Goldwyn crowned Grand Champion of Atlantic Summer Classic Show

Aug 10, 2019 @ Charlottetown, PEI

Steve Fraser, ON

The Atlantic Summer Classic Holstein Show took place on August 10, 2019 in Charlottetown, PEI. Steve Fraser of Fraeland Holsteins, Fergus, ON, served as the official judge. For his Grand Champion, he chose Melboro Goldwyn Sassy, the Goldwyn daughter that won the second & third lactation 40-47 months class and was exhibited by Bernadale Holstein of Richmond, PEI. Reserve Grand Champion honors were claimed by the winning 4-year-old, Eastside Lewisdale Miss Silver, a Bradnick daughter exhibited by the Bloyce Thompson & Lewis Bros partnership.

Results and photos courtesy of Angela Masters and the Atlantic Holstein News!

Grand Champion

Grand Champion 
Melboro Goldwyn Sassy (Goldwyn), 1st second & third lactation 40-47 months, Bernadale Holstein

Reserve Grand Champion
Eastside Lewisdale Miss Silver (Bradnick), 1st 4-year-old, Bloyce Thompson & Lewis Bros

HM Grand Champion
Bernadale Goldwyn Nikki (Goldwyn), 1st 5-year-old, Bernadale Holstein

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion 
Gleann Atwood Glennelg (Atwood), 1st first lactation 30 months & over, East River Farms

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Vale-O-Skene Goldwyn Karebear (Goldwyn), 1st first lactation under 25 months, Elmer Weeks

HM Intermediate Champion
Cobequid Doorman Peta (Doorman), 2nd first lactation 30 months & over, Cobequid Holsteins & Diamond Hill Farms

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Eastside Lewisdale Chief Amaze (Chief), 1st fall yearling, Bloyce Thompson, Diamond Hill Farms & Lewis Bros

Reserve Junior Champion
Heart&Soul JK Dback Gold (Diamondback), Blair Weeks

HM Junior Champion
Garden-State Airlift Expose (Airlift), 1st summer yearling, T & L Cattle Co

Junior Breeder & Exhibitor

Junior Breeder
1. Eastside
2. Winterbay

Junior Exhibitor
1. Goldenflo
2. Winterbay

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder
1. Eastside
2. Cobequid

Premier Exhibitor
1. Elmer Weeks
2. Bernadale Holstein

Spring Calf

1. JM Valley Doorman Topdog (Doorman), Macbeath Farms Ltd
2. Zirka Denver Casablanca (Denver), Porter Weeks
3. Diamond Hill Unix Sassy (Unix), Wade & Logan Dickie
4. Homtosta Sidekick Amy (Sidekick), James R. Ward Farm Inc
5. Winterbay Goldwyn Guinevere (Goldwyn), Winterbay Farms

Winter Calf

1. Knonaudale Door Aggie (Doorman), Diamond Hill Farms & Elmer Weeks
2. Eastcrest Janice Control (Control), Eastcrest Holseins
3. Colstein Benefit Of Doubt (Benefit), Eloc Farm
4. Winterbay Victor Jewel (Victor), Winterbay Farms
5. Goldenflo Undenied Sodium (Undenied), Macbeath Farms Ltd

Fall Calf

1. Heart&Soul JK Dback Gold (Diamondback), Blair Weeks
2. Hi-Calibre Goldchip Ariel (Gold Chip), Browntown Farms Ltd, Porter Weeks & Vector Genetics
3. Cobequid Alister Lysine (Alister), Cobequid Holsteins
4. Eastside Lewisdale HJ Amaze (Callen), Bloyce Thompson & Lewis Bros
5. Weeksdale Dundee Diode (Dundee), Blair Weeks & Elmer Weeks

Summer Yearling

1. Garden-State Airlift Expose (Airlift), T & L Cattle Ltd
2. Homtosta Jacoby Gracie (Jacoby), James R. Ward Farm Inc
3. Eastside Off The Charts (Saboto), Bloyce Thompson
4. Browntown Goldchip Glimmer (Gold Chip), Porter Weeks & Browntown Farms Ltd
5. Brabantdale Sidekick Amazon (Sidekick), Elmer Weeks & Rocky Allen

Spring Yearling

1. Trinal Love To Win (Solomon), Westcoast Holsteins
2. Knonaudale Ohyah (Jacoby), Diamond Hill Farms & East River Farms
3. Rotaly Avalanche Aliza (Avalanche), Rock Herbert & Nathalie Dumais
4. Weeberlac Jacoby Pandora (Jacoby), Acradia Farms, Metropolis Holsteins & Tim and Diane Groniger

Winter Yearling

1. Radiant Jasper Alberta (Jasper), Radiant Holsteins
2. Runway Sassy Sangria (Monterey), Kathryn McCully
3. Weeksdale Jantunen Cherokee (Jantunen), Elmer Weeks

Fall Yearling

1. Eastside Lewisdale Chief Amaze (Chief), Bloyce Thompson, Diamond Hill Farms & Lewis Bros
2. Goldenflo Fitz Rice Krispies (Fitz), Macbeath Farms Ltd
3. Idee Imac 645 (Imac), Elmer Weeks, Frank A and Diane Borba, Gerardo & Jose Gonzalez, Hodglynn Holsteins, and Select Farm & Export Services Inc

Junior Herd

1. Eastside
2. Goldenflo
3. Winterbay
4. Cobequid

1st Lactation Under 25 months

1. Vale-O-Skene Goldwyn Karebear (Goldwyn), Elmer Weeks
2. Birkentree Andre Sarah Beth (Andre), Birkentree Holsteins
3. Eastside High Octane Stella (High Octane), Bloyce Thompson & RM Farms
4. Cobequid Doorman Fia (Doorman), Jaydn & Kennedy Kimball

1st Lactation 26-29 months

1. Cobequid Benifit Scandal (Benefit), Cobequid Holsteins & Thomas Frederick Groves

1st Lactation 30 Months & Over

1. Gleann Atwood Glenelg (Atwood), East River Farms
2. Cobequid Doorman Peta (Doorman), Coequid Holsteins & Diamond Hill Farms
3. Eastside Golden Booboo (Windbrook), Bloyce Thompson
4. Goldenflo Bankroll Lollipop (Bankroll), Bernadale Holstein
5. Weeksdale Sid Vegas (Sid), Elmer Weeks

2nd lactation 39 months & Under

1. Birkentree Seaver Cassidy (Seaver), Birkentree Holsteins
2. Weeksdale Golden Lilly (Golden Dreams), Elmer Weeks

2nd & 3rd lactation 40-47 months

1. Melboro Goldwyn Sassy (Goldwyn), Bernadale Holstein
2. Springbend Reginald Drum Roll (Reginald), Joel Phoenix and T & L Cattle Ltd
3. Weeksdale Bradnick Delauney (Bradnick), Elmer Weeks
4. Sicy Doorman Brie (Doorman), Elmer Weeks & Hi-Calibre Holsteins
5. Cobequid Golden Dreams Skylar (Golden Dreams), Cobequid Holstein


1. Eastside Lewisdale Miss Silver (Bradnick), Bloyce Thompson & Lewis Bros
2. Mactalla Control Lilly (Control), Diamond Hill Farms
3. Royalwater Lineman Bouquet (Lineman), Elmer Weeks
4. Gleann Atwood Lexus (Atwood), Bruce Thompson


1. Bernadale Goldwyn Nikki (Goldwyn), Bernadale Holstein
2. Eastside Colt Famous (Colt 45), Bloyce Thompson
3. C V F Windbrook Rosette (Windbrook), Elmer Weeks

Mature Cow

1. Eastside Windhammer Olivia (Windhammer), Bloyce Thompson
2. Cobequid Goldsun Sybill (Goldsun), Cobequid Holsteins
3. Gleann Sid Show N Tell (Sid), Bruce Thomson
4. Marbri Bruno Lawless (Bruno), Bernadale Holstein
5. Idee Sid Carissa (Sid), Bernadale Holstein

Lifetime Production Cow

1. Birkentree DH Lauthority Ella (Lauthority), Birkentree Holsteins

Breeder's Herd

1. Eastside Holsteins
2. Elmer Weeks
3. Cobequid Holsteins
4. Birkentree Holsteins
5. Bruce Thomson & Family