California State Holstein Show 2021

April 24, 2021 @ Turlock, CA

Ryan Krohlow, WI

The California State Holstein Show 2021 has concluded with Ruann Doorman Jean-55162-ET taking Grand Champion honors for Stephen & Patrick Maddox, CA. The show was held April 24 at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds in Turlock, CA. Sorting through the classes was judge Ryan Krohlow, WI. Cowsmo provided photos and results thanks to many generous sponsors.

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Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Ruann Doorman Jean-55162-ET (Doorman), 1st 5-Year-Old, Stephen & Patrick Maddox

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
Den-K Monterey Delle 15 (Monterey), 2nd 5-Year-Old, Exels Holsteins

HM Senior & Grand Champion
Agresti Absolute Pure-Red-ET (Absolute), 1st Aged Cow, Gilbert Teixeira & Double D Dairy


Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Cobequid Doorman Solo (Doorman), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, M Coleman & K&K Martin

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Air-Osa Union 24390 (Union), 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Air-Osa

HM Intermediate Champion
Duckett Doorman Gina-ET (Doorman), 2nd Senior 3-Year-Old, Emori Machado

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Kress-Hill Smoke-Red (Altitude), 1st Summer Yearling, Arizona Dairy Company, AZ

Reserve Junior Champion
Kamps-RX AppleB Allstate-ET (Denver), Almeida, Branco, Borba & Borba

HM Junior Champion
Apple-PTS Aubria-Red-ET (Warrior), C,B,T, Correia & B Martinho

Premier Awards

Premier Breeder
Air-Osa Holsteins

Premier Exhibitor
Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba

RuAnn Genetics

Winter Calf (12)

1. ArizonaTilly Warrior-Red (Warrior), Arizona Dairy
2. Pach-Hol Bntly Marcy (Bentley), Emma Miguel
3. Opsal Soloman Celebrity-ET (Soloman), Cranehill Genetics and Matt & Lauren Ev
4. Air-Osa KM Denver 29462 (Denver), Joey Airoso & Ken Melvold
5. Calori-D SL Unstp Ellay-ET (Unstopabull), Emma, Erik, Elsie, & Evelyn Mast

Fall Calf (20)

1. Air-Osa Warrior 28763 RC (Warrior), Kyleigh Forster
2. Blexys Denver Bedazzled (Denver), Joey Airoso & Hank Van Exel
3. Hilrose Warrior Alexs (Warrior), Natalie Silveira
4. Duckett Denver Chantel (Denver) Henry Pareira
5. Pappys Avalanche Riddle-ET (Avalanche), R-John Holsteins

Summer Yearling (15)

1. Kress-Hill Smoke-Red (Altitude), Arizona Dairy
2. Cranehill Al Regina-ET (Altitude), Cranehill Genetics
3. Heritage Readmylips-ET (Avalan), Logan Silveira
4. R-John Denver Blexy (Denver), R-John Holsteins
5. Oakfield Denver Ferrari (Denver), Borba & Borba

Spring Yearling (12)

1. Kamps-RX AppleB Allstate-ET (Denver), Almeida, Branco, Borba & Borba
2. Summerlie Warrior Athena (Warrior), Summer Parreira
3. MS Vela-Novagen Jacoby Mia (Jacoby), Kestin & Kinley Martin
4. Cheers Avalanche Charley-ET (Avalanche), R-John Holsteins
5. Ruann Warrior Ama-2278-Red-ET (Warrior), Stephen & Patrick Maddox

Winter Yearling (5)

1. Apple-PTS Aubria-Red-ET (Warrior), C,B,T, Correia & B Martinho
2. Arizona War Bandanna-Red-Et (Warrior), Arizona Dairy
3. Ms R-John Tatoo Chassy-ET (Tatoo), R-John Holsteins
4. West-Adub Hancock Aurora-ET (Hancock), Arizona Dairy
5. Redcarpet Avalan Rockies-ET (Avalanche), Almedia, Branco, Machado, Matheron

Fall Yearling (13)

1. Hath Beemer Selena 5631 (Beemer), Trevor Hath
2. Ruann Doorman Jean-94558-ET (Doorman), Arizona Dairy
3. Valley-Jem Last Chance (Jordy), Mitchell Coleman
4. Fern-Oak UD Lucy-ET (Undenied), Fernandes & Kasbergen Kids
5. Duckett Crushabull Lena-ET (Crushabull), Emori Machado

Junior Best 3 Females

1. R-John
2.Trevor Hath
3. L&L Pires
4. Eyks Holsteins

Junior 2-Year-Old (6)

1. Air-Osa Denver 25955 (Denver), Fernandes Kids
2. Duckett Doorman Ona-ET (Doorman), Cranehill Genetics
3. Hillrose Doc Pacific-ET (Doc), Stephen & Patrick Maddox
4. Ducket Unix Frost (Unix), R-John Holsteins
5. Eyks Imac Lisa (Imac), Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk

Senior 2-Year-Old (11)

1. Crystal-Star AV Cabernet-ET (Avalanche), Xavier Silveria
2. Budjon-Abbott Annora-Red-Et (Avalanche), Borba & Borba
3. Legacy-Ranch DLight Addely (Delight), Fernandes Kids/Santos Kids
4. Exels Crush Delaney 23587 (Crush), Exels Holsteins
5. Sheeknoll G-Chip Charlene (Chip), Stephen & Patrick Maddox & Carism

 Futurity (5)

1. BBM Favorite Marla 9694-Red (Favorite), F&D Borba, F&C Borba
2. Exels Callen Belle 22419, (Callen), Exels Holsteins
3. Calori-D CRS Crush Ryle-ET (Crush), Calori-D Holsteins
4. Ruann Drive Kiddy-82363 (Drive), Ruann Dairy
5. Star-Tex Byway Tiana (Byway), Lindsey Nunes




Junior 3-Year-Old(5)

1.Air-Osa Union 24390 (Union), Air-Osa
2. Ruann Doc-Apple-80503-ET (Doc), Stephen & Patrick Maddox
3. Ruann Drive Kiddy-82363 (Drive), Ruann Dairy
4. Jo-Costa Jordy 6835-Red (Jordy), Carter Muir
5. Willows Edge DB Leblanc (Diamondback), Tony Garcia

Senior 3 Year-Old(9)

1. Cobequid Doorman Solo (Doorman), M Coleman & K&K Martin
2. Duckett Doorman Gina-ET (Doorman), Emori Machado
3. Air-Osa Scenario 23491 (Scenario), Air-Osa
4. Jo-Jax DB Mickey 1124 (Diamondback), Almeida, Branco, Machado
5. Air-Osa Solomon 24065 (Solomon), Air-Osa

4-Year-Old (9)

1. Utag Goldwyn Zee-ET (Goldwyn), Borba & Borba
2. MS Cal-Denier Dback Camie-ET (Diamondback), Borba & Borba
3. MD-Maple-Lawn Cassidy-ET (Doorman), R-John Holsteins
4. Air-Osa Jaypeak 22874 (Jaypeak), Air-Osa
5. Luck-E Avalanche Athena (Avalanche) Aidan Azevedo & Weston Silva

5-Year-Old (8)

1. Ruann Doorman Jean-55162-ET (Doorman), Stephen & Patrick Maddox
2. Den-K Monterey Delle 15 (Monterey), Exels Holsteins
3. Exels Bankroll Milo 20499 (Bankroll), Exels Holsteins
4. Ken-Am GC Snowbel (Gold Chip), Aidan Azevedo & Weston Silva
5. Corlane Goldchip Lemon (Gold Chip), Borba & Borba

Aged Cow (5)

1. Agresti Absolute Pure-Red-ET (Absolute), Gilbert Teixeira & Double D Dairy
2. Cleland RB Admirngly-Red-ET (Redburst), Borba & Borba
3. Gamlake Atwood Christa (Atwood), Samantha Gambonini & Emma Miguel
4. Air-Osa Mater 20311 (Mater), Air-OsaZina (Fever), Olivia Pacheco
5. Trent Valley Sid Aly (Sid), Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk

Production Cow (6)

1. Air-Osa McCuthchen 19655 (MCcuthchen), Air-Osa
2. Musthaven Goldwyn Jaelyn P (Goldwyn), R-John Holsteins
3. Canyon-Breeze Arlette (Uno), Arizona Dairy
4. Chairein A Zandy-ET (Atwood), Adison Machado
5. Excels Heft Violin (Hefty), Exels Holstiens

Senior Best 3 (2)

1. Air-Osa
2. Maddox Family

Produce of Dam (1)

1. Ruann Genetics

Dairy Herd

1. Air-Osa