Halifax County Exhibition Color Breeds Show 2014

Aug 15, 2014 @ Middle Musquodoboit , N.S.

Callum McKiven - Quebec, Canada

Musqie Iotola Martha named Grand Champion of the Halifax County Exhibition Color Breeds Show. 

Junior Champions

Junior Champion
Pine Haven Walker Viva, 1st Junior Heifer, Pine Haven

Reserve Junior Champion
Brixham Poker Celebrate, 1st Senior Heifer, L. Anderson/Windarra

Grand Champions

Grand Champion
Musqie Iotola Martha, Sr 3 Year Old,  Musqie Valey

Reserve Grand Champion
Musqie Sultan Myra, 5 Year Old, Musqie Valley

Premier Breeder and Exhibiter
Pine Haven Farm

Junior Heifer (2)

  • 1. Pine Haven Walker Viva (Walker) Jer, Pine Haven Farm
    2. Brixham Bart Magnificent (Bart) Ayr, L. Anderson/Windarra Farm

Intermediate Calf (5)

1. Pine Haven Colton Betty (Colton) Jer, Pine Haven Farm
2. Lashburn MA Chikmas (Marc Anthony) Ayr, Musquie Valley
3. Wynt Konspiracy Evita (Konspiracy) Jer, Dave & Helena Cole

Senior Heifer (5)

1. Brixham Poker Celebrate (Celebrate) Ayr,L. Anderson/Windarra Farm
2. Musqie Jupiter Slinky (Jupiter) Jer, Musqie Valley Farm
3. Pine Haven SSM Kitty (Minister) Jer, Pine Haven

Summer Yearling (3)

1. Pine Haven CM Pet (Milad P) Jer, Pine Haven
2. Musqie Calimero Chikaroo (Calimero)Ayr, Musquie Valley
3. Early Morning Emerald (Sultan) Jer, Early Morning Jerseys

Junior Yearling (3)

1. Pine Haven Colton Gypsy(Colton) Jer,Pine Haven
2. Early Morning Ronnie(Sultan) Jer, Early Morning
3. Wynt Jupiter Lalide(Jupiter) Jer, Dave /Helena Cole

Intermediate Yearling (3)

1. Pine haven Colton Trixie (Colton) Jer , Pine Haven
2. Wynt David Ella(David) Jer, Dave/Helena Cole
3. Early MorningMarsadies (Sultan) Jer Early Morning

Jr 2 yr old (3)

1. Musqie Grandious Maya (Grandious) Musqie valley
2. An Innis Ard Sarahs Zoey, Early Morning
3. Early Morning Bline, Early Morning

Sr. 3 yr Old (1)

1. Musqie Iotola Martha (Iatola), Musqie Valley

4 Yr Old (1)

1. Early Morning Leanne (Advice) Early Morning

5 yr Old (1)

1. Musqie Sultan Myra (Sultan), Musqie Valley

Mature Cow (1)

1. Early Morning Elaine (Wanker) , Early Morning