Cookshire Expo 2014

August 16, 2014 @

Frédéric Dubois, Laurier-Station, QC

See who Judge Frédéric Dubois named as Champions at the Cookshire Expo 2014!

Junior Champions

Junior Champion
Roquet Candy Numero Uno(Numero Uno), Nicolas Ten Have

Reserve Junior Champion
Etel  Tania Destry Red(Destroy), Ferme Etel Holstein

HM Junior Champion
Beaugain Atwood RoxJewellery(Atwood), Ferme Mongrain & Associes


Grand Champions

Grand Champion
Blondin Goldwyn Splash(Goldwyn) Ferme Mongrain & Associes

Reserve Grand  Champion
Kingsway Alexander Ovechkin(Alexander), Ferme Mongrain & Associes

HM Grand Champion
Toddsdale-I Jasper Jodie(Jasper), Ferme C.P.R. Grenon Inc.