Eastern National Holstein Show

September 19, 2012 @ Harrisburg, PA

Mark Rueth, WI

Spring Calf (22)

  1. Savage Leigh Show Fev ET, (Fever), Harrison and Iager, MD
  2. Savage-Leigh Allen Lilac, (Allen), Bradley Richmond, NJ
  3. Highlight Titan Beauty, (Titan), Olivia Finke, OH
  4. Cobequid Goldwyn Danny, (Goldwyn), Kevin Doeberiener, OH
  5. Majesticview Gold Sammy, (Goldwyn), Kyle Natzke and Cassy Krull, WI

Fall Calf (22)

  1. MD-Dun-Loafin Lauth Ellie ET, (Lauthority), David Dyment and Michael Heath, ON & MD
  2. Windy-Knoll-View Cinderella, (Everest), James Burdette, PA
  3. Dunns Pride Fver Cadence, (Fever), James Dunn, PA
  4. Rivercross Atlantic Rihanna, (Atlantic), Dan Menendez, NY
  5. Roll-N-View Dempsey Roxette, (Dempsey), Cooper Galton, NY

Summer Yearling (18)

  1. Welk-Shade Sanchez Kate ET, (Sanchez), Elijah Dobay, OH
  2. Heart & Soul C U in the Ring, (Sprite), Heart and Soul & J & K Vue, PA
  3. Duckett-Harvue ATWD Flo, (Atwood), Richard Green, DE
  4. Windy-Knoll-View Pure, (Everest), James Burdette, PA
  5. Vacolait Damion Italia, (Damion), Hoover, Heim, Seipt and Hlavaty, PA

Spring Yearling (22)

  1. Sweet Peas Asteroid Larissa, (Asteroid), Lloyd and denise Pease, PA
  2. Windy-Knoll-View Parfait ET, (Atwood), James Burdette, PA
  3. Heart and Soul CS Roxanne ET, (Sprite), Heart and Soul, the Boops, PA
  4. Cedar-Crest Alexan Lollipop, (Alexander), Mark Welk, PA
  5. Butlerview Atwood Ava, (Atwood), Frank Borba, CA

Winter Yearling (13)

  1. Springway Sassy Ray, (Sanchez), Colton Thomas, Cole and Olivia Cummings, OH
  2. Sweet-Peas Asteroid Amber, (Asteroid), Lloyd and Denise Pease, PA
  3. Horizon Phoenix Jitter, ( Phoenix), Bryant Hill, NY
  4. Lawrence Haven Perseus Val, (Perseus), Ian Taylor, PAY
  5. M Signature Sanchez Siri, (Sanchez) Jacob & Jared Dueppengiesser and Andy Chlus, NY

Fall Yearling (9)

  1. Bella View Shot of Gin, (Shottle), Chris and Jen Hill, MD
  2. Peace & Plenty Asteroid Fishy, (Asteroid), Austin Scwartzbeck, MD
  3. Maple Downs CC DU Amelia, (Dundee), Emily Tillapaugh, NY
  4. Roseiers Blexy Goldwyn, (Goldwyn), Bryant Hlavaty, PA
  5. Penn Gra Dolman Autumn, (Dolman), Courtney Campbell, PA

Junior Champions

Junior Champion:
MD-Dun Loafin Lauth Ellie ET, 1st Fall Calf, David Dyment and Michael Heath, ON & MD

Reserve Junior Champion:
Springway Sassy Ray, 1st Winter Yearling, Colton Thomas, Cole & Olivia Cummings, OH

Honorable Mention Junior Champion:
Sweet-Peas Asteroid Amber, 2nd Winter Yearling, Lloyd and Denise Pease, PA

Fall Yearling in Milk (4)

  1. Windy-Knoll-View Proconi, (Contender), James Burdette, PA
  2. Luddy Damion Lizzy, (Damion), Kyle Shuey, PA
  3. Duckett SR Alex Music, (Alexander), Uber, PA
  4. Ovaltop Jen, (Goldwyn), Ovaltop, NY

Junior 2 Year Old (14)

  1. Locust Ridge Plaid Beanie, (Plaid), Robert Johnson, MD
  2. Windy-Knoll-View Chantilly, (Big Time), James Burdette, PA
  3. Goldie Sanchez Chardonay, (Sanchez), Golden Rose Farm, PA
  4. VT-Pond-Vue Gold Luka, (Goldwyn), Lloyd and Denise Pease, PA
  5. Savage Leigh Aspen Lorna, (Aspen), Savage Leigh, MD

Senior 2 Year Old (9)

  1. C-Cove-NV Atlantic Lydia, (Atlantic), Cessna Brothers, PA
  2. Ron-Rou Rudolph Lucia, (Rudolph), Van Proctor, NC
  3. Sweet-Peas Astero Gabrielle, (Asteroid), Lloyd and Denise Pease, PA
  4. Kirbyville Goldwyn Sass, (Goldwyn), Andrew Younker, PA
  5. Arethusa Goldwyn Avenue, (Goldwyn), Mike Iager, MD

Junior 3 Year Old (9)

  1. Windy Knoll View Convey, (Velvet), James Burdette, PA
  2. Ron-Rou Pronto Carlena, (Pronto), Robert Johnson, MD
  3. C-Cove Denison Lani, (Denison), Matt Lawrence, PA
  4. Durchan 109 GW Danette, (Goldwyn), Savage Leigh, MD
  5. Ovaltop Fortune Molly, (Fortune), Ovaltop, NY

Senior 3 Year Old (9)

  1. Savage Leigh Gold Lona, (Goldwyn), Savage Leigh, MD
  2. Windy-Knoll-View Pollyanna, (Laramie), James Burdette, PA
  3. Bochatay Alexxa Goldwyn, (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengiesser, NY
  4. Windy-Knoll-View Chancel, (Leduc), James Burdette, PA
  5. Lylehaven Pronto Lorena, (Pronto), Brook Corner Holsteins, PA

Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champion:
Savage Leigh Gold Lona, 1st Senior 3 Year Old, Savage Leigh, MD

Reserve Intermediate Champion:
Windy Knoll View Proconi, 1st Fall Yearling, Windy Knoll View, PA

4 Year Old (13)

  1. Windy-Knoll-View Panini, (Goldwyn), James Burdette, PA
  2. Heart & Soul Algnc Riske, (Allegiance), Matthew Boop, PA
  3. Annalea Goldwyn Alinda, (Goldwyn), Jacob Dueppengiesser, NY
  4. BKB Goldwyn August, (Goldwyn), Gene Iager and Craig Walton, OH & MD
  5. Duckett Lou Trick, (Lou), Deana Bendig, PA

5 Year Old (6)

  1. Whitaker Stormatic Rae, (Stormatic), Craig Walton & Gene Iager, OH & MD
  2. Shady Row Dundee Daphne, (Dundee), Coy Campbell, PA
  3. Smith Oak Aspen Ego, (Aspen), William Smith, PA
  4. Sunrose Delany, (Dundee), Brant Gingerich, IN
  5. Maview Kaitland Damion, (Damion), Mike Strwod, NC

Aged Cow (1)

1. Valleys End Leeder Emily, (Leeder), Mark Hough, PA

125.000 Pound Class (6)

  1. Savage Leigh Leona, (Allen), Savage Leigh, MD
  2. Scarlet Summer RB Gwendelyn, (Rubens), Jarrod & Marsha Burleigh, PA
  3. Greenwood Acres Dun Celsete, (Dundee), Connor Savage, MD
  4. Heart & Soul Reggie Regina, (Reggie), Douglas Boop, PA
  5. Ridgedale Foley, (Linjet), Cy Conard, NY

Senior & Grand Champions

Senior and Grand Champion:
Savage-Leigh Leona, 1st 125,000 cow, Savage Leigh, MD

Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion:
Whitatker Stormatic Rae, 1st 5 Year Old, Craig Walton and Gene Iager, OH & MD

Honorable Mention Senior Champion:
Windy-Knoll-View Panini, 1st 4 Year Old, Windy Knoll View, PA

Honorable Mention Grand Champion:
Savage Leigh Gold Lona, 1st Senior 3 Year Old, Savage Leigh, Md