Illinois State Fair Holstein Show 2014

August 15, 2014 @ Illinois State Fair, Springfield IL

Eric Topp, Botkins, OH

Ms Dundee Belinda, exhibited by Jeffrey Butler is named Senior and Grand Champion of the Illinois State Fair Holstein Show 2014 by Judge Eric Topp.

Junior Champions

Junior Champion
Stranshome Gold Annice-ET (Fall Calf),  Connor Butler

Reserve Junior Champion
Zehrview Absolute Dimples (Winter Calf), Rosalee Zehr

Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champion
Ms Gold Chip Bright-ET (Senior 2 Year Old),  Craig & Penny Shedd

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Budjon-JK Ashk GetEven (Junior 3 Year Old), Team Holsteins

HM Intermediate Champion
Kingsway Goldwyn Artichoke-ET (Senior 3 Year Old), Jeffrey Butler

Grand Champions

Senior & Grand Champion
Ms Dundee Belinda (Aged Cow), Jeffrey Butler

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Team Durham Morgan (125,000 Pound Cow),  Team Holsteins

HM Grand Champion
Ms Gold Chip Bright-ET (Senior 2 Year Old), Craig & Penny Shedd

Spring Heifers

1.  Carters Corner Atwood Ace (Atwood), Tyler Carter
2.  Holbric Little Dickey (Dickey), Adam Olbrich
3.  Schaufine Atwood March-ET (Atwood), Schaufine Holsteins

Winter Heifers

1.  Zehrview Absolute Dimples (Absolute), Rosalee Zehr
2.  Crosswake Guthrie Kiki (Guthrie), Jennifer & Josh Wakeley
3.  Winwright Chip of Excellence (Goldchip), Jeffrey Butler

Fall Heifers

1.  Stranshome Gold Annice-ET (Goldwyn), Connor Butler
2.  Thataway STCHL Heather, Netemeyer
3.  Schaufine After Jealousy (Aftershock), Schaufine Farms

Summer Yearlings

1.   R-Way Atwood Adele (Atwood), Shae Ruppert
2.  Bontz Vic Gold Chipper (Gold Chip), Rosalee Zehr
3.  Six-Illini Dundee Athena (Dundee), Riley Koehn

Spring Yearlings

1.  JM Valley Atwood Agadon-ET (Atwood), Connor Butler
2.  Carters-Corner WBrook Paige (Windbrook), Tyler Carter
3.  St-Yle-SA Is Springtime-Red (Redburst), Stephanie Aves

Winter Yearlings

1.  Ms Erdstead Brimel Ms Lil (Perseus), Erdman Dairy
2.  R-Way Goldsun Beezus (Goldsun), Shae Ruppert
3.  Holbric Barbwire Luxury (Barbwire), Adam Olbrich

Fall Yearlings

1.  Irwindale Braxton Medusa (Braxton), Sarah Irwin
2.  R-Way Atwood Lazer-ET (Atwood), Shae Ruppert
3.  Zehrview Attic Mattie (Attic), Rosalee Zehr

Junior 2 Year Olds

1.  Lindale Goldchip Dani (GoldChip), Lindale Holsteins
2.  Bremelacres Shot Gun, Caitlin & Blake Meyer
3.  Heinz-Hope AS Cupcake (Aftershock), Telgmann Dairy

Senior 2 Year Olds

1.  Ms Gold Chip Bright-ET (GoldChip), Craig & Penny Shedd
2.  Team Atwood Montana (Atwood), Team Holsteins
3.  Bluff-Ridge Atwood Beth (Atwood), Bluff-Ridge Farm

Junior 3 Year Olds

1.  Budjon-JK Ashk Get Even (Aftershock),  Team Holsteins
2.  Go-Sho Alittle RocknRoll (Goldwyn), Adam & Morgan Olbrich
3.  Holbric Dickey Carly (Dickey), Golden Oaks

Senior 3 Year Olds

1.  Kingsway Goldwyn Artichoke-ET (Goldwyn),  Jeffrey Butler
2.  Bluff-Ridge Atwood Beyonce (Atwood),  Bluff-Ridge Farm
3.  Cloverhill FM Atwd Angela-ET (Atwood),  Austin Featherston

Four Year Olds

1. Butler View Farms…
2. Carters Corner Atwood Priss (Atwood), Tyler Carter
3. Bluff-Ridge Bones Dolce (Goldwyn Bones), Bluff-Ridge Farm

Five Year Olds

1. R Vision Ross Payton, Erdman Dairy
2. Luck-E Goldwyn Amber-ET (Goldwyn), Telgmann Dairy
3. Swanee-Acres SD Jolly-Red (Debonair), Jason Swanson

Aged Cow Class

1. MS Dundee Belinda (Dundee), Jeffrey Butler
2. Lindale Advent Dulcie (Advent), Lindale Holsteins
3. Black-Lion Complete Chaos (Dundee), Evan Young

125,000 lb Cows

1. Team Durham Morgan (Durham), Team Holsteins