Holstein Quebec Embryo Sale 2014

November 7th, 2014 @ 5 p.m. (Est) @ Centre BMO, St-Hyacinthe, QC

40 embryo lots

Sale averaged $1072 on 41 lots of embryos.  See top 5 prices online now. View the sale catalog highlighting the 40 exportable embryo lots!

Top Sellers

Lot 6- Ste Odile Manoman Mod Platine X Edg Rubicon $2600
Buyer: Expertise Globale James Peel Et Ferme Pellerat, QC
Consignor: Ferme Ste. Odile Inc Et Ferme Jean-Baptiste Lepage & Fils Inc., QC

Lot 1- Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk               x Val-Bisson Doorman $2500
Buyer: Jonathan Lamp, USA
Consignor: Ferme Jean-Paul Petitclerc & Fils Inc., QC

Lot 4- Comestar Lau Damion x Braedale Goldwyn $2500
Buyer: Jefo Nutrition, QC
Consignor: Comestar Holstein, QC

Lot 8- Larcrest Cherish-ET x Uecker Supersire Josuper-ET $2500
Buyer: Bureau Vétérinaire B. St-Pierre Inc., QC
Consignor: Syndicat Alphagen, QC

Lot 3- Lookout Elmbridge Lady Rouge x MAS $2000
Buyer: Ferme Giard Enr., QC
Consignor: Lookout Holsteins, Elmbridge, Frank & Diane Borda & Carlos Ignario Herrera, QC, CA Brazil

The Holstein Quebec Embryo Sale will be taking place on November
7, 2014 @ 5pm(EST) during the Supreme Dairy Show at the Centre
BMO, St-Hyacinthe, QC.

40 exciting, exportable embryo lots will be up for grabs! The online
bidding begins on November 3, 2014 to November 7, 2014.

To view Sale Catalog click HERE
For more information visit Holstein Quebec’s website HERE

Sale Contacts

Marie-Philip Brisson,Coordinator
Pierre Boulet