Holiday Harvest Futures Sale Averages $6177

December 19, 2012 @ East Lansing, MI

Selling for $6500 and higher:

Lot G – $32,500 The Stanton Brothers of Ilderton, ON will have the first choice of a Colt 45 or a Predestine female due September, 2013 out of Ri-Val-Re Bookem Hero-ET GTPI +2416, with 7 VG & EX dams.

Lot A – $18,500  First choice Golden PP-Red female or a MAS March flush from Starmark Ad Hotstuff-Red EX-94, 1st 5-Year-Old & Reserve Grand Champion at the 2012 International R&W Show. This could be one of the earliest Golden PP daughters in North America.

Lot F – $17,000  First choice Crackholm Fever female due September, 2013 from Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET EX-94, nominated All-American 5-Year-Old.

Lot PP – $9,700  First choice Val Bisson Doorman female due September, 2013 from Duckett-SA Flame, a +2045 GTPI Shamrock daughter of  Harvue Roy Frosty EX97

Lot C – $8,000  First choice red-carrier, polled, Golden PP-Red female from Larcrest Chessa VG87, a Lightning daughter of Larcrest Crimson EX91 GMD DOM, then Cosmopolitan, VG87 +2091

Lot J – $7,200 First choice of 14 pregnancies due this month by Meridian or Petrone out of Sandy-Valley Atwd Barbie VG-87 +4.07T, the #10 PTAT cow of the breed from the Barbie family.

Lot S – $7,000 First choice MAS or Predestine female guaranteed *PO out of Ver-Hages LD Sacha-Red-ET *PO VG-85 VG-MS, then ten more VG & EX dams from the Glen Drummond Splendor family.

Lot N – $6,500 First choice from one of the hottest crosses in the breed – Numero Uno x the Roxy’s! Buyer gets a choice of 6 heifers out of Scientific Gold Demi Rae *RC EX-90 GTPI +1865, then EX-92 Debutante Rae.