International Holstein Show 2018

Oct 5-6, 2018 @ Madison, WI

Carl Phoenix, ON; Joel Phoenix, Assistant

The Complete Image Gallery from the International Holstein Show 2018 is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos. Carl Phoenix served as the Official Judge is Carl Phoenix, ON, with Joel Phoenix, ON, assisting him. View the results of last year’s International Holstein Show HERE!


Carl Phoenix, his wife, Kera, and their three children, Clara, Carson and Weston, operate Phoenixholm Holsteins near Sunderland, Ontario. The 240-acre farm is home to 45 purebred Holsteins with several All-Canadian and All-American Nominations. Prior to establishing Phoenixholm, Phoenix received a Master Breeder Shield while in partnership with Phoenix Bros. He is a past president of the Ontario County Holstein Club, a former committee member of the Ontario Dairy Youth Trust Fund and is currently a 4-H leader in the Durham West region. In 2017, he served as the associate judge of the International Holstein Show and is also a former Youth Showmanship judge at World Dairy Expo. In addition to his WDE experiences, Phoenix has evaluated cattle around the world at the Irish National Dairy Show, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the Brazil Spring Show, the California State Show and various shows across Canada and the United States.

Joel Phoenix and his wife, Jessica, farm 250 acres with their two young children, Jacob and Jordan, in Cannington, Ontario. The farm is home to 200 beef cows, an equestrian business Jessica manages and a small herd of Holsteins. Under the Dappleview prefix, Phoenix focuses on breeding and merchandising elite show cows and heifers and has worked with many All-Canadian and All-American Nominees. Spending more than 15 years as a professional dairy cattle fitter, Phoenix has traveled the world to work with many great people and animals. In 2013, he was honored with the Andrea Crowe Achievement Award at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair for exhibiting “everyday love of the industry” that inspires others, fosters knowledge and encourages good sportsmanship. Phoenix has judged cattle around the globe including at the Mexican National Holstein and Jersey Show, the New South Wales Australian Show, the Atlantic Fall Championship Show, the Manitoba Spring Show and World Dairy Expo.

Q&A with Carl Phoenix

What has been your most memorable judging experience so far?
Being the Associate Judge for the Holstein Show at Madison in 2017. The caliber of cattle at that show is so incredible. It seems totally unreal to be at the center of the ring at WDE, but it’s so much fun! Just awesome! As the associate you don’t have as much of the pressure and still get to see all the great cows, I’m trying not to think about this fall!
Who is your favorite cow of all time? One that you’ve judged and/or one that you admire?
My favourite cow of all time is Thrulane James Rose because she was a modern cow that really changed things in the breed. Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn is my favourite cow I’ve judged so far.
What do you love most about judging?
I like the traveling, seeing new countries and the people you meet along the way. I’ve traveled to Brazil, Ireland, a few US states and almost every Canadian province.
What are you looking for in your winners?
I like functional feet and legs, good sound udders and good functional rumps. I prefer to keep it simple!
Describe the feeling of being asked to judge at Madison?
Disbelief! It’s a huge honour to even get on the list to judge at Madison and so it was crazy to get the actual call, I never really believed it would happen. I told my wife first and she was very excited and then I called my dad right away.
How did you select your Associate Judge?
It’s not an easy decision for sure. Joel (Phoenix) is someone that I’ve worked with before and I know we work well together. I wanted someone beside me that a lot of people have respect for and that wouldn’t be afraid to share their opinions. I know Joel and I will have healthy discussions and we help level each other out.

Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Galleries from the 2018 World Dairy Expo are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

Holstein heifer show here
Holstein Intermediate Cow show here
Holstein Senior Cow show here
Junior Holstein heifer show here
Junior Holstein cow show here

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Live Video Stream here

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Milksource Taeylyn ET (Armani), Milksource Genetics LLC., WI
Reserve Junior Champion
Gary Doorman Blind Date (Doorman), JM Valley, Fortale JP Proulx, QC
HM Junior Champion
Knonaudale Sunnylodge Jasmine (Jacoby), Makayla & Kaleb Osinga, TX

INtermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Erbacres Snapple Shakira Et (O Kaliber), 1st Junior 3yr Old, Ferme Jacobs, Ty-D Holsteins, Killian Tehraulaz, Ferme Antelimarck & C&F Jacobs, QC
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Unique Dempsey Cheers (Dempsey), 2nd Junior 3yr Old, Budjon, Abbott, Vail, Woodmansee & Ferme Blondin, WI
HM Intermediate Champion
MS Goldwyn Saturday ET (Goldwyn), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Ferme Jacobs, Ferme Intense & W Morrille, QC

Bred & Owned Champion

Bred & Owned Champion
Jacobs Lauthority Loana (Lauthority), 1st Aged Cow, Ferme Jacobs & Pat Conroy, QC

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Jacobs Lauthority Loana (Lauthority), 1st Aged Cow, Ferme Jacobs & Pat Conroy, QC
Reserve Senior Champion
Weeks Dundee Anika (Dundee), 2nd Aged Cow, Milksource Genetics LLC., WI
HM Senior Champion
Co-Vale Dempsey Dina 4270-ET (Dempsey), 1st 5yr Old, Ransom Rail & MilkSource Genetics LLC., WI

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Jacobs Lauthority Loana (Lauthority), 1st Aged Cow, Ferme Jacobs & Pat Conroy, QC
Reserve Grand Champion
Weeks Dundee Anika (Dundee), 2nd Aged Cow, Milksource Genetics LLC., WI
HM Grand Champion
Co-Vale Dempsey Dina 4270-ET (Dempsey), 1st 5yr Old, Ransom Rail & MilkSource Genetics LLC., WI

Spring Calf (42)

1. Reyncrest Avlanche Lusha -ET (Avalanche), Pat Conroy, Clark Valley and London Dairy, IN
2. Blondin T&L Avalanche Angelina (Avalanche), Iager & Walton- Glamourview, MD
3. (BO)  Show-Mar D Back Uppercut (Diamondback), Dylan Brantner, PA
4. Jacobs Unix Velour (Unix), Ferme Jacobs, QC
5. Kamps-RX Appleb Atbest (Doorman), Tim, Barb & Kyle Natzke, WI
6. Camp_gold Doorman Diva 10 ET (Doorman)< Mike 7 Cindy Wiemer & Wade Sturgeon, PA
7. Lizettes Avalanch Laynie ET (Avalanche), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
8. Red-Brae Doorman TheresaET (Doorman), Elise & Brady Bleck, WI
9. Budjon-Vail Bubby Girl Et (Avalanche), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
10. Budjon-Abbottt Avl Anitta ET (Avalanche), Glamour View Iager & Walton-MD

Klussendorf Award Winners

Klussendorf MacKenzie Award
Evan Creek, MD

Klussendorf Award
Adam Liddle, Liddleholm Holsteins, NY

Winter Calf (36)

1. Beslea Doorman Lattitude (Doormna0, Rick 7 Shannon Allyn & Jeremiah Lungwitz, CT
2. (BO) Sun-Made Crave DM Diane-Et (Doorman), Crave Brothers Farm LLC., WI
3. Miss OCD Doorm Goergette ET (Doorman), Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
4. RJohn Prestige Champion (Doorman), Dawson Nickels, Madison & Melanie Sarbacker, WI
5. All-Glo Byway Montral-Et (Byway), Eaton Holsteins, Clarkvalley & Mt Elgin Dairy, NY
6. Geno Doorman Tesla (Doorman), Ferme Cerpolait, QC
7. Pfaffsway Defiant Jen A (Defiant), Kole & Beau Trappp,Olivia Pfaff & Fred Ullom, WI
8. Desperle Shanie Gold Chip (Gold Chip), Kylie Osinga, TX
9. Duckett Doorman Gina ET (Doorman), Mike & Julie Duckett, WI
10. McWilliams Attic Delight (Attic), Doeberiener, Conroy, Burdett & Bowen, OH

Robert Whitey McKown MasterBreeder Award

Robert Whitey McKown MasterBreeder Herd
Ovaltop Holsteins – The Wolfe Family

Fall Calf (34)

1.  Gary Doorman Blind Date (Doorman), JM Valley, Fortale JP Proulx, QC
2. Knonaudale Sunnylodge Jasmine (Jacoby), Makayla & Kaleb Osinga, TX
3. Luncrest Ambission 1924 ET (High Octane), Triple T Holsteins, OH
4. Savage-Leigh Lalas First (Doorman), Chase Savage, MD
5. Kampy Corvette Gretchen (Corvette), Aleah Farms, Kingsway Farms &Werrhurst Holsteins, ON
6. All-Glo Okool Tully (Okool), Eaton Holsteins, Clarkvaley & Mt Elgin, NY
7. (BO) Jacobs Gold Chip Version (Gold Chip), Ferme Jacobs, QC
8. Miley Avalanche Genessee ET (Avalance), Doeberiener, Bowen, Conroy & Miley Holsteins, OH
9. Desperie Bunny Doorman (Doorman), Eaton, Clark Valley & Boulet, NY
10. OCD Defiant Lethal ET (Defiant), Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY

Summer Yearling (34)

1. (BO) Milksource Taeylyn ET (Armani), Milksource Genetics LLC., WI
2. Maple-Downs PV Drman Gavina (Doorman), Maple Downs Farms II & Peter Vail, NY
3. JM Valley Dempsey Lyzara (Dempsey), R&S Allyn F&D Borba, Hm Valley & S Gendreau, CT
4. Karolstein Lilatruck 1stgrade (1st Grade), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
5. Miss Solomon Horizon (Solomon), Kyle Barton, NY
6. Coredale Diamondback Ivy ET (Diamondback), Glamourview-Iager & Walton, MD
7. Oakfield Blake Luxuriant ET (Solomon), Doeberiener, Bowen & Schilling, OH
8. Crowleyview Doorman Luxi (Doorman), J, L & M Harbaugh & A&A Loehr, WI
9. Comestar Larion Control ET (Control), C&J Hil, C Umbel, M Hawbaker & Bulldog Holsteins, MD
10. OCD Solomon Bobo (Solomon), Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY

Spring Yearling (28)

1. AHD Doorman Silk (Doorman), Glamourview – Iager & Walton, MD
2. Petitclerc Doorman Sapphire ET (Doorman), Grant Vosters, WI
3. (BO) Winright Beemer Baby Enthem (Beemer), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
4. Ryan-Vu Goldwyn Ravish (Goldwyn), Doeberiener, Bowen, C& A Ryan & Schilling, OH
5. Ran-Ca Alonzo Cliché ET (Alonzo), C&J Hill, T&S Merwarth, G Nell & F Connelly, MD
6. Bella-Ridge Beauty Queen (Doorman), J, L & M Harbaugh & A&A Loehr, WI
7. Garay Solomon Alix (Solomon), Triple T, M Heath, F&D Borba & Lookout Holsteins, OH
8. MS Dempsey Renita (Dempsey), MilkSource Genetics LLC., WI
9. Plum-Line Extra Naughty (Lotus), Brook & John Carey, PA
10. Cerpolait Doorman Fantastic (Doorman), Ferme Cerpolait, QC

Winter Yearling (29)

1. Budjon -Abbott Alexandra ET (Doorman), Kaelyn, Kenadee & Keegan Weigel, WI
2. (BO) Quietcove Winning Ways ET (McCutchen), Quietcove Holsteins, OH
3. Brigeen Brash Paddy (Brasch), Glamourview – Iager & Walton, MD
4. Rob-Jo Doorman Embrace (Doorman), Richard & Shannon Allyn, CT
5. Hatee Jacoby Paris (Jacoby), Alyson & Kenlee Philips, TX
6. Winright Gold Chip Explosion (Gold Chip), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
7. Savage-Leigh Gotta Look ET (Sid), Doeberiener, Bowen, Conroy & Gunkleman, OH
8. Craigcrest Rubies Smarty Pants (Goldwyn), Aspiration- Lyndon Stewart & Associates Inc., ON
9.  JM Valley Atwood Aly (Atwood), JM Valley, Allyndale, Stephane Gendreau, JP Proulx & Rodemsay, QC
10. Lorita Kingboy Holly (Kingboy), Mitchell Coleman, CA

Fall Yearling (16)

1. Ryan-Crest Hnotic Elisha ET (Hypnotic) Ndira Inc., WI
2. (BO) Beckholm Doorman Trish (Doorman), Terry Beckett, ON
3. Budjon-Vail Drm Sunshine-ET (Doorman), Trevor Tuman & Chandler Bening, MN
4. Xcaret Gold Chip Aria (Gold Chip), Glamourview – Iager & Walton, MD
5. Quietcove Doorman Flicker (Doorman), Quietcove Holsteins & Kurt Wolf, OH
6. Ms Cow-Palace Union Akira (Union), Ken & Kathy Elliott & JT & Ronald Roskopf, WI
7. Tombeth Ettakaw (Brokaw), Sarah Karns, WI
8. Maple Downs Hynotic Ali-ET (Hypnotic), Vogue Cattle Co., Silvercap & Mapelwood, ON
9. Kings Way Gold Chip Logic (Gold Chip), Alyson & Kenlee Philips, TX
10. Luck E Beemer Kandygirl (Beemer), Addison & Jacob Raber, IL

Junior Best 3 Females (6)

1. Brian Joseph Enright, ON
2. Garay Holsteins, QC
3. Reyncrest Holsteins, NY

Premier Awards Heifer Show

Premier Exhibitor Of Junior Show
Glamourview Holsteins, MD

Premier Breeder of Junior Show
Oakfield Corners, NY

Premier Sire of Junior Show
Val-Bisson Doorman

Milking Yearling (17)

1. (BU) Midas Touch Av Cling ET (Avalanche), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
2. Hodglynn Beem Me Up (Beemer), Hodglynn Holsteins, ON
3. (BO) Westcoast Orion Aryane 4727 (Orion), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
4. Crave GW Atwood Peach ET (Atwood), Roseanne Crave, WI
5. Berwen Avalanche Fantom (Avalanche), Ferme Blondin, QC
6. Bonnacceuil Ranta Goldwyn (Goldwn), Yvon Sicard, Pierre Boulet & A&R Boulet, QC
7. Ms PG PV Doorman Aspire ET (Doorman), Stephen & Patrick Maddox, CA
8. Lellavan Avalanche Fuji (Avalanche), B Almeida & F, C, Al, J & H Borba, QC
9. Jacobs Dempsey Lady (Dempsey), Ferme Jacobs Incl., & Colganados Genetics LLC., QC
10. Wedgwood Avalanche Paradise (Avalanche), Stanhope-Wedgwood, BC

Junior 2 Year Old (20)

1. (BO & BU) Juniper Sid Chardonnay (Sid), Borderview Genetics Tim & Sharyn Abbott & Juniper Elite Holsteins, VT
2. Garay Awesome Beauty (Awesome) Lookout, Gerald Halbach, Frank & Diane Borba, QC
3. Fraeland Doorman Bonnie (Doorman), Mike & Julie Duckett, WI
4 Best Nord Atwood Lolly (Atwood), Yvon Sicard, Pierre Boulet, Mathieu Chartrand & Kelly Hardy, QC
5.  Arethusa Awesome Astrid (Awesome), Arethusa Farm LLC., CT
6. Tolamika Armani Will (Armani), Ferme Glauser & Fils, QC
7. Roll-N-View Byway Lightning 9Byway), Alison Galton, NY
8 Holbric GW Atwood A Grain (Atwood), Elena Olbrish, IL
9. Quietcove Foxys Lollipop ET (Archrival), Quietcove Holsteins, OH
10. Ar-Line Brady Alia (Brady), T&L Ziemba, B Ziemba & Trickey Holsteins, WI

Senior 2 Year Old (28)

1.  Kingsway Doorman Andrea (Doorman), Glamourview- Iager &Walton, MD
2. (BO) Duckett Doorman Giselle ET (Doorman), Mike & Julie Duckett, WI
3. MS SmithOak PW D Maggie ET (Doorman), Eaton Holsteins, Clarkvalley & Mt Elgin, NY
4. (BU) MS Beautys Black Velvet ET (Goldwyn), Triple T and Tim Cummings, OH
5. Sco-Lo AF Sid Sangria ET (Sid), James Ostrom & John M Vosters, WI
6. Jacobs Doorman Victoire (Doorman), Ferme Jacobs & Ferme Premium, QC
7. Bernadale Goldwyn Indigo (Goldwyn), Michael Pris & Jocelyn Cote, QC
8. Rocklan-Zbw Defnt Paige-ET (Defiant), Jonathon & Alicia Lamb, NY
9. Ruann Doorman Jean-55162-ET (Doorman), Stephan & Patrick Maddox, CA
10. Damestar Doorman Brandy (Doorman), Ferme Jacobs, QC

Junior 3 Year Old (23)

1. (BU) Erbacres Snapple Shakira Et (O Kaliber),Ferme Jacobs, Ty-D Holsteins, Killian Tehraulaz, Ferme Antelimarck & C&F Jacobs, QC
2. Unique Dempsey Cheers (Dempsey), Budjon, Abbott, Vail, Woodmansee & Ferme Blondin, WI
3. Ms Listerines Look at Me-Et (Atwood), Borderview Genetics LLC., Tim & Sharyn Abbott, CT
4. (BO) T-Triple T Poker Chip (Gold Chip), Triple T Holsteins, OH
5. (PA) Luck-E Olympian Action ET (Olympian), Matt Engel, IL
6. Butlerview Door Aleah (Doorman), Christina Cunningham, CA
7. Roll-N-View Def Bojangles (Defiant), Cooper Galton, NY
8. Mout Elm Goldchip Juicebox (Gold Chip), Hodglynn Holsteins & Beckholm Holsteins, ON
9. Ms Brazle Royal-ET (Brazzle), Brock, Adam & Anthony Liddle, NY
10. Luck E Powerball Addcit ET (Powerball), Bradley & Amy Hooever & Boyd Schaufelberger, PA

Senior 3 Year Old (26)

1. (BU) Ms Goldwyn Saturdy ET (Goldwyn), Ferme Jacobs, Ferme Intense & W Morrille, QC
2. (PA) Mapleley Goldwyn Julia (Goldwyn), Lookout, G Todd, F&D Borba & Elite Haven, QC
3. (BO) Ms WBK Brittany ET (Windbrook), Mike & Julie Duckett, WI
4. Corlane Seaver Misty (Seaver), Frank D & Carol Borba & Frank A & Diane Borba, CA
5. Kingsway Goldwyn Lip Balm ETS (Goldwyn), Glamourview – Iager & Walton, MD
6. (BO) T-Triple-T Perfect Storm (Reginald), Triple T Holsteins & Entourage LC, OH
7. Kingsway Goldwyn Lauren (Goldwyn), Select Farm, G&J Gonzalez & Hodglynn Holsteins, ON
8. Weeksdale Absolut Vodka (Absolute), Weeksdale, Frank & Diane Borba, Rocky Allen, PE
9. Reyncrest WB Gold Ring (Windbrook), Reyncrest Farm, NY
10. Kingsway Doorman Wanda (Doorman), Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON

Merle Howard Award Winner

Merle Howard Winner
Kyle Barton, NY

4 Year Old (20)

1. (BO & BU) Jacobs Windbrook Aimo (Windbrook), Ferme Jacobs, QC
2. Idee Windbrook Lynzi (Windbrook), Allyndale, MB-Luckylady, JM Valley & S Gendreau, QC
3. Ms Elmvue Novelty Keeley (Novelty), Elmvue Farm, NY
4. Willows-Edge Atwod Faith ET (Atwood), Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
5. RBCC-Xtreme V Sid-Evil (Sid), Rhett, Shanelle, Wyatt & Garett Borth, WI
6. (PA) Gamblin Armani Glade (Armani), Dan Hovden, F&D Borba & Rosedale, WI
7. Juniper-Haven Atwood Dolly (Atwood),Doeberiener, Bowen & Heath, OH
8. K-Land Kilo Black Diamond (Kilo), Black Diamond Partnership, WI
9. Rummage Atwood Slenia (Atwood), Lookout, G Todd, G Halbach & R Rummage, QC
10. Lingle Gold Freaky Girl (Goldwyn), Budjon Farms & Peter & Lyn Vail, VT

5 Year Old (17)

1. (BU, PA) Co-Vale Dempsey Dina 4270-ET (Dempsey), Ransom Rail & MilkSource Genetics LLC., WI
2. Jacobs Jordan Carmel (Jordan), Ferme Blondin, QC
3. Walkerbrae Doorman Locket ET (Doorman), Tim & Sharyn Abbott & Ferme Blondin, VT
4. (BO) Harvue Atwood Ginger (Atwood), Mike & Julie Duckett & Harvue Farm, WI
5. Beaverbrook Goldwyn Zoey ET (Goldwyn), MilkSource Genetics LLC., WI
6. Millbrook Atwood Ooh La La (Atwood), Regan Demmer, IA
7. Al-Shar Dempsey Alison (Dempsey), Yvon Sicard & Ferme Blondin, QC
8. Jacobs Gold Liann (Gold Chip), Westcoast Hoslteins, BC
9. TJR Areita McCut 2256 ET (McCutchen)
10. Vriesdale Control Bethany (Control), Mike & Julie Duckett, WI

Aged Cow (14)

1. (BO & BU) Jacobs Lauthority Loana (Lauthority), Ferme Jacobs & Pat Conroy, QC
2. Weeks Dundee Anika (Dundee), Milksource Genetics LLC., WI
3. TK Plain View Ripley (Dempsey), Milksource Genetics LLC., WI
4. Cavanaleck BG Bruin (Goldwyn), Majestic View Genetics, R Shore & R Connery, WI
5. Knonaudale Mudpie (Sid), Justin Powell, IL
6. (PA) Zimmer Krusader Ava (Krusader), Benbie Holsteins, Robella Holsteins & Zimmer Holsteins, SK
7. Cavanaleck Dempsey Bozica (Dempsey), Milksource Genetics LLC., WI
8. Bella-Rosa GW Sara ET (Goldwyn), Jonathan & Alicia Lamb, NY
9. Gamlake Destry Sallie (Destry), Samantha Gambonini, CA
10. Tombeth Linjet Elouise (Linjet), Tom & Elizabeth Kearns, WI

Production Cow (10)

1. (BU & BO) Liddleholme Resur Lu ET (Ressurrect), Anthony Liddle, NY
2. Loyalyn Goldwyn June (Goldwyn), Pierre Boulet, QC
3. Laidlawn Sanchez Gemini (Sanchez), Mike & Julie Duckett, WI
4. TC Sanchez Kristina (Sanchez), Eaton Holsteins & Cooper Galton, NY
5. T-Triple-T Platinum ET (Goldwyn), Triple T Holsteins, Aaron Eaton & Brad Murphy, OH
6. (PA) Cache-Valley Lheros 2331 (Lheros), Ernest Kueffner, MD
7. Jacobs Fever Cael (Fever0, Ferme Jacobs, QC
8. Ky-Blue GW Debbie (Goldwyn), Nick & Jessica Sarbacker & Matthew & Lauren Evangelo, WI
9. Siemers Branick Takira (Bradnick), Ken Horn & Garrett Schmidt, WI
10. Tombeth Shottle Enhance (Shottle), Tom & Elizabeth Kearns, WI

Best 3 Females (3)

1. Ferme Jacobs, QC
2. Triple T Holsteins, OH
3. Kingsway Farm, ON

Dam & Daughter (3)

1. Triple T Holsteins- T Triple T Dundee Paige
2. Triple T Holsteins- T Triple T Dundee Paige
3. Ferme Garay

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder
Ferme Jacobs, QC

Premier Exhibitor
Duckett Holsteins, WI

Premier Sire
Braedale Goldwyn

Nasco Type & Production Award

Nasco Type & Production Award
T-Triple-T Platinum ET (Goldwn), Triple T Holsteins, Aaron Eaton & Brad Murphy, OH

Premier Sire

Braedale Goldwyn