Green Acres Holstein Club Annual Show 2022

May 28, 2022 @ Lethbridge, AB

Dale Bienert, AB

It was a sweeping win for the Diamond Park Dairy family! Grand Champion of the 2022 Green Acres Holstein Club Annual Show is Senior 3-year-old, Diamondpark Sidekick Cocoa (Sidekick), exhibited by Diamond Park Dairy! Judge Dale Bienert, AB was the official judge of the day! Watch for results and photos throughout the day thanks to the sponsorship from the Green Acres Holstein Club! 

Grand Champion

Grand Champion & Best Udder
Diamondpark Sidekick Cocoa (Sidekick), 11st Senior 3-Year-old, Diamond Park Dairy

Reserve Grand Champion
Diamondpark Emilio Fanci (Emilio), 1st 4-year-old, Diamond Park Dairy

HM Grand Champion
Diamondpark Tatoo Hotchicks (Tatoo), 1st Junior 3-year-old, Diamond Park Dairy


Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Bert-Mar Moovin Amarillo (Moovin), 1st Fall Calf, Diamond Park Dairy

Reserve Junior Champion
Kenbert Doorman Enjoya (Doorman), 1st Winter Yearling, Diamond Park Dairy

HM Junior Champion
Wendon TL Chief Berry (Chief), 1st Winter Calf, Quintus Dairy

4-H Junior Champion

4-H Junior Champion
Bert-Mar Moovin Amarillo (Moovin), 1st Fall Calf, Diamond Park Dairy

Reserve 4-H Junior Champion
Kenbert Doorman Enjoya (Doorman), 1st Winter Yearling, Diamond Park Dairy

HM 4-H Junior Champion
Jeanlu Avalanche Gleam (Avalanche), 5th Fall Calf, Diamond Park Daiy

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor 
Diamond Park Dairy

Spring Calf (6)

1. Marylander Milano Asher (Milano), Marylander Holsteins
2. (1st 4-H) ABJuno Warrior Nella (Warrior), Emma Huisman
3. Vandendool Barlo-SG Bounce (Barolo SG), Vanden Dool Farms
4. Decoy Respect Limelight (Respect), Decoy Holsteins
5. Couleeview Ferraro 1939 (Ferraro), Couleeview

Winter Calf (11)

1. Wendon TL Chief Berry (Chief), Quintus Dairy
2. (1st 4-H) ABJuno Denver Moni 315 (Denver), Lauren Huisman
3. Marylander Pharo Russian (Pharo), Marylander Holsteins
4. Diamondpark America’s Sweety (American 684) Diamond Park
5. Decoy Sidekick Estella (Sidekick), Decoy Holsteins

Fall Calf (14)

1. (1st 4-H) Bert-Mar Moovin Amarillo (Moovin), Diamond Park Dairy
2. Reimer Analyst Kara (Analyst), Reimer Holsteins
3. Quintus Sidekick Fern 839 (Sidekick), Quintus Dairy
4. Jeanlu Avalanche Gleam (Avalanche), Diamond Park Dairy
5. Skycrest Lambda Poncho (Delta Lambda), Diamond Park Dairy

Summer Yearling (5)

1. Marylander Lambda Patty (Delta Lambda), Marylander Holsteins
2. (1st 4-H) Diamondpark T Miss Alberta (Tropic), Diamond Park
3. Diamondpark Picasso Koala (Picasso), Diamond Park
4. Reimer DBack Pint (Diamondback), Reimer Holsteins
5. Bridgedale Jordan Maryann #694 (Jordan), Jaylon Oudshoorn

Spring Yearling (6)

1. Marylander Warrior Monroe (Warrior), Marylander Holsteins
2. (1st 4-H) Diamondpark Artisan Episode (Artisan), Diamond Park
3. Wendon Lambda Yarn (Delta Lambda), Diamond Park Dairy
4. Diamondpark Denver Favra (Denver), Diamond Park Dairy
5. ABJuno Harvest Josephine 562 (Harvest), Juno Dairy

Winter Yearling (7)

1. (1st 4-H) Kenbert Doorman Enjoya (Doorman), Diamond Park Dairy
2. Jacobs Unix Vegas (Unix), Decoy Holsteins
3. Marylander Milano Fancy (Milano), Marylander Holsteins
4. Reimer Tatoo Karma (Tatoo), Reimer Holsteins
5. Bridgedale Crushabull Fantasy #663 (Crushabull), Bridgedale

Fall Yearling (3)

1. Marylander Mirand Melody (Mirand), Marylander Holsteins
2. (1st 4-H) Diamondpark Warrior Bettine (Warrior), Diamond Park Dairy
3. Diamondpark Dback Klutz Red (Diamondback), Diamond Park Dairy

4-H Breeders Herd

1. Elenor Slingerland
2. Edwin Slingerland
3. Chloe VandenDool

Junior Breeders Herd

1. Marylander Holsteins
2. Diamond Park Dairy
3. Diamond Park Dairy

Junior 2-Year-Old (1)

1. (B&O) Maryland Side Sierra (Sidekick), Marylander Holsteins

Senior 2-Year-Old (2)

1. Vogue Mirand Sunny Side Up-P (Mirand), Nifera Holsteins
2. Marylander Mogul Angle (Mogul), Marylander Holsteins

Junior 3-year-old (3)

1. (B&O) Diamondpark Tatoo Hotchicks (Tatoo), Diamond Park Dairy
2. Nifera Army Button (Army), Nifera Holsteins
3. Marylander Wilson Missy (Wilson), Marylander Holsteins

Senior 3-year-old (6)

1. Diamondpark Sidekick Cocoa (Sidekick), Diamond Park Dairy
2. Marylander Fitz Skye (Fitz), Marylander Holsteins
3. Diamondpark Spike Kool-Aid (Spike), Diamond Park Dairy
4. Unique Candyman Moonlight (Candyman), Emma Huisman
5. Nifera Rejoicing Ruby (Rejoicing), Decoy Holsteins

4-year-old (2)

1. Diamondpark Emilio Fanci (Emilio), Diamond Park Dairy
2. Decoy Jacoby Sylvester (Jacoby), Decoy Holsteins

5-year-old (3)

1. Decoy Jacoby Exactly (Jacoby), Decoy Holsteins
2. Diamondpark Avalanche Jada (Avalanche), Diamond Park Dairy
3. Marylander Mogul Maggie (Mogul), Marylander Holsteins

Mature Cow (1)

1. Nifera Activator Annika (Activator), Nifera Holsteins

PeeWee Showmanship & Conformation

Congratulations to the PeeWee’s on a great job well done!

Junior Showmanship (4)

1. Edwin Slingerland
2. Bryson Vander Veen
3. Alexa Haarman
4. Kaden Haarman

Intermediate Showmanship (5)

1. Eleanor Slingerland
2. Lauren Huisman
3. Rose Huisman
4. Myla Avey
5. Chloe Van Den Dool

Senior Showmanship (5)

1. Larissa Slingerland
2. Emma Huisman
3. Simone Huisman
4. Cari Haarman
5. Jay Oudshoorn


Grand Champion Showman

Grand Champion Showman
Larissa Slingerland

Reserve Grand Champion Showman
Emma Huisman

HM Grand Champion Showman
Eleanor Slingerland

4-H Fall Heifer Calf (14)

1. Bert-Mar Moovin Amarillo (Moovin), Larissa Slingerland
2. Jeanlu Avalanche Gleam (Avalanche), Eleanor Slingerland
3. Diamondpark Warrior Klondike (Warrior), Edwin Slingerland
4. Malibu-Lou Cohort Mimosa (Cohort), Emma Huisman
5. ABJuno Harvest Lea 248 (Harvest), Lauren Huisman