Expo Bulle National Holstein Show 2015

March 28, 2015 @ Pays de Fribourg, Switzerland

Mr. Francois Morand, Morandale Holsteins, Switzerland

All photo galleries & video online now! Galys Vray from Erhard & Marc Junker, Thomas Stauf  & Al.Be.Ro has been tapped out Senior Champion at Expo Bulle. Full results and pictures Sponsored by Swiss Herdbrook & Holstein Switzerland

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Sponsored by Swiss Herdbook & Holstein Switzerland

Expo Bulle is the Swiss National Holstein and Red Holstein Show organized by the Holstein Association of Switzerland and swissherdbook. A show that will be showcasing the best of the Swiss Holstein and Red Holstein breeding. Expo Bulle is an internationally known show that focuses on character, both in terms of provenance of exhibitors and of the quality of the cows presented.

9:30am Junior Holstein Show
11:00am Junior Red Holstein Show
1:00pm Senior Holstein Show
4:30pm Senior Red Holstein Show
7:30pm Breeders evening with the group Stromstoss Örgeler

Organizing Committee EXPO Bulle
Rte de Grangeneuve 31
CH – 1725 Posieux

T  +41 (0)26 305 58 90
F  +41 (0)26 305 58 04
[email protected]

Headmanager: Jean-Charles Philipona

To view their website click here

Farm tour

Friday, March 27 from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

– free visits on the farms (No organized transport) ( if interested please take contact with expo bulle or swissgenetics)

– three farms on the same region

– three farms with high quality cows (Holstein and Red Holstein) and mountain pastures

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Ptit Coeur Artes Mulane (Artes), Marc & Erhard Junker
Reserve Junior Champion
Londaly Sid Joy (Sid), Lorenz Bach & Gobeli Holsteins

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Galys Vray (Atwood), Marc & Erhard Junker
Reserve Senior Champion
Holst. Papaux Seaver Natalia (Seaver), Comex Currat-Papaux-Piller
HM Senior Champion
Haenni Sid Caline (Sid), Michel Clement & Sons

Champion Udder

Best Udder
Galys Vray (Atwood), Marc & Erhard Junker
Reserve Best Udder
Holst. Papaux Seaver Natalia (Seaver), Comex Currat-Papaux-Piller

Milking Yearling (18)

1. (BU) (BO) GS Alliance Acme Dana (Acme), GS Alliance
2. Desgranges Observe Ulanke (Observer), Frederic Overney
3. Everdes Shottle Lara (Shottle), Everdes Holsteins
4. Holst. Papaux Goldwyn Palma (Goldwyn) Comex-Currat-Papaux Piller
5. Muller Destry Coquette (Destry), Jean-Bernard & Helene Muller

Junior 2yr (18)

Junior 2 Yr Old (2)

1. (BU) Ptit Coeur Artes Mulane (Artes), Marc & Erhard Junker
2. (BO) Les Chaux Goldsun Melba (Goldsun), Pharisa-Jaquet
3. Bopi Atwood Ilali (Atwood), Oberson & Pasquier
4. GS Alliance Artes Chiara, (Artes), GS Alliance
5. Holst. Papaux Alexander Opaline (Alexander), Comex Currat-Papaux Piller

Intermediate 2 yr old (18)

1. (BU) Londaly Sid Joy (Sid), Lorenz Bach & Gobeli Holsteins
2. (BO) White Hill Sid Clea (Sid), Peter Aellig
3. Everdes Windbrook Lamina (Windbrook), Everdes Holsteins
4. Les Addoux Dempsey Sunshine (Dempsey), Claude Charriere
5. Hellender Bolt Beldona (Bolton), Peter & Rochus Heinzer

Senior 2yr Olds (18)

1. (BU) (BO) GS Alliance Goldwyn Fantasy (Goldwyn), GS Alliance
2. Les Pralies Fremont Fiona (Fremont), Pascal Menoud
3. Hellender Demolish Lady Lay (Demolish), Eric Schopfer & Thomas Ender
4. Les Addoux Dempsey Sunshine (Dempsey), Laurent & Frederic Piccand
5. Heinzer Gen. Atwood Myriam (Atwood), Rochus & Peter Heinzer

3yr Olds (18)

1. Haenni Sid Caline (Sid), Michel Clement & Sons
2. (BO) GS Alliance Fever Jingle (Fever), GS Alliance
3. Ptit Coeur Shottle Violeuse (Shottle), Roger Frossard
4. Savoleyre Windbrook Gypsy (Windbrook), Bruno Charriere
5. Bopi Fever Hevie (Fever), Oberson & Pasquier

Senior 3yr (17)

1. Galys Vray (Atwood), Marc & Erhard Junker
2. Holst. Papaux Seaver Natalia (Seaver), Comex Currat-Papaux-Piller
3. Holst. Papaux Fever Noella (Fever), Comex Currat-Papaux-Piller
4. Illens Atwood Australia (Atwood), Jacques Rouiller
5. Ptit Coeur Seaver Tabasca (Seaver), Nicolas Clement & Richard Villeneuve

4 yr Old (19)

1. Chollet-Star Goldwyn Louana (Goldwyn), Roger Frossard
2. Illens Velvet Valesia (Velvet), Jacques Rouillier
3. Morandale Bolton Kita (Bolton), GS Alliance
4. Belgique (Bulbe), Marc & Erhard Junker
5. (BO) Les Chaux Aftershock Alaska (Aftershock), Jacquet Pharisa

5 yr old (13)

1. Ptit Coeur Goldwyn Milwyna (Goldwyn), Roger Frossard
2. Savoleyre Sidney Elvina (Sidney), Bruno Charriere
3. Piller Roy Doucine (Jordan), Comex Currat-Papaux-Piller
4. Illens Jerry Suede (Jerry), Jacques Roullier
5. Les Chaux Goldwyn Amande (Goldwyn), Jacquet Pharisa

Aged Cow (9)

1. Holst.Papaux Lyster Griotte (Lyster), Comex Currat-Papaux-Piller
2. Hellender Champion Calanda (Champion), Rey & Deru
3. Class (Bolton), GS Alliance
4. Mollanges September Solene (September) P Henchoz & Y Collet
5. Wolfhead Salto Black-Kelly (Salto), Marcel Belser-Winkler