IDW 2018 National Jersey Show

January 24, 2018 @ Tatura, Australia

Pat Nicholson, Australia

An Incredible Cow, Bushlea Van Fernleaf 10 exhibited by Borba, Senecal, Fisher, Vander Meulen, Cullen & Hanford is the Grand Champion at the IDW 2018 National Jersey Show. See Champion results and photo’s. Full results will be available soonIDW 2018 National Jersey Show

The IDW 2018 National Jersey Show will be taking place on January 24, 2018 in Tatura, Australia. Pat Nicholson of Australia will be in the ring officiating as the Judge of the show. See full results and photos International Dairy Week

The National Jersey Show takes place on Wednesday commencing at 8.00 am concluding at approximately 11.00 am for a break.  The Jersey Australia Futurity Class is held at 1.00 pm.  The National Jersey Show commences again at 1.30 pm with Supreme Champion judging at approximately 4.30 to 5.00 pm.

Judging the 2018 Feature Show is Mr Pat Nicholson from Australia.  Pat is married to Carmen and they have two sons Riley aged six and Tyler aged three. Pat is part of a family operation at Girgarre in Northern Victoria with his Parents, Bill and Evelyn, and brother Brendon and his wife Tenealle.  Together they run “Jugiong Jerseys” milking 550 Jerseys on 220 ha of flood irrigated land.  The Jugiong herd is home to some of Australia’s highest classified and production Jerseys. Pat is the fourth generation of the Nicholson family to own and operate Jugiong Jerseys.

During Australia’s International Dairy Week over 900 cattle are entered into seven National Shows, with breeders and exhibitors from all States of Australia competing fiercely for the pride and honour of winning at IDW.  Dairy Cattle enthusiasts can take in the spectacle with reknown Australian and International Judges in action over the week.


Junior Champion
Rivendell Principal Tammi (Principal), 1st born 01/01/17 to 30/06/17 , M & I Cole, NSW

Reserve Junior Champion
Lightning Ridge-CMD Incentive Comet (Incentive), 1st Rising Star ‐ Heifer Under 12 Months on Show Day, Patten, Senecal & Moscript, Vic

HM Junior Champion
Parrabel Minister Venus (Minister), 1st born 01/07/16 to 31/12/1 , Parrabel Genetics, NSW

Intermediate Champion
Cairnbrae Valentino Daisy 16, 1st 3yrs in Milk, A & J Carson, Vic

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Bluechip Galaxies Rory (Celebrity), 2nd 3yrs in Milk, Bluechip Genetics, Vic

HM Intermediate Champion
Bushlea Irwins Jenny (Irwin), 1st Senior 3 in Milk, Rocky Allen, Blair Weeks & Omeara, NSW

Senior Champion
Bushlea Van Fernleaf 10 (Vanahlem), 1st 5yrs in Milk, Borba, Senecal, Fisher, Vander Meulen, Cullen & Hanford, Vic

Reserve Senior Champion
Broadlin Illusion 2817 (Illusion), 1st 7yrs & Over in Milk, Broad Family, NSW

HM Senior Champion
Brookbora Tbone Bonita 2nd (Tbone), 2nd 5yrs in Milk, R, S & D Bacon, Vic

Grand Champion
Bushlea Van Fernleaf 10 (Vanahlem), Borba, Senecal, Fisher, Vander Meulen, Cullen & Hanford

Heifer born on or after 01/07/17 (10)

  1. Regal Park Joels Laramie (Joel), DJ & SM Mayo & D & D Stalker, NSW
  2. Winganna Velocity Day Dream (Velocity), Coburn Family, NSW
  3. Cherrylock Rumour Has It (Venom), B & J Gavenlock, Vic
  4. Miami Medalist Fiesta 5493 (Medalist), Philmar Dairy Company, NSW
  5. Kings Ville Vicky 29 (Barcelona), R & K Anderson, Vic

Rising Star ‐ Heifer Under 12 Months on Show Day (10)

  1. Lightning Ridge‐CMD Incentive Comet (Incentive), D Patten, M Senecal & C Moscript, Vic
  2. Brookbora Pansy Madiera 95R (Vanhalem), S & D Bacon, Vic
  3. Winganna Velocity Day Dream (Velocity), Coburn Family, NSW
  4. Bushlea Viral Iris (Viral), Bushlea Farms, Vic
  5. Zenith Park Tequila Silvermine (Tequila), N & J Davies, SA

Heifer born 01/01/17 to 30/06/17 (10)

  1. Rivendell Principal Tammi (Principal), M & I Col, NSW
  2. Lightning Ridge‐CMD Incentive Comet (Incentive), D Patten, M Senecal & C Moscript ,NSW
  3. Kings Ville Marie 72 (Macho), R & K Anderson, Vic
  4. Brookbora Pansy Madiera 95R (Vanhalem), S & D Bacon, Vic
  5. Zenith Park Tequila Silvermine (Tequila), N & J Davies, SA

Heifer born 01/07/16 to 31/12/1 (10)

  1. Parrabel Minister Venus (Minister), Parrabel Genetics, NSW
  2. Cherrylock Victoria’s Secret (Impression), B Pedretti, Vic
  3. Cedar Vale Bontino Lynn (Bontino), Cedar Vale Jerseys, NSW
  4. Aitken Farms BW Karbala Bonita (Karbala), Aitken Farms, Vic
  5. Rivendell Getaway Progress (Getaway), Rivendell Jerseys, NSW

Dry born 01/01/16 to 30/06/16 (9)

  1. Miami Blackice Dahlea 5255 (Black Ice),Philmar Dairy Company, NSW
  2. Rockstar Van Ilagay (Vanhalem), Allen & O’Meara, NSW
  3. Adadale HG Avalon (Hired Gun), S & S Paulger, Kenilworth, QL
  4. Wanstead Valentino Junette (Valentino), Wanstead Jerseys, Vic
  5. Wellcoora Colton Veronica (Colton), A Hanks, Vic

Dry, born 01/07/15 to 31/12/15 (3)

  1. Cedar Vale DH Tequila Crystalyn Imp‐Et (Tequila), Cedar Vale Jerseys & M Mangold, NSW
  2. Glenmara Van Girlie (Vanhalem), Maraglen Jerseys, Vic
  3. Jireh Rural Macquail (Rural), C & P Mackenzie, Vic

Cow, Dry born prior to 01/01/14 (1)

  1. Jimann Res Starlight 91 (Resurrection), C Swindlehurst, Vic

2 yrs in Milk, born 01/07/15 to 30/06/16 (10)

  1. Windy Ways Galaxies Dawn 7 (Celebrity), F Walsh, Vic
  2. Rivendell Valculse Victory (Valculse), Rivendell Jerseys, NSW
  3. Bushlea Val Jenny (Valentino), Bushlea Farms, Vic
  4. Miami Tequila Girlie 5130 (Tequila), Philmar Dairy Company, NSW
  5. Loxleigh Vanahlem Melanie 5696 (Vanhalem), G & N Akers, Vic

2 & 1/2 yrs in Milk, born 01/01/15 to 30/06/15 (10)

  1. Miami Koop Valma 5062 (Koop), Philmar Dairy Company, NSW
  2. Runway Gentry Veronica (Gentry), B & A Cullen & A & E Cullen, Vic
  3. Rivendll Feather Tammy (Socrates), Rivendell Jerseys, NSW
  4. Rivendell Applejack Halena‐ET (Applejack), Rivendell Jerseys, NSW
  5. Hazel Vale Valentino Benita 2 ET (Valentino), J Hayes, Vic

3yrs in Milk, born 01/07/14 to 31/12/14 (10)

  1.  Cairnbrae Valentino Daisy 16 (Valentino), AG & JA Carson, Vic
  2. Bluechip Galaxies Rory (Celebrity), Bluechip Genetics, Vic
  3. Cairnbrae Valentino Althea 3 (Valentino), AG & JA Carson, Vic
  4. Sweet Apple Pie (Apple Jack), Allen & CC&J Cochrane, NSW
  5. Kings Vale Premier Madge (Premier), Maxmount Jerseys, Vic


Senior 3 in Milk, born 01/01/14 to 30/06/14 (10)

  1. Bushlea Irwins Jenny (Irwin), R Allen & C O’Meara, NSW
  2. Brookbora Valentino Fair Mavis (Valentino), R, S & D Bacon, Vic
  3. Brunchilli Vanahlem Eileen 2 (Vanhalm), Brunchilli & Rivendell Jerseys, NSW
  4. Rivendell Tequila Elisa (Tequila), Rivendell Jerseys, NSW
  5. Mikandan Galaxies Rose 336 (Celebrity), J Mathews, Vic

4yrs in Milk, born 01/07/13 to 31/12/13 (5)

  1. Kardinia Park Tbone Eileen (Tbone), JT & BO Campbell, Vic
  2. Eurarie TB Princess 2 (Tbone), RK & JL Easterbrook, Vic
  3. Trinity Merchant Bonita (Merchant), Bushlea Farms, Vic
  4. Narara Glen Tequila Clau (Tequila), A & M Gavenlock, NSW
  5. Brunchilli Velocity Naccissis (Velocity), Brunchilli & Rivendell Jerseys, NSW

5yrs in Milk, born 01/07/12 to 30/06/13 (10)

  1. Bushlea Van Fernleaf 10 (Vanahlem), F&D Borba, M Senecal, C Fisher, A&J Vander
  2. Brookbora Tbone Bonita 2nd (Tbone), R, S & D Bacon, Vic
  3. Lara Premier Lassie 56 (Premier), E Cullen, Vic
  4. Brookbora Vanahlem Estelle (Vanahlem), R, S & D Bacon, Vic
  5. Kings Ville Belle 72 (Getaway), R & K Anderson, Vic

6yrs in Milk, born 01/07/11 to 30/06/12 (8)

  1. Lara Bbc Silvermine 119 (Connection), E Cullen, Vic
  2. Miami Vanahlem Cowslip 4594‐ET (Vanahlem), Philmar Dairy Company, NSW
  3. Riverside Governor Ginger 703 (Governor), Riverside Jerseys, Vic
  4. Shirlinn Tequila Snowflake (Tequila), L Fraser, NSW
  5. Yenolam Legion Althea (Legion), P Hentschke & J Falls, NSW

7yrs & Over in Milk, born Prior to 01/07/11 (4)

  1. Broadlin Illusion 2817 (Astound), Broad Family, Vic
  2. Shirlinn Governor Eve (Governor), Wilson Family‐Shirlinn Jerseys, NSW
  3. Miami Spiritual Portia 4221 (Spiritual), Philmar Dairy Company, NSW

Best Udder
Broadlin Illusion 2817 (Illusion), Broad Family

Pen of Three Females Owned by the Exhibitor

  1. Philmar Dairy Company, NSW
  2. R, S & D Bacon, VIC
  3. E Cullen, Vic

Exhibitor Encouragement Award
Ben Pedretti

Premier Sire
All Lynns Loui Valentino

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Philmar Dairy Co