Calves for a Cause 2022

May 20 & 21, 2022 @ Woodstock, ON

The 2nd annual Calves for a Cause 2022 Sale continues today ending at 7:30pm EST.  The sale is an online event hosted through Unique Designs & Marketing Online Sales. A live viewing of the calves will be available from March 19-21st at Markhill Holsteins. An extraordinary line up is on offer for this sale that gives back!

From hosts Darryl & Sarah Markus:

“Welcome to the 2022 Calves for a Cause! With last year being such a success, we are excited to see what this year brings! For those who don’t know, our two year old son Brooks has spent over 200 days inpatient at London Children’s Hospital in London, Ontario. He has a rare congenital disorder that requires ongoing care from multiple specialists and teams. With the love he and our family has received through his admissions, we wanted to give back and Calves for a Cause is our way of doing that! Every single dollar raised will be donated to the Children’s Health Foundation to help support other children and families through their most difficult days. We are beyond thankful to the dairy community for the tremendous support of this sale. Together we are making a difference in children’s lives!”

The catalog is now available on Unique Designs & Marketing Online Sales website! 

Sale Highlights

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