German Masters Sale 2014

October 18, 2014 @ Bitburg, Germany

Top lots sell at German Masters sale on the 18th of October – view details here! Choice going back to Butz-Buttler Gold Barbara made availabe! Photos now online

Sale Updates

Sale Highlights

Lot 1: M.E. Dal NH Inlove VG-86-DE 2yr.
(Goldwyn x M.E.Dal Stormatic Ilma EX-95-IT)
   * Fantastic young cow!
   * Straight out of the European Champion Ilma!
   * Ilma is fresh again and better than ever! 
   * 5 Excellent generations in the pedigree
   * Great flush history

Lot 2. NH Yorick Iluminati
   * Yorick x Goldwyn x Ilma EX-95-IT!
* The next generation
* Fantastic show heifer

Lot 7. RR Applause-Red
   * Sympatico grand dtr of Aiko EX-91 -> sister to Apple EX-96 USA!!
* Top 10 GTPI R&W heifer in Europe
* One of the greatest opportunities in Europe ever from the Apple / Aiko family

Lot 12. NH Shotglass Abby
   * From the Canyon-Breeze August family
* The same family as CB Allen, Airlift, Attic and more!

Lot 13. NH Abby *RC
   * Red Carrier heifer from the Abbigail cow family!

Lot 14. NH Mascalese Lolita
   * Mascalese x VG 2yr. Lauthority x EX-91-USA Shottle x Savage-Leigh Allen Leona EX-95-USA
* Show heifer from the Leona / Licorice family

Lot 19. Büttighofer Beacon Queen VG-DE 2yr.
   * Top 15 GTPI Cow in Europe
* The #2 GTPI Beacon in Europe
* Dam to the #2 & #7 GTPI Massey dtrs World Wide, one sold for EUR 65.000
* Open and Ready to flush

Lot 26. NH HS Maracana *RC *P
* Top ranking OURCROSS & POLLED Heifer
* Great opportunity from the outstanding transmitting young cow, Mellow

Lot 34. Anthony’s Belle Vue Aikm Sirene-Red
* Big Time RED – RZG +150 / GTPI +2120
* Grand dtr to Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk, dam to Sympatico, Seneca & Stoic!

Lot 36. RR NH Sherly-Red
* RED Wilder Kanu P daughter
* Straight form the #1 GTPI RC Cow in the World!

Lot 39. NH Goldwyn Electricity
   * Goldwyn x Lead Mae cow family
* Take this chance now to buy a GOLDWYN dtr!

Lot 50. WIT Jana-Red
* RED Show heifer from Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96-USA
* Great sire stack: Ladd P x Jotan x Advent

Lot 67. KNS Rally
* Maternal sister to BOSS! Former #1 RZG Bull
* Genomic miracle: GTPI 2428 / RZG 153

Lot 70. EBH Mandoline
* 166 RZG!!
* One of the highest production heifers in the German system
* The family of Mardi Gras, Mogul, Powerball-P, Supersire & many more

Lot 72. Lis Morsan Golda-Red (VRC)
* Unique R&W pedigree: Braxton x Pronto x Goldwyn

Lot 81. EIT Asia-Red *P
* Red & Polled from the German Annabell cow family
* Well known for their high production with PROTEIN

British Breeders Consign Fantastic Opportunity in German Masters Sale
Huddlesford Holsteins and I-Cow Holsteins are selling a fantastic opportunity for someone in the 2014 German Masters Sale, held on Saturday 18 Oct at 18:00, Bitburg, Germany.
The winner bidder will have the choice of a Val-Bisson Doorman heifer – Huddlesford ICow Barbara – or a De-Su Bkm McCutchen heifer –Huddlesford ICow McBarbie – both out of the renowned cow, Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX92.
Gold Barbara has impressive wins at the World Dairy Expo under her belt, including Res. Int. Champion 2012, Int. Champion 2013 and 1st Four-Year Old 2014. She was also Unanimous All American Senior 2-year old in 2012 and All American Jnr 3-year old in 2013.

Sale Information

Date:  Saturday, October the 18th 2014
Place:  Bitburg, Germany


10:00 – 16:00    Open Barn day at Nosbisch Holsteins
16:00    Sale barn open, Auktionshalle Bitburg – Germany
18:30    Start German Masters Sale 2014 Auctioneer: Andreas Aebi
After Sale    German October fest party in Bitburg
Sale contacts