, CT
9. Budjon-JK Door Esperanza ET (Doorman), Garrett Ullness, WI
10. Budjon-Crave Summerfest (Crush), Trevor Tuman & Chandler Bening, WI

Summer Yearling (19)

1. Blondin Solomon Havana ET (Solomon), M, M & M Price & A&B Ekovich, IL
2. Petitclerc Solomn Ashlyn ET (Solomon), Brandon Almeida, CA
3. KNH -Andres Diamondback Onya (Diamondback), Mikayla Andres, WI
4. Crowleyview Doorman Luxi (Doorman), J, L & M Harbaugh 7 A& A Loehr, WI
5. Liddleholme Dback Thunder (Diamondback), Alexis C Papageorge, UT
6. Heart & Soul JKDback Gypsy (Diamondback), Matthew Boop, PA
7. Miss Solomon Horizon (Solomon), Kyle Barton, NY
8. (BO) Go-Sho Doorman Remedie (Doorman), Tessa VL & Stella RB Schmocker, WI
9. Luncrest Kenosha Whack 1892 (Kenosha), Madison Borchardt, WI
10. Oakfield Black Luxurious ET (Blake), Carter Liette, OH

Spring Yearling (16)

1. Petitclerc Doorman Sapphire (Doorman), Grant Vosters, WI
2. Plum-Line Extra Naughty (Lotus), Brook & John Carey, PA
3.(BO) Stranshome Dempsey Tanielle (Dempsey), Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky, MN
4. Siemers Blake Glandeur-ET (Blake), Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, WI
5. Heart & Soul JK Solmn Glitter (Solomon), Matthew Boop, PA
6. Juniper Sid Always Lookin (Sid), Derek Liddle, NY
7. Bella-Ridge Beauty Queen (J, L & M Harbaugh & A&A Loehr, WI
8. Ms Pfaffsway BM Getyyourgoat (Beemer), Kole & Beau Trapp & Olivia Pfaff, WI
9. Ms Stookeyholm D-Back Sugar (Diamondback), Korey Oech
10. Goldenflo Expander Rags (Expander), Kalista, Kaianne & Kaydence Hodorftt, WI

Winter Yearling (20)

1. Budjon-Abbott Alexandra ET (Doorman), Kaelyn, Kenadee &Keegan Weigel, WI
2. Hatee Jacoby Paris (Jacoby), Alyson & Kenlee Philips, TX
3. Heart & Soul Gold Runway (Gold Chip), Matt Boop, Madison  & F Hayden Weaver, PA
4. Country Path Solo Perfume (Solomon), Jessica Nolt, TX
5. Toppglen Atwood Winner ET (Atwood), Brennan, Marissa & Logan Topp, OH
6. Petitclerc Atwood Secret (Atwood), Eva Doornink & Jacob Harbaugh, WI
7. MD-Dun Loafin DBK Excite ET (Diamondback), Kristopher Ackley, Kaiden & Zailey Conroy, OH
8. Midas-Touch DM Chinker-ET (Diamondback), Jessica Stempfle, IA
9. MS Klindedell SLM Mozelle ET (Solomon), Jacob Kline, PA
10. Hillrose Solon Pineapple (Solomon), Olivia & Kaden Horn, WI

Fall Yearling (10)

1. Budjon-Vail Dm Sunshine ET (Doorman), Trevor Tuman & Chandler Bendig, MN
2. Kingsway Gold Chip Logic (Gold Chip), Alyson & Kenlee Philips, TX
3.  Tombeth Ettakaw (Brokaw), Sarah Kearns, WI
4. Sunnyside Nancy Doorman-ET (Doorman), Joseph W Schuh, WI
5. Lars-Acres Airlift Fareway (Airlift), Brook, Dane & Luke Trustem & Ellie Larson, WI
6. Nobland Avalan Heartache TW (Avalanche), Ainsley, Macie & Drew Noble, WI
7. Hodgons Clark Pearl (Clark), Madelyn Topp, OH
8. Luck-E Beemer Kandygirl (Beemer), Addison & Jacob Raber, IL
9. Have Heztry Estelle ET (Heztry), Haley Foster, NC
10. Nehls-Valley Bacdoor Rhythm (Backdoor), Matthew & Elizabeth Gunst, WI

Milking yearling (8)

1. Lellavan Avlanache Fuji (Avalanche), B Almeida & F, Ca, A , L, J & H Borba, CA
2. Oakfield Solomon Lou ET (Solomon), Derek George, NY
3. (BO) Crave GW Atwood Peach-ET (Atwood), Roseanne Crave, WI
4. Reyncrest Doorman Denali-ET (Doorman), Erin Harkenrider, VT
5. KNH- Endres DB Jaycee TW (Diamondback), Mikayla Endres, WI
6. Hobby-Hill Caviar Enchildas (Caviar), Riley Miller, WI
7. Willows-Edge Atwood Infer (Atwood), Brandon Vieth, WI
8. Ourwy Absolute Belinda (Absolute), Dakota Brown, WI

Junior 2 Year Old (9)

1. Roll-N-View Byway Lightning (Byway), Alison Galton, NY
2. Holbric GW Atwood A-Grain (Atwood), Elena Olbrich, IL
3. Heart 7 Soul JK Dempsey Glitz (Dempsey), Matthew Boop, PA
4. MS Silks Archrival Sassy-ET (Archirval), Tessa VL & Stella RB Schmocker, WI
5. Ms-Tora-Ranway Whiterose-ET (Gold Chip), Alek T 7 Brooke S Krueger, WI
6. Welsh-Edge DM Highonlife-ET (Diamondback), David & Hope Petersheim, WI
7. Butlerview Anth Artful-ET (Anthuis), Clayton Arntz, CA
8. ZBW M Light Beem (Beemer), Mason Ziemba, NY
9. Mikelholm Mc Real Deal (McCutchen), Emily Mikel, NY

Senior 2 Year Old (7)

1. St-Jacob Blake Angel (Blake), Chase & Connor Savage, MD
2. (BO) Pappys Doorman Rose-Et (Doorman), Alexis C Papageorge, UT
3. Erbacres Atwood Sabrina (Atwood), Payton Erbsen, IL
4. Stempfle Dorman Glimmer (Doorman), Jessica Stempfle, IA
5. JK_Stranshome Defiant Sassy (Defiant), J, Z, J & D Stransky & H, R & A Kietzman, MN
6. Butlerview Arch Cani ET (Archrival), Clayton Arntz, CA
7. Buells Brkaw Camie ((Brokaw), Skylar Buell, MI

Junior 3 Year Old (6)

1. Butlerview Door Aleah (Doorman), Christian Cunningham, CA
2. Ms Hodglynn Brkw Bonus (Brokaw), Eva Doornink, WI
3. (BO) Synergy Anahiem Magnolia Et (Anaheim), M, C & E Jaquet & M, C & S Haack, WI
4. Jerland SH Goldwyn Gin ET (Goldwyn), Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky, MN
5. Biercrest Chelios Tanysha (Chelios), Zach & Ally Bierschenk, IA
6. Trent Valley Sid Aly (Sid), Casey, Chase & Chloe Vandereyk, CA

Senior 3 Year Old (7)

1. Mapel-Wood Kingboy Lacey ET (Kingboy), Jacob Siemers, WI
2. MS Sherona Hill Riddle ET (Absolute), Morgan & Adam Olbrich, IL
3. Savage-Leigh Gold Lala (Goldwyn), Chase Savage, MD
4. Joliam R Penny 4751 Et (Reginald), Nicole Pralle, WI
5. (BO) Lar-Acres Gwatwd Landi Et (Atwood), Brooke M, Dane J & Luke E Trustem, WI
6. Tree-Hayven Justice ET (Golden Dreams), Hailey, Allison, Jack, & Chloe Zernicke, WI
7. Brookview Sid Loverslane ET (Sid), J Garrett Havens, OH

4 Year Old (10)

1. Musthaven Goldwyn Jaelyn P (Goldwyn), M, M, & M Price and C Cunningham, IL
2. Ryan-Vu Gchip Claudette ET (Gold Chip), Joseph Opsal, WI
3. Sunnyhome McCutchen Mildred (McCutchen), Connor K Erbsen, IL
4. Plum-Line reginald Velour (Reginald), Brooke Carey, PA
5. Mission-Bell Pitbull Oneida (Pitbull), Shaun T Jens & Savanah R Barts, WI
6. Beckhome Goldwyn Latona (Goldwyn), Cale Baker, Jake Kuhens & Nathan Arthur, IA
7. RBCC Xteme V Sid-Evl (Sid), Rhett, Shanelle, Wyatt & Garett Borth, WI
8. Chakelburg Evasion Kaught (Evasion), Kristopher Ackley, OH
9. Erbacres StauteofLiberty-ET (Goldwyn), Payton & Delana Erbsen, IL
10. Lantland winbrook Hysteria (Windbrook), Jacob Menzi, NY

5 Year Old (9)

1. Butlerview GC Awesome (Gold Chip), Grady & Lane Wendorf, WI
2. Millbrooke Atwood Ooh La La (Atwood), Regan Demmer, IA
3. Al-Shar SDG Ms Erin ET (Hero), Jordan Zoellner, SD
4. Webb View Betsy Sanchez (Sanchez), Brennan Woker, IL
5. Ms Andis GW Astra-ET (Goldwyn), Matthew Boop, PA
6. Vale-O-Skene Attic Stars (Attic), M, E & N Gilbertson G&H Flannery & H Reeson, WI
7. MS Stadview Atwood Felicia (Atwood), Dilllon Gratz, MN
8. Budjon-JK Damion Eklipse ET (Damion), Lindsey Sarbacker, WI
9. Groves-Vu Brax Brooklyn-ET (Braxton), Blake Wright, MO

Aged Cow (8)

1. (BO) Gamlake destry Sallie (Destry), Samantha Gambonini, CA
2. Lovhill Braxton Funky ET (Braxton), Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky, MN
3.  Masal Sanchez Gail (Sanchez), Brad & Sophie Fuhrman, IN
4. Liddleholme YHG Rae ET (Goldwyn), Arnie, Ashley & Andy Gruenes, MN
5. Cache-Valley GC Jazzy Girl (Gold Chip), Xander Harris, UT
6.  Erbacres Atwood Minnie (Atwood0, Payton & Delana Erbsen, IL
7. Miss Arizona Et (Goldwyn), Jonathan Krogman & Jenna Chapman, IA
8. Go-Sho Miss Independent ET (Godlwyn), Tessa VL & Stella RB Schmocker, WI

Production Cow (4)

1. Gildale Advent Primrose (Advent), Kalista, Kaianne & Kaydence Hodorff, WI
2. Sunrose Delaney (Dundee), Grant Gingerich, IN
3. Ocean-View Sterling Silver (Braxton), Mary & Naomi Scott, IA
4. Holbric Bolton Blanket (Bolton), Morgan Olbrich, IL