Expo de St-Hyacinthe Jersey Show 2015

July 30, 2015 @ Saint-Hyacinthe, QC

Eric Hetu, QC
49 Head

L’Ormiere Pam Pam Tequila was named Grand Champion of the Expo de St-Hyacinthe Jersey Show 2015 for Ferme Godstar Jerseys, QC by Judge Eric Hetu, QC.

Expo de St-Hyacinthe Jersey Show 2015



Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
L’Ormiere Pam Pam Tequila (Tequila), Ferme Godstar Jerseys, QC

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Edgebrook Tequila Shiloh (Tequila), Belfontaine Genetics, QC

HM Senior & HM Grand Champion
Ronada Viv Peggy (Vivitar), Belfontaine Genetics, QC

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Campbell TB Glasgow Julia (Glasgow), Campbell/Trailblazer Jerseys, QC

Reserve Junior Champion
Belfontaine Tequila Twinkle (Tequila), Belfontaine Genetics, QC

HM Junior Champion
Belfontaine Tequila Penelope (Tequila), Belfontaine Genetics, QC

Premier Breeders & Exhibitors

Premier Breeder
1. Ferme Godale, QC
2. Belfontaine Genetics
3. Ferme Godstar, QC

Premier Exhibitor
1. Belfontaine Genetics, QC
2. Campbell/Trailblazer Jerseys, QC
3. Ferme Godale, QC

Junior Premier Breeder
1. Ferme Godstar, QC
2. Belfontaine, QC
3. Campbell & Trailblazer Jerseys, QC

Junior Premier Exhibitor
1. Ferme Godstar
2. Belfontaine (tie)
2. Campbell & Trailblazer Jerseys (tie)