International Dairy Week 2022

January 18-20, 2022 @ Tatura, Victoria, Australia

It was the Holstein for the Supreme Champion win at the International Dairy Week 2022 in Tatura, Victoria, Australia! View Fort Dictator Dottie, exhibited by B, J, M & N Templeton was Grand Champion of the National Holstein Show and Interbreed Senior Champion All Breeds! An incredible show was put forward with exceptional entries and exhibitors! Full Results and photos can be found on the IDW Facebook page. Class Champions are posted below with photos thanks to the IDW official photographer, Brooke Somerville of Full Cream Photography!

Watch the show LIVE here!

Show Schedule

Tuesday, January 18th
8:00am … Australia’s National Ayrshire Show
8:00am … Australia’s National Guernsey Show
11:30am … Australia’s National Illawarra Show
11:30am … Australia’s National Brown Swiss Show
3:00pm … Australia’s National Jersey Heifer Show

Wednesday, January 19th
8:00am .. Australia’s National Jersey Cow Show
1:30pm … Australia’s National Holstein Heifer Show
5:00pm …  IDW Interbreed – Junior Champion Presentation
7:00pm … STG Australia “Create the Future” Sale

Thursday, January 20th
8:00am … Australia’s National Holstein Cow Show
11:30am … IDW Interbreed – Intermediate Champion Presentation
3:00pm … IDW Interbreed- Senior Champion Presentation
3:30pm … IDW Interbreed- Australia’s Grand Champion Presentation
7:30pm … The Final Wrap Up Celebration


Photo Credit

Brooke Somerville of Full Cream Photography is the 2022 IDW Official photographer. 

Supreme Champion

2022 International Dairy Week Supreme Champion

Holstein – View Fort Dictator Dottie, B, J, M & N Templeton

Interbreed Senior Champion All Breeds

Interbreed Senior Champion All Breeds Champion
(Holstein) View Fort Dictator Dottie, B, J, M & N Templeton

Reserve Interbreed Senior Champion All Breeds Champion
(Jersey) Windy Ways Galaxies Dawn 7, Cherrylock & Windy Ways

Interbreed Intermediate Champion All Breeds Champion

Interbreed Intermediate Champion All Breeds Champion
(Jersey) Kings Vale Joel Madge, R & H Perrett

Reserve Interbreed Intermediate Champion All Breeds Champion
(R&W Holstein) Eclipse Altitude J Princess-Red, Robsvue & Busybrook Holsteins

Junior Interbreed Champion Heifer

Junior Interbreed Champion Heifer
Lightning Ridge Thunderstorm Nico (Thunderstorm), Bleijendaal & Nikora/ Busybrook Holsteins

Reserve Junior Interbreed Champion Heifer
Finesse Reagan Maisie (Reagan), Casey Treloar

National Holstein Show

Holstein Champion Cow
View Fort Dictator Dottie, B, J, M & N Templeton

Reserve Champion Cow
Avonlea Rival Ruth, Gorbro Holsteins

HM Champion Cow
Coomboona Pety Satin, B, J, M & N Templeton

Premier Breeder
Avonlea Holsteins

Premier Exhibitor
Gorbro Holsteins

Holstein Intermediate Champion
Eclipse Altitude J Princess-Red (Altitude), Robsvue & Busybrook

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Byrne Lea Octane Buttersnap (High Octane), Rowlands Park

HM Intermediate Champion
Avonlea Tatoo Dixie (Tatoo), J & C Gardiner

Holstein Junior Champion
Lightning Ridge Thunderstorm Nico (Thunderstorm), Bleijendaal & Nikora/ Busybrook Holsteins

Reserve Junior Champion
Windy Vale Warrior Rose (Warrior), Windy Vale Holsteins

HM Junior Champion
Quality Ridge Radio Plum (Radio), Quality Ridge

National Red Holstein Show

Red & White Champion Cow
Robley Park Dback Shakira, G & K Wilson
Reserve Red & White Champion Cow
Cairnsdale Absolute Red Delight, Menzies Farm & View Fort Holsteins
HM Red & White Champion Cow
Bluechip EV Shesawesome Apple, B & J Gavenlock

Red & White Intermediate Champion
Eclipse Altitude J Princess-Red (Altitude), Robsvue & Busybrook

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Gorbro Unstopabull Admire (Unstopabull), Gorbro Holsteins

HM Intermediate Champion
Lightning Ridge Cmd Dback Barbara (Diamondback), J Jennings & B, E & R Thomas

Red & White Junior Champion
Rusty Red Avalanche Georgia-Red (Avalanche), Judson & Claudia Jennings

Reserve Junior Champion
Mario Park Unstopabull (Unstopabull), Murray & Jane Polson

HM Junior Champion
Cherrylock Applesauce-Red (Unstopabull), R & S Goode- Sire: Unstopabull

All Breeds National Youth Show

All Breeds Champion
Warrian Askn Express exhibited by Jett Easterbrook

Reserve Champion
Brookbora Dainty 31, exhibited by Kaitlyn Aitkens

HM Champion
Brookbora Eileen 130 exhibited by Anna Dickson

National Jersey Heifer Show

Jersey Champion
Windy Ways Galaxies Dawn 7 (Celebrity), Cherrylock Cattle Co. & Windy Ways Jerseys

Reserve Champion
Brookbora Vanahlem Deronica (Vanahlem), Brookbora Jerseys

HM Champion
Bushlea Irwins Jenny (Irwin), R Allen/ Omeara Family/ Weeksdale/ F&D Borba

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor 
Brookbora Jerseys

Jersey Intermediate Champion
Kings Vale Joel Madge (Joel), R & H Perrett

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Brookbora Eileen 130 (Casino), Brookbora Jerseys

HM Intermediate Champion
Cairnbrae Casino Daisy (Casino), R & A Heath & Family-

Jersey Junior Champion Heifer
Foleama Casino Silvermine (Casino), Foleama Jerseys

Reserve Junior Champion Heifer
Lightning Ridge MB Premier Spritz 2 (Premier), Michaela Thompson

HM Junior Champion Heifer
Miami Matt Fernleaf 7305 (Matt), D Patten, C Moscript & F & D Borba, USA

National Illawarra Show

Illawarra Champion
Llandovery JR Joan 982, Gorbro Holsteins and C Rapley

Reserve Champion
Illinga Handsomes Homerun, Coburn Family

HM Champion
Panorama Angeline 48th, B&J Gavenlock Cherrylock Cattle Co

Premier Exhibitor
Tuhan Family Trust

Premier Breeder
Llandovery Illawarra

Illawarra Intermediate Champion
Llandovery Gus Freda, Hayes Family

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Riversleigh Blush Tulip 26, Tuhan Family Trust

HM Intermediate Champion
Llandovery Adventures Buttercup, Hayes Family

Illawarra Junior Champion
Llandovery Josh’s Joan, Hayes Family

Reserve Junior Champion
Riversleigh Beemer Tulip 30, Tuhan Family Trust

HM Junior Champion
Cherrylock Malda-ET, R & A Heath & Family

National Brown Swiss Show

Brown Swiss Champion
Tandara Vivid Lunda 260, Tandara

Reserve Champion
Tandara TD Heidi 273, Tandara

HM Champion
Linderlan Richards Tess, Linderlan and Sherbrooke Brown Swiss

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Brown Swiss Intermediate Champion
Tandara Paray Lola 74, Tandara

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Tandara Glenwood Heidi 393, Tandara

HM Intermediate Champion
Tandara Bender Lotus 2, Tandara

National Ayrshire Show

Ayrshire Champion 
Magic Park Shady Maiden, Munden Farms

Reserve Champion
Roland Lodge Cornette, Canobie Partnership

HM Champion
Paschendaele Forever Gigi, Eagles Partnership

Premier Exhibitor – The Lex and Ian Bunn Wattle Park Memorial Trophy
Ferguson Farms

Premier Breeder
Paschendaele – Eagles Partnership

Ayrshire Intermediate Champion
Lara Orlando Connett, Ferguson Farms

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Paschendaele Klassy Tri Time, Eagles Partnership

HM Intermediate Champion
Cher-Bar Lady Bradman, Ferguson Farms

Ayrshire Junior Champion
Finesse Reagan Maisie, Casey Treloar

Reserve Junior Champion
Arila Primitive Marquisite, W & A Macadam

HM Junior Champion
Geelunga Reagan Joyous, Geelunga Ayrshires

National Guernsey Show

Guernsey Champion
Kerrilyn Pistoll Peach, Crookslea

Reserve Champion
Kearla Latimer Koala 4, M & R Shea/ T & S Shea

HM Champion
Brookleigh Jocelyn, LF & JM CleggetT

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
LF & JM Cleggett

Guernsey Intermediate Champion
Brookleigh Butterworld, LF & JM Cleggett

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Portbridge Kakadu Annette, Harrop & Lenehan

HM Intermediate Champion
Kalaso Kinsman Marchie, Steve Joyce

Guernsey Junior Champion
Kalaso Drone Weave, Steve Joyce

Reserve Junior Champion
Rockmar Tango Graceful, M & R Shea

HM Junior Champion
Rockford Indigo Sweetpea, Graeme Norris