Fun in the Sun 2020 – Hawaii Edition

February 26, 2020 @ Waikoloa, Hawaii

The Fun in the Sun – Hawaii Edition will take place in the beautiful surroundings in Waikoloa, Hawaii today at 10:00am (HST) or 3:00pm (EST). The catalog, sale updates and final sale viewing are now available on Cowsmo! A sale that will boast some of the most sought out Holstein Genomic leaders, plus some extreme type lots from All-American and All-Canadian Cows!

Sale Manager
Cattle Exchange
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W: Cattle Exchange

Sale Staff
Dave Rama … 607-435-0792
[email protected]
Scott Culbertson … 507-923-1881
[email protected]
Rick VerBeek … 614-580-8662
[email protected]
Ryan Matheron … 209-652-3511
[email protected]
Bill Rauen … 563-607-0694
[email protected]
Chris Lundgen … 920-517-8947
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Parker Friedrich … 254-413-2420
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Sale will be broadcasted live via Cowbuyer with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers! Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639.




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Sale Updates

Download the Sale updates HERE
Final catalog viewing HERE

Sale Highlights

Visit the Cattle Exchange Facebook page for more detailed genomic information on these exiting lots and more!

Sale Highlights

Lot 5&6: Full sisters by Rome x Achiever Dam due in March by the family that produced “Tango.” Backed by 7 gen. VG or EX.
Consigned by: Marshall Ridge Farm, IA

Lot 10: Buyers right to IVF (guarantee 8 #1 or 2 embryos to transfer) from this amazing Lionel daughter.
Consigned by: T-Spruce, MN

Lot 14&15: Full sister by Legacy. Full brother heading to select with +2925G +$1102NM.
Consigned by: Pen-Col & Hembury Farms, PA

Lot 17: #1GTPI & #2 NM$ Enforce calf sells as A2A2 with GTPI +2870 +1785M +97F +73P +1017NM$ +1054CM$ +7.8PL +.8DPR +2.29T!
Consigned by: Pine-Tree Dairy, OH

Lot 20: Solution calf with a GTPI +2865 +1559M +94F +54P +1047NM$ +1073CM$ +9.8PL +2.6DPR +1.32T!
Consigned by: Ri-Val-Re Holsteins, MI

Lot 21: Buyers right to IVF with min of 8 embryos guaranteed at time of transfer from the #1 RZG (+177) heifer in the world from this incredible Legacy calf.
Consigned by: Welcome Stock, NY

Lot 22: Offering buyer the right to IVF (minimum 8 transfers) the #1 NM$ Challenger dtr & she is A2A2 w/GTPI +2843 +1535M +119F +63P +1072NM$ +1108CM$ +8.0PL -.5DPR +1.61T +249FE +1310DWP$!
Consigned by: Melarry Farms, MN

Lot 30: The #3 NM$ Diversity dtr of the breed sells! Staggering +204 Fat and Protein combined/
Consigned by: Larry Lexvold, MN