Celebrate Summer Sale 2021

July 22, 2021 @ Alto, MI

The Celebrate Summer Sale 2021 will be held on Thursday, July 22nd at 11:00am EDT. Hosting the sale is Swisslane Farms in Alto, MI at the Dairy Discovery event space. The catalog is now on Cowsmo! 

Sale Host
Swisslane Farms

Sale Manager 
Lamoreaux Auction & Real Estate
Jason Lamoreaux

Sale Staff
Jason Lamoreaux … 616-822-0101 Auctioneer
Mike Berby … 219-608-1339
Tom Oesch … 616-889-5018
Daniel Brandt … 717-821-1238 Pedigrees
Eric Westendorp … 269-838-9975
Chad Griffith … 513-543-2315


Sale will be broadcasted live via Cowbuyer with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers!
Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639.




Click HERE to download the PDF or click the image below to view in full screen