Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Showmanship 2017

November 8th, 2017 @ Toronto, ON

Stephanie Murphy, ON Associate Claire Swale, UK

All Showmanship ring shots are now available for you to view, share & purchase photo’s from the Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Showmanship Show 2017. Cowsmo coverage was sponsored by Vogue Cattle Co.Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Show




The complete Image Gallery from the Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Showmanship 2017 is now available for you to view, share & purchase photo’s.

The below Showmanship classes can be viewed here

Opening Ceremonies
Heat 1 Junior Showmanship
Heat 2 Junior Showmanship
Heat 3 Junior Showmanship
Heat 4 Junior Showmanship
Heat 5 Junior Showmanship
Junior Showmanship Final
Heat 1 Intermediate Showmanship
Heat 2 Intermediate Showmanship
Heat 3 Intermediate Showmanship
Heat 4 Intermediate Showmanship
Heat 5 Intermediate Showmanship
Intermediate Showmanship Final
Heat 1 Senior Showmanship
Heat 2 Senior Showmanship
Heat 3 Senior Showmanship
Heat 4 Senior Showmanship
Heat 5 Senior Showmanship
Senior Showmanship Final
Grand Champion Showmanship

Live Video Feed

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Show Information

The Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Conformation 2017  will take place Nov. 8th, during the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, ON.

Cowsmo coverage is being sponsored by Vogue Cattle Co.

Champion Showperson

Champion Showperson
Rachel Clow, 1st Senior, Frontenac
Reserve Champion Showperson
Alana McKinven, 2nd Senior, Quebec Southwest
HM Champion Showperson
Kolton Crack, 1st Junior, Quebec South East

Opening Ceremonies

Junior Showmanship (104)

1. Kolton Crack, Quebec South East
2. Will Vander Meulen, Northumberland
3. Katelyn Redner, Northumberland
4. Julia DeKlein, Middlesex
5. Emily DeKlein, Middlesex
6. Ty Finley, Durham West
7. Morgan Anderson, Chatham Kent
8. Emily Lane, South Simcoe
9. Savannah Crack, Quebec South East
10. Mattia Seemann, York
11. McKenna Stephens, Wentworth
12. Kristian McDonald, Carleton
13. Lily Beckett, York
14. Courtney Orser, Frontenac
15. Denise Sayles, Brant

Made Heats
3. Brenna MacDonald, Glengarry
93. Gracie Goodhill, Lambton
228. Kyla Lewis, Middlesex
15. Samara Aabo, York
271. Keeton Jones, Oxford
299. Annika Masters, Nova Scotia

133. Madison Heard, Peterborough
260. Denise Sayles, Brant
20. Emily Fuller, Middlesex
24. Leah Ford, South Simcoe
135. Tyler Gunby, Wentworth3.
190. Jennifer Meyer, Dufferin
4. Bradley Janesma, Niagra North

Intermediate Showmanship (122)

1. Benjamin Sargent, Durham West
2.Cally Finley, Durham West
3. Taylor VanderMeulen, Northumberland
4. Ashley Smith, Oxford
5. Megan Gut, Prescott
6. Sarah Dean, Carleton
7. Megan Mackinnon, Northumberland
8. Lily Bullock, Peterborough
9. Mikayla Ringelberg, Wentworth
10. Caden Finley, Durham West
11. Kelsey Edwards, Renfrew
12. Hill Michaela, Grey
13. Less Brownson, Hastings
14. Emma Finch, South Simcoe
15. Laurie Bourque, Quebec East
Other heat contenders

39. Olivia Nafziger, Perth
56. Jordyn Wright, Essex
92. Kamylle Ten Have, Quebec North West
193. Jack Lange, South Simcoe
200. Blaire French, Wellington
241. Megan McKeown, York
261. Katie Babcook, Frontenac
276. Kristen Portena, Perth
315. Joseph Kapteyn, Grey
389. Connor Halpenny, Grenville
391. Ryley Brownson, Hastings

Senior Showmanship (121)

Senior Showmanship
1. Rachel Clow, Frontenac
2. Alana McKinven, Quebec Southwest
3. Sarah Mason, Oxford
4. Ava Doner, Durham West
5. Madison Dyment, Brant
6. Travis Canning, Wellington
7. Tiffany Lenselink, Bruce
8. Henri Frischkneicht, Huron
9. Trent Jones, Oxford
10. Emma Farlinger, Durham West
11. Jessica Sills Northumberland
12. Vanessa Crowley, Peterborough
13. Laura DeKlein, Middlesex
14. Matt Lange, South Simcoe
15. Riley Hastie, Grey
Others back for final
26. Mauranne Hebert, Quebec East
118. Taylor Nelson, North Simcoe
141. Deanna Ringelberg, Wentworth
219. Rebecca Doble, Durham West
356. Abbi Atkins, Wellington
365. Travis Canning, Wellington
369. Connor French, Wellington