Indiana State Fair Jersey 2016

17 August @ Indianapolis, IN

Brian Schilling

Results are available for the Indiana State Fair Jersey 2016.  Judge Brian Schilling of Boggstown, IN chose Bolle-Acres Coltons Angel as Grand Champion!

Indiana State Fair Jersey 2016

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Bolle-Acres Coltons Angel (Colton),  Max Bollenbacher
Reserve Grand Champion
Pleasant Ridge Tradition Angela (Tradition), Ron Mosser & Family
Honorable Mention
Jemi TQ Josie (Tequilla), Bruce Gingerich

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Bolle-Acres Coltons Angel (Colton), Max Bollenbacher
Reserve Senior Champion
Jemi TQ Josie (Tequilla),  Bruce Gingerich

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Pleasant Ridge Tradition Angela(Tradition), R Mosser & Family
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Bachelors Konspiracy Amaretto (Konspiracy), Bachelor Farms

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Bolle-Acres Novation Maple exhibited by Max Bollenbacher, Argos, IN
Reserve Junior Champion
Bolle-Acres Reviresco Gabrial exhibited by Max Bollebacher, Argos, IN

5 Year Old Cow

1.Bolle-Acres Harvest Belle (Golden), Max Bollenbacher
2.Family Hill Rocket Queen (Rocket),  Bachelor Farms
3.Gordans Action Abby (Action), Phil, Josh & Jenny Gordon

4 Year Old Cow

1.Bolle-Acres Coltons Angel (Colton), Max Bollenbacher
2.Jemi TQ Josie (Tequilla), Bruce Gingerich
3.Millers Jade Faith (Jade), Millers Jerseys

Senior 3 Year Old

1.KKF Color Tequila Cordie (Tequila), Golden Oak Jerseys
2.Gordons Comerica C A Angela (Comercia), Phil, Josh & Jenny Gordon
3.Tequila Valiant Miss Hazel (Tequila), Danny Messmer

Junior 3 Year Old

1.Pleasant Ridge Tradition Angela (Angel), Ron Mosser & Family
2.Millers Sambo Dream (Sambo), Millers Jerseys
3.Sunrose Just Tequila (Tequila), Bruce Gingerich

Senior 2 Year Old

1.Bachelors Konspiracy Amaretto (Konsiracy), Bachelor Farms
2.Bolle-Acres Tradition Pam (Tradition), Max Bollenbacher
3.Gordons Boehiem Icicle (Boehiem), Phil, Josh & Jenny Gordo

Junior 2 Year Old

1.Stookeyholm Response Twinkle (Response), Jeff Stookey
2.Lordan Impressions Blue Bella (Impression), Dan & Loretta Mithoefer
3.Bolle-Acres Success Macey (Success), Max Bollenbacher

Fall Yearling in Milk

1.GD On-Time Sophia (Time),  Phil, Josh & Jenny Gordon
2.Bolle-Acres Traditions Lori (Acres),  Max Bollenbacher
3.Vivitars Cinnamon Spice (Spice), John White

Fall Yearling

1.Bolle-Acres Reviresco Mandy (Acres), Max Bollenbacher
2.Lordan Gentrys Blue Bud (Gentry),  Dan & Loretta Mithoefer
3.River Valley Barnabas Vixan (Barnabas), Emma Townsend

Winter Yearling

1.Cloverfield Goldhammer Grace  (Goldhammer), Gordon Farms
2.Bolle-Acres Revirsco Ellie (Reviresco), Max Bollenbacher
3.GOJ Cordie Govenor Caroline (Govenor), Golden Oak Jersey

Spring Yearling

1.Bolle-Acres Reviresco Gabrial (Reviresco), Max Bollebacher
2.DKG Gunman Ladybug (Gunman),  Millers Jerseys
3.Geisler Iatola Jae (Iatola), Roger Geisler

Summer Yearling Heifer

1.Perfections Nyla (Perfection), John White
2.Bolle-Acres Gentry Sabrina Gentry), Max Bollenbacher
3.Bolle-Acres Hired Gun Sarahi (Hired Gun), Max Bollenbacher

Fall Heifer Calf

1.Pleasant Ridge L Baboom (Acres), Ron Messer  & Family
2.Bolle-Acres Gentry Jaycey (Gentry), Max Bollenbacher
3.TS Bakers Talou (Broadway), Casey Baker

Winter Heifer Calf

1.Bolle-Acres Novation Maple (Innovation), Max Bollenbacher
2.FH Kyros Layla (Kyros), Max Bollenbacher
3.Miss Triple T Getaway Serenity (Getaway),  Danny Messmer

Spring Heifer Calf

1.GD Andreas Pickle (Andreas), Bob Hill
2.Bolle-Acres Novation Sparkle (Innovation), Max Bollenbacher
3.A-C-K Colten Presley (Premier), Cameron Kline