Day at the Derby 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014 4:30pm @ Lexington, KY

Day at the Derby sale averages $38,660 on 89 lots! High $350,000- Lot 8 – Pen Col SS Beth GTPI2670 NM$1051 PTAT+3.05 . Sale day photos online now!

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The first weekend in May is famous for the Kentucky Derby, what a better way to join in on this exciting time then to have a sale that will showcase Holstein cattle at the very top of the genomic lists as well as deep-pedigreed show cattle.

Sale Day Prices

Sale Average on 89 lots $38, 660.00

$350,000- Lot 8 – Pen Col SS Beth GTPI2670 NM$1051 PTAT+3.05 (Supersire x Pen Col Grafetti Bell GTI+2334 plus 10 more gen VG or EX)

$176,000 – Lot 16 – Rosylane LLC Oak 7276 #1 GTPI AltaOak #23 Female in the breed x Rosylane LLC Shamrock GTPI2362 one of the premier families at Rosylane with over 60 bulls in stud.

$162,000-Lot 9 – Morningview Uno Lara – May 2013 Uno GTPI+2562 GLPI+3118 DGV+3281 PL+6.8 Uno x Morningview Shtl Lucy Ex-90 2E DOM-Dam of Liftoff at ABS, Lucid at Select

$152,000 – Lot 38 – T Spruce LGold 7933  GTPI2488 GLPI+3421 DGV+3535 (Liquid Gold x Bosside Epic Yinga GTPI2423
Consignor: Ernest Kueffer, MA

$149,000 – Aho Numero Uno Lip Dec 2013 GTPI+2580 PTAT+3.86 #31 GTPI Female in the breed (Uno x Aho Super Loper GP-83)
Consignor: Aho Bros, MN

$145,000- Lot 13 –EDG Lucy Tango L461 (Jan 2014 Tango GTPI+2568 GLPI+3232 x Butz Hill Beookem Lucy GTPI=2368)

$135,000- Lot 4 – Desnette Brielle Lauthority VG-89 2yr from 10 VG or EX Dams. 1st Senior 2 Year Old & Reserve Intermediate Champion NY Spring

$102,000- Lot 26 – Comestar Lautalva Munition GTPI+2484 GLPI+3464 DGV+3571 180 CFP (Minition x Comestar Latuamisha Snowman VG-87 x Lautamia Bolton VG-87 plus 6 more VG or EX Dams from Laurie sheiks)

$98,000- Lot 37 – AltaJackman Oct 2013 GTPI+2522 GLPI+3285 DGV+3387 x Quiet Brook D Babylust VG-87 GTPI+2293 PTAT+3.02  from 7 more gen VG or EX

$90,000- Lot 15 – CurrVale Park Deline P GTPI+2247 (Polled Parker x Curr Val eDelightsome P PO plus 11 gen VG or EX)

$47,500- Lot 6- Jasper Iatola Earmuff VG-88 2yr – AC Milking Yearling 2013 backed by 6 VG or EX dams same family as Evening, Comerica & Excitation
Consignor: Bridon Farms Ltd., ON
Buyer: Gene Iager, MA

$47,000- Lot 7 – EK RR Tequila Variety – Great Jr 2yr year old from Elliots Vivid Dluxe EX-95 backed by 8 more VG or EX dams including 3rd Dam Veronica

$47,000-Lot 1 A – Choice of McCutchens from Butz Butler Gold Barbara EX-92 – Unanimous AA Senior 3 Year Old 2013  GTPI2221 GLPI+3029 PTAT 4.12 (1A) GTPI+2160 GLPI+2834 (1B)

$43,000 – Lot 39-  Bosside Epic Yinga GTPI+2423 DVG+3359 M2190 NM792 (Epic x Boulder Bailey GP) Due august 2014 to Wild Beast
Consignor: T Sprice Holsteins, MN

$43,000-Lot 27- Comestar Lamadona Doorman (GTPI+2181 GLPI+3133 DGV+3120 Doorman x Comestar Latamai Man O Man VG-87 x Lautama Goldwyn VG-88- Former #2 Cow in Canada) 1st Spring Yearling QC Spring 2014 and 1st New York Spring 2014

$36,000- Lot 46- Willow Marsh Sundance –Unanimous AA R&W Winter Yearling 2013 Sells fresh looks awesome
Consignor: Nabholz Farm, IA

$33,000 – Lot 3- Mapel Wood Windhammer Elegance- 1st Spring Yearling & Reserve Jr Champion QC Spring & 1st Spring Yearling & Jr Champion Ontario Spring 2014

$24,000-Lot 1 B – Choice of McCutchens from Butz Butler Gold Barbara EX-92 – Unanimous AA Senior 3 Year Old 2013  GTPI+2160 GLPI+2834 (1B)

$15,000 – Lot 2B- Choice of Dec 2013 Doormans from Butz Butler Gold Barbara EX-92 – Unanimous AA Senior 3 Year Old 2013  GTPI_2148 GLPI+2832 PTAT 3.68 (2B)
$16,500-Lot 61-

$8500- Lot 60 Doorman and Brokaw born Dec 2013 x Silvermaple Damion Camomille EX-95-AA & AA Jr 3yr Old 2011

$14,200- Lot 87

$5300-  Lot 81- Gold Chip Sept 2013 x RockyMountain Gold Winter EX-94

$20000-Lot 5 – Donnanview Damion Lyza EX-91 Nominated AA & AC Senior 3 Year Old 2011

$17,500-Lot 54- Ernest Anothony Jaz Tempo VG-89 – next 3 dams EX from Inspiration Tina family

$25000-Lot 21: Miss California-Red VG-89 (Destry x Apple 2-Red EX-93 2E)

$4900-Lot 22: EK-STJ Sympatico Cypress-ET *RC (Sympatico x Miss California-Red VG-89)

$3900-Lot 23:EK-STJ Sym Carmel-Red-ET (Sympatico x Miss California-Red VG-89)

$3400-Lot 24: Miss Maryland-Red (Seven P-Red x Miss California-Red VG-89)

$3500-Lot 25: EK-STJ Blaze Corona-Red (Blaze-Red x Miss California-Red VG-89)

$9000-Lot 10* — 1st Choice MAS Female x Morningview Destry Lani-ET VG-88

$2700- Lot 86: Morningview Uno Lady-ET (Numero Uno x Morningview Shtl Lucy-ET EX-90 2E) GTPI +2273

$89,000-Lot 88*: Rayon D’Or Chevrolet Esmeralda (Chevrolet x Wabash-Way Shottle Ember-ET VG-87-3Y CAN GLPI +3015) GTPI +2474  GLPI +3155

$49000-Lot 89*: Vieuxsaule Aikman Konala *RC (Aikman x VG-86-3Y CAN +3015 GLPI) 154 RZG GTPI +2400

$40000-Lot 64*: Peak Pie Symp 738-ET *RC (Sympatico x GTPI +2395 Dakker)#9 GTPI & #2 CFP RC Female

$17,000-Lot 33: Taylor Made Minister Farrah VG-89 2Y (Minister x VG-88 Justice) 1st Jr 2, NY Spring Show & MD State Fair ’13

$6500-Lot 32: Renaissance Jethro Endless (Jethro x Unanimous All-American Verbatim Effortless VG-89)

11,700-Lot 28: Ms Monique Magic (Atwood x All-American Monique EX-95)

$18,000-Lot 29*: 1st Choice MAS x Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-95

$12,500-Lot 30: Ms Ariannas Door Adrian (Doorman x BVK Atwood Arianna VG-89 2Y)

$18,500-Lot 31*: 1st Choice MAS x BVK Atwood Arianna VG-89 2Y) — $18,500

$69,000-Lot 36*: Benner Let It Snow Seasons-ET  (Snowman x VG-85-2Y CAN Iota x Ammon-Peachey Shana VG-87-2Y CAN)

$52,000-Lot 34*: Compass-Trt America Okay-ET  (AltaOak x Seagull-Bay Miss America-ET VG-86 x Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG-87) #5 AltaOak in the Breed

$53,000- Lot 35*: Compass-TRT Amrc AE J925-ET ( AltaEmbassy x Seagull-Bay Miss America-ET VG-86 x Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG-87) #2 GTPI AltaEmbassy in the Breed

$15,400- Lot 90: Butlerview GC Glory (Gold Chip x Pellerat Jasper Ginger VG-89 2Y)

$6800-Lot 80: Butlerview GC Asset-ET (Gold Chip x BVK Atwood Abrianna-ET EX-92)
$6200- Lot 79: Butlerview Gold After-ET (Goldwyn x BVK Atwood Abrianna-ET EX-92)
$8000-Lot 78: Ms Abrianna Goldaction-ET (Goldwyn x BVK Atwood Abrianna-ET EX-92)


$10,000-Lot 75*: 1st Choice of March Gold Chip or April Brokaw x Misty Springs Shottle Silk EX-90
$5100-Lot 82: 1st Choice of Windbrook or Sid x Ms Baltimor Cutie-ET EX-92
$10,400- Lot 56: Savage-Leigh Black Silk-ET (Sid x Savage-Leigh Leona-ET 2E-96)
$10,000-Lot 58: Hez Gldwn Helga-ET (Goldwyn x Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92)
$9000- Lot 59: Hez Atwood Henna-ET (Atwood x Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92)
$6000- Lot 47: Kostka Steady Dinamite-ET (Steady x  VG-88-4Y CAN Freelance)
$70,000-Lot 42: 1st Choice Tango x Clear-Echo M-O-M 2213-ET VG-86 2Y
$69,000-Lot 43: Triplecrown-MH Tango 641-ET (Tango x +2321 Mogul x Morsan Man D Missy-ET VG-85)

$53,000-Lot 40*: OCD Parish Daffodil-ET (Parish x VG-85 +2269 Freddie) GTPI +2500 / GLPI +3178 $31,000-Lot 41*: Peak Chanda Pred 756-ET (Predestine x +2463 Robust x Larcrest Chenoa-ETS VG-87 DOM)
$22,000-Lot 65*: Progenesis Enforcer Pam-ET (Enforcer x +2405 Cameron) +2419 GTPI / GLPI +3343 / DGV +3424
$20,000Lot 66*: Ms Predestine Macy-ET (Predestine x +2414 Epic x EX-90 Ramos) #13 GTPI Predestine in the Breed +2454
$14,700-Lot 68*: Ms Jacey Audrey-ET (Jacey x  +2288 Numero Uno x EX-90 Planet) +2443 GTPI / GLPI +3050 / DGV +3105
$11,500-Lot 71*: Ms Lana Coin 55426-ET (Cashcoin x +2364 Mogul x VG-87 Bolton) +2437 GTPI / GLPI +3169 / DGV +3203
$30,500-Lot 44*: 1st Choice Kingboy or Monterey x Jook Effect P 9179-ET *RC *PO
$25,000-Lot 45*: 1st Choice Powerball x Butlerview Colt Pixie *RC *PO GTPI +2093
$30,000-Lot 50*: 1st Choice Alta1stclass or Supershot x +2444 Mogul x VG-85 Planet
$18,200-Lot 51*: 1st Choice Female x +2398 Superstition from the “Pala” family

$4100- Lot 76: Golden-Oaks D Lovesong-ET (Doorman x EX-91 Atwood x Calbrett Shottle Lucy EX-94) GTPI +2319 +4.13T

$8600-Lot 48: Ms Licorice Uno Liberty-ET *RC (Numero Uno x Rockymountain Talent Licorice-ET EX-95)

$8100- Lot 49*: 1st Choice Atwood x Ms Licorice Uno Liberty-ET *RC (sold as Lot 48)
$8500-Lot 55: Ernest-Anthony Hot Tamale (Alexander x VG-87 Aftershock x Ernest-Anthony Tabitha-ET EX-95 2E)

$4000- Lot 83: Milksource Glwn Astonish-ET (Goldwyn x EX-90 Durham x EO Siemers Ashlyns Angel EX-96 3E) Full sister to Goldwyn Africa EX-92

$4400-Lot 57: Budjon-JK Fever Dynasty-ET (Fever x Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET EX-95 2E)

$50,000-Lot 73*: IHG Platinum Sassy-ET (Platinum x +2437 Numero Uno x Vision-Gen Sh Sho A12024-ET VG-85) #2 Platinum in the Breed

$14500-Lot 72*: Butlerview Uno Sho-Off-ET (Numero Uno x Vision-Gen Sh Sho A12024-ET VG-85) GTPI +2437 / GLPI +2947 / +3042 DGV

$4700- Lot 74*: IHG Platinum Shoiri-ET (Platinum x +2437 Numero Uno x Vision-Gen Sh Sho A12024-ET VG-85) +2404 GTPI

$8200- Lot 67*:  Ms Marilyn Embassy Mary (AltaEmbassy x +2414 Epic x EX-90 Ramos) GTPI +2395 / GLPI +3198 / +3268 DGV
$5200- Lot 69*: Grandeur Uno Tamriel-ET (Numero Uno x +1968 Domain x EX-90 2E Goldwyn) GTPI +2401 / GLPI +2964 / +3071 DGV

$3300- Lot 77: Ocean-View Atwood Zandra (Atwood x EX-93 3E Derry x Ocean-View Mandel Zandra EX-95 2E)

$5300- Lot 70*: Sully Numero Uno Madge-ET (Numero Uno x Sully Planet Manitoba-ET GP-83 +2127 GTPI) GTPI +2384 / GLPI +3105 / +3170 DGV

$7100-Lot 53: Rustowill Rdbr Seslyn-Red-ET (Redburst x Blondin Redman Sesame-Red-ET VG-85-2Y CAN)

$2500 – LOt 85 Shadow A Atwood Jafar (Atwood x Shawdow WSPirte Jester GP)

Sale Preview

Sale Schedule

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

10:00am-1:00pm– Thoroughbred Horse Farm Tour
2:30-4:30pm– Pre-Sale Cattle Viewing/Social with beer, wine, cocktails & non-alcoholic drinks
5:00pm-Day at the Derby Sale
8:00pm-KY Derby Horse Auction & Kentucky Hospitality(Bid & buy your Derby favorite-Win, place & show owners all receive a percentage of the pool!)

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Two Options to shape up your Derby experience:

Attend the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs!
A bus for the group will be leaving Lexington on Saturday morning to attend “The most exciting two minutes in sports,” at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY. The bus will return to Lexington that evening. Call Kathleen O’Keefe at 715-563-1869 for more details.

Watch the Derby at Keeneland Racecourse!
If you want the festive Derby atmosphere but prefer to relax in Lexington for the day, another group will be watching the race at the beautiful Kenneland Racecourse, home base to some of the worlds finest racing stables! The Derby races will be simulcast at the track easily accessible betting and dining oppurtunities!

Directions from the Airports to the Sale Arena at Fasig-Tipton

Louisville International Airport to Fasig Tipton (1 Hour 10 Min.): Start out going east on Terminal Dr. toward Administration Dr., Turn slight left to stay on Terminal Dr., Take the I-65/I-264 E/US-60 Bypass E ramp toward Downtown. Merge onto I-264 E via the ramp on the left.
Merge onto I-64 E via Exit 19A toward Lexington. Take the KY-922/Newton Pike exit, Exit 115, toward Airport/Lexington. Keep left at the fork in the ramp. Turn left onto KY-922/Newtown Pike and end at Fasig Tipton on your right.

Blue Grass Airport, Lexington, KY to Fasig Tipton (15 Min.):

Start out going southeast on Terminal Dr toward Air Freight Dr. Turn left onto Man O War Blvd. Take the 1st right onto Versailles Rd/US-60 E. Merge onto KY-4 N/W New Circle Rd N toward I-75/I-64.
Merge onto KY-922 N/Newtown Pike via EXIT 9B toward I-64/I-75. End at Fasig Tipton on your right.

Directions from the Hotel to the Sale Arena at Fasig-Tipton

Four Points Sheraton to Fasig Tipton: Start out going northwest on Stanton Way. Take the 1st right on Newtown Pike/KY-922. Go 1/2 mile to sale arena at Fasig Tipton.

Courtyard Marriott Lexington North to Fasig Tipton:

Start going northwest on Newtown Ct. toward Newtown Pike, turn right onto Newtown Pike, go 2.3 miles to sale arena at Fasig Tipton.

SpringHill Suites Lexington to Fasig Tipton:

Start out going northeast on S. Broadway for 1 mile, turn left onto W. Main St. go 1/2 mile, turn right onto Newtown Pike for 4.1 miles to sale arena at Fasig Tipton

Fairfield Inn & Suites Lexington North by Marriott to Fasig Tipton:

Start out going east on Hackney Pl. toward Providence Place Pkwy for .1 miles.
Turn left onto Providence Place Pkwy for .3 miles, turn right onto Newtown Pike, go .4 miles to sale arena at Fasig Tipton

Clarion Hotel to Fasig Tipton:

Start out going north on Newtown Pike, go 1 mile to sale arena at Fasig Tipton.

Sale Contacts

Jeff Butler-Sale Manager 217-341-2437 [email protected]
Ed Fellers-Assisting 913-484-4121 [email protected]
Norm Nabholz 563-590-3204 [email protected]
Ernie Kueffner 301-639-2924 [email protected]
Chris Hill, Auctioneer 202/255-7907 [email protected]
Tim Abbott 802/238-1142 [email protected]
Michael Heath 443/375-8048 [email protected]
Brian Carscadden 519/546-1194 [email protected]
Roger Turner 608/770-0012 [email protected]
Ray LeBlanc 802/249-2155 [email protected]
Alan Bryson 450/601-8142 [email protected]
Brian Craswell (Can) 902/628-7537 [email protected]
Brian Craswell (USA) 563/568-8933 [email protected]
Simon Lalande 514/239-5435 [email protected]
David Crack 819/352-1670 [email protected]
George Morasci 209/652-7151 [email protected]
Brian Garrison 614/264-3240 [email protected]
Declan Patten 815/370-9544 [email protected]
Barclay Phoenix 905/431-8340 [email protected]
Jamie Black 518/353-2602 [email protected]