Indiana State Jersey Show 2014

June 19, 2014 @ Goshen, Indiana

Marty Unholzer, ON

Judge Marty Unholzer names Plain O Remake Darby his Grand Champion of the Indiana State Jersey Show 2014!


Grand Champion
Plain O Remake Darby, Maplebranch & Rosewood
Reserve Grand Champion
Little Portion Raye Jingle, Bachelor Farms
Honorable Mention
Tri-Koebel Vendetta Glitter, Tri-Koebel

Junior Champion
ZJF Tequila Bella (Tequila), Zike Jerseys
Reserve Junior Champion
Bachelors Action Fancy (Action), Bachelor Farms
Honoable Mention Junior Champion
Tri-Koebel Lady Antebellum, Tri-Koebel










Junior Calves

1. Tri-Koebel Lady Antebellum-ET, Tri-Koebel
2. RRF Dion Gail, Nor-Bert Farms

Intermediate Calves

1. GD Babe Getaway Aaliya, Bachelor Farms
2. Ellie’s Emmaleeza Lu, Jaysa Melton
3. RRF Tequila Donna, Nor-Bert Farms

Senior Calves

1. Rock Run O Jay Sweetie, Lukus Troyer

Summer Yearlings

1. TS Bakers Patty,  Matthew Troyer
2. ACK Fin Cherry, Andrea Kline
3. R-needa Last Shot Lydia,  Lauren Hibschman

Spring Yearling

1. Bachelors Action Fancy (Action), Bachelor Farms
2. Gordons Adreas Oval exhibited by Gordon Farms
3. R-needa Vincent Lauryn (Vincent), Madison Hibschman

Winter Yearling

1. Taloolas Adoolina Lu, Delanie Melton

Fall Yearling

1. ZJF Tequila Bella (Tequila), Zikes Jerseys

Junior Two Year Olds

1. Tri-Koebel Vendetta Glitter (Vendetta), Tri-Koebel
2. Chilli Premier Crimson (Premier)
3. Rineeda Eclipses Lda (Eclipse), Madison Hibschman

Senior Two Year Old

1. Arethusa Versaillas Excitement (Versaillas), Greta Koebel & Will Iager
2. Gabys Virgil Butterschotch ET (Virgil), Gordon Farms

Junior Three Year Old

1. Rosewood Iatola Daphne (Iatola), Maplebranch & Rosewood




Five Year Old

1. Plain O Remake Darby, Maplebranch & Rosewood
2. Little Portioin Raye Jingle, Bachelor Farms
3. Norse Star Iatola Champagne (Iatola), Hannah Klopstein