IDW 2024 Sheri Martin Youth Showmanship

Sunday, January 14, 4:30 PM AEDT @ Tatura, Victoria, Aus.

Jessica Gavenlock, Victoria, Aus.

The IDW 2024 Sheri Martin Youth Showmanship contest was held January 14 with official judge Jessica Gavenlock, Victoria, Aus. There was a tremendous turnout for this year’s competition – congratulations to all the winners!

You can view and purchase high resolution photos on our Smugmug site! Click HERE to view the gallery.

Senior Division

1. Angus Fraser
2. Zoe Botna
3. Izzy Crawford
4. Tom McKnight
5. Tammy Stone

Intermediate Division

1. Becky Hynes
2. Alexis Allen
3. Stacey Gleeson
4. Chelsea Atkins
5. Astre Modra

Primary Division

1. Indiana Cole
2. Scarlet Bawden
3. Maci Crothers
4. Chloe Gleeson
5. Evie Cerullo

Junior Division

1. Piper McDonald
2. Sophia Patterson
3. Max Fisher
4. Jackson Collins
5. Lala Yarrington

Fancy Dress