High Seller at the Autumn Select Tag Sale at Smygwaty Holsteins goes for $51,000!

September 21 & 22, 2022 @ Russell, ON

High seller
Lot 2, Smygwatys Alligator Raindrop topped the sale at $51,000! ©Smygwaty

Lot 2, Smygwatys Alligator Raindrop topped the Autumn Select Tag Sale at Smygwaty Holsteins 2022 with a high sell of $51,000! The ‘Gator’ is now owned by Duckett Holsteins, Riverdown Holsteins and Winright Holsteins. The sale saw an average of $6502 on 24 sold lots!

View the official sold lot list here! 

Sale Managers
Terry Smygwaty … 613-794-8616
Holly Smygwaty … 613-791-8616

Sale Location
Smygwaty Holsteins
1547 Wade Rd
Russell, ON
K4R 1E5
**Visitors are welcome anytime. We are only 30 minutes from the site of the 2022 International Plowing Match in Kemptville, Ontario!**

Sale Staff
Chris Uhr … 613-859-2636
Jonathan Rylaarsdam … 613-304-1754
Justin Velthuis … 613-327-4288
Mark Smith … 613-297-8806
Matt Enright … 613-227-3827

Intend to bid must be placed with sale manager or sale staff by September 21 at 12:30 pm. Bid off will take place shortly after.

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Remaining Available Lots

Sale Updates & Price List

Classification Highlights

Classification Updates from the September 19th classification round:

1st Lactation

  • Lot 2-Smygwatys Alligator Raindrop-VG87-Max Score
  • Lot 7-Smygwatys Unix Pam-VG86
  • Lot 28-Smygwatys Doorman Australia-VG86
  • Smygwatys All For It Nugget-VG86
  • Smygwatys Alligator Arctic-VG85
  • Lot 15-Knonaudale Just Do It-VG85
  • Lot 25-Smygwatys Denver Bacon-VG85
  • Kozy-Kountry A Party-VG85
  • Smygwatys Doorman Dynamite Rae-VG85
  • Lookout Lucky Babe-VG85
  • Smygwatys Doorman Arizona-GP84
  • Smygwatys All For It Black-GP84
  • Lot 24-Smygwatys All For It Walleye-GP83

2nd Lactation

  • Lot 18-Sandy Crest Night Hawk-VG87
  • Smygwatys Octane Brandy-VG87
  • Lot 12-Harthaven GC Anniversary-VG86

3rd + Lactation

  • Lot 33A-Floydholm G Chip Elanore-EX-91
  • Smygwatys Cup Adorable-EX-4E
  • Tiara Doorman Alexis-EX-91-2E
  • Borderview Crush Starstruck-EX-90
  • Smygwatys Stanleycup Alyssa-EX-90
  • Tiara Chip Autumn-VG-88
  • Smygwatys Control Alaska-VG-88
  • Smygwatys Doorman Taco-VG-87
  • Smygwatys Defiant Freezie-VG-87

Sale Video Highlights

Sale Highlights

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Guest Consignments

Sale Consignments

Consignments will also be on offer from these outstanding breeders!

  • Aija Holsteins
  • Clear View Farm (CVF)
  • Delcreek Holsteins
  • Drentex Jerseys
  • Ferme Ourstein
  • Harthaven Holsteins
  • Knonaudale Holsteins
  • KSF Holsteins
  • London Dairy
  • Mile View Holsteins
  • Riverdown Holsteins
  • Rosevine Holsteins
  • Sandy Crest Holsteins
  • Winright Holsteins