Deal or No Deal Tag Sale 2019

March 1-3, 2019 @ Troy, ON

The Deal or No Deal Tag Sale 2019 begins TODAY and will run until March 3rd, 2019. our intent to buy needs to be in by 12noon Saturday, March 2nd. This sale is being co-managed by Stephens Genetics & Clarkvalley Holsteins, and will feature 67 live exciting lots for you to chose from. The catalog and sale highlights are now available on Cowsmo.

Sale Managers
Jeff Stephens 905-317-8252
Adam Clark 705-879-9726

Sale Contacts
Andrew Den Haan 705-440-6010
Brent Howe 519-282-5245
Collin Allardyce 519-865-1280
David Dyment 905-308-1008
Derek Clark 705-928-5005
Frederic Dubois 418-956-5602
Jon Kingdon 519-786-8521
Peter Leach 705-341-7303
Pierre Boulet 418-234-3407
Sandy MacGillivary 226-979-5282
Shea ONeill 519-373-6599
Trent Jones 519-536-3192

Sale Format
In order to give everyone a fair chance at all consignments in the sale, we have moved to a new format. Starting at 12 noon on Saturday, March 2nd, the first hour of the sale will be a time to receive any buyer’s intentions to purchase any lots at the minimum set price.  If at the end of that hour (1:00 pm) if only one buyer wants any lot number, their offer will be accepted.  If at 1:00 pm, two or more parties want to purchase purchase a particular lot number at the set price, then an auction will be conducted between those parties only.  For example, if two buyers want Lot A at $5,000, those two parties only may bid until the highest bid is reached.

Click HERE to download the PDF catalog or click the image below to view in fullscreen.

Sale Highlights

Visit the Deal or No Deal Tag Sale Facebook page HERE to view the consignment highlights.

To download the price list click here