Farhope Holsteins Complete Dispersal

September 19, 2014 11am @ Carson's Sale Arena, Listowel ON

The Farrell family will be dispersing their Farhope Herd from Bruce County, Ontario on the 19th of September. Catalog and details here.


Sale details & catalog

Farhope Holsteins Complete Herd Dispersal – Certified Organic Farm 2000 & Organic Meadow Members 2006.

View Sale Catalog click here

Sale Date & Location
September 19, 2014 @ 11am
Carson’s Sale Arena
5521 Perth Line 86
Listowel ON

Sale Staff & Contacts

David Carson 519.291.8252
Andrew DenHaan
Sale Staff:
Bill Haalstra, Auctioneer/Ringman 905.774.1739
Brad Carson, Ringman/Order Buyer 519.291.8052
Don Robertson, Ringman 519.291.8582

Sale Contacts:
Jamie Black 518.353.2602
Kevin Jacobs 819.817.4216
Neil Martin: 519.331.3836
Joel Phoenix: 905.852.8062
Andrew DenHaan: 705.440.6010

Fitting Coordinator
Jamie Farrell 519.835.5628