Central Wisconsin Summer Event


Some highlighted lots!

Lot 3, a +2450GTPI April 2013 Headliner from a Robust, second dam an EX 91 Ramos

Lot 5, a VG 87 Goldwyn daughter from an EX Shottle, from the Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX 95 family, she completes 12 generations of VG and EX!

Lot 10, a +2308GTPI Cancun due in September to Galaxy from a VG 86 Sandy-Valley Talent, second dam a VG O-Man

Lot 14,  a +2297GTPI Snowman due in August to Supersire, she is daughter of Regancrest S Chassity EX 92, this heifer is a potential 8th generation EX!

Lot 17, a +2364GTPI May 2012 Peoti from a VG 85 Ramos, a potential 9th generation VG or EX from the heart of the Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday family!

Lot 36, a +2314GTPI Meridan from a GP Freddie sister to Sandy-Valley Golddust, second dam a VG Planet, from the same family as Sandy-Valley Garrett